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April 22, 1944     Kenosha News
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April 22, 1944

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=: % .mturday, Aprn ., iv44 __ Kt.NUMIA EYLNIN NEWS  Page Nine . I i ....... i i Pilot Wounded ....... ....... : ............ " &apos; ,00oco00o "Modest M00Zdens____ ' Bowling Sc0restDtsqualtfy Part I .Today's Quotations **o., .. uo. two ,., toks and Bonds -- Produce and Grain " home. HaS |L roamm, ineludinf three J ! (Cm m  Ill) bedrooms and modern bath on flrwt floor. [| JUI[ tUll] INn till  Eastman Kodak..160%,Param Pitt ..... 2414 .d "ou. oom ,nd b,m on o,d I | -c'qrm  ! ._j_Bom'r !_w_  !1_ .... I Clo-*   Farns Tel Pad .. 11 IPenney ......... 98 SavesBomber --*'-*"--"-" """ *" "----- fireplace, two car larage, larl[e lot. Tots. 743m18061 Tots. TJ210753] |1 AJIIAIP /ra-tl Gen Elec ....... 354 Penn R R ...... 29 Searabv entrances Monthly rent i= Dr. *S* stalin s,,m I III/1_111111111/Ill1[ Allis Ch Mfg .... 33 Gen Foods ...... 4l4iPhelps Dodge .. 20 $8350 which makes it really fine Km'er 135 I14 ll]hul 134 133 1101 ll l dVMIIIVI e sss Am Can 84 Gen Motors ..... 56s Phillips Pet ..... 44t investment. 80 day 1ossefon ot upver. Mila'/s 20@ I jm 1561Kram'r 140 123 130| a-- ^ " ....... 6  Goodrich ....... 43IPure Oil ........ 16 Priced for qttick k-ale at only.500.00, i Dauk'fl 14 I ga 1-'mlk:u'ke 142 132 119l   . .......  ws Dumim 10131 IOtOstr'd S 80110 e Am  Lt ..... 2V4 Goodyear ....... 41%[R C A .......... 8% home. owner occupied. "Down vaymt . " Syku 115101 OtUst 1101 i Whington  (P) -- Prospecflv 9 Gt Nor lx Ore ,,, 15,i Repub Steel .... 16V4 unly )5o.0o. Posseion in 30 dayi. q Tot=. "t17 In i Tot=. mS  mS Jltors wno neara a prosecutor refer a el* 37 Gt Nor Ry pf ... 391lSears Roebuck .. 87 layed)--(A---Oapt. Robert I-L Hotz, citl=.ms Almmmt Aelemy Zii* |to previous indictments against " _''.m' ....  Greyhound ...... ...,Shell Un Oil .... 27/, Zalud " 138 145 lOlllstr lS L I a sH zcz o  ...oo CHAS. H. PFENNIG. INC. a former Milwaukee newspaper- t'elr 1=5 1 llS!lel'd 1. 170 l some of those now on trial will be ] Realtors man who had never flown anything O=tm s 140 xIIll.y sea 10 Its disqtmlifled in the case of 30 per- Am Zinc ........ 4V Homstake Min .. SIMMONS CO .. 25 7x) 57th St. Phone S34 but a tiny Piper Cub, saved a ]]*25 sielr 1151371,1:Kraak Sm 1 11"/ sons charged with conspiring with Anaconda Cop ... 25A Ill Central ...... .0."Sinclair Oii ..... 12 Armour Ill ...... 5 Insp Con Cop ...  lSoc Vacuum .... 12% Mitchell bomber's crew and him- ]jrm'ez lo 133 LlBennett IS'/ LM 137 the Nazis, court attaches said to- Atch T & S F ... 33 Int Harvester .., t[Sou Pac ........ 28% Tot,. elm 7s 0, Tot,. 1  807 day, promised there would be no ' Int Nick Can .,, v,l.to d Brands self recently when he took over BSSS ZN'S LZAGV Aviation Corp ..  ...... 291 $750 Down after the pilot was wounded. Ac=4,m 11ty= Five odd Fellew delay in the trial. Int Paper ...... .=o, [St Oil Ind ...... 32V4 Capt. Hotz, aheadquarters Anfro nl 1T 1571Julitm 1461 S Some lawyers said they expected Beth Steel ...... 58 13 8 r,om house ,2 fiat,. 5 down. 3 up. ground officer, had gone along on Brun* s3 ill lag curia 10o l 11o' Justice Edward Eicher to throw Bendix Aviat 35% Int Tel & Tel ... a#]St Oil N J ...... 52 "'" Kennecott ....... 430 Bath on both floor. Located at 68th } Studebaker ..... 14V4 St and Sheridan road, Will accevt auto- the raid as an observer and to take Andro 1 13913SVolkert 145 l10149 OU the whole panel, but others pre- Borg Warner ... 364 Libby Glass ..... .....  Swift & Co ..... 30V4 cosumo seo s lS4ICurren zSZ zsz ] dicted only those actually present Cal & Hec ...... 6 Mont Ward 42 mobile as part of down payment. See photographs. Andro 166  14llRob't 13413 Lawrence Jenkins at 604224th Ave, The Mitchell had loosed her Tots. SO41U31 Tot=. a. m 8aS' at the time the remark was made Case ............ 33i NASH KELV" ... lZ Tex=s Co ...... 46V4 state ][Jne Inn Mlmion Orn[* will be excused. Cater Tractor ... 45 Nat Biscuit ..... 20% Timk Det Axle. 26 =net 3:3o. bombs from low level on a railway Braun 1T113713,Tom'ak 130154) lg Justice Eicher revealed agree- Chrysler Corp .. 81 Nat Dairy Prod. 20% Un Carbide ..... 78V VACANT bridg when she suddenly stag- JenNn 130143135'Gravel1154137158 ment with defense objections after Corn Edison 25% Un Airlines ..... 23 68TH ST.. 1115---Two family dwelHn ..... w|th 4 rOOms and bath down. and 3  gered from ack-ack hits. Wood'ry 142 160 IS3lJohi'n 124 112 131 a Un Aircraft .... 28 rooms and bath uv. Furnace heat. lrlte I Just as Hotz realized that a WtNcki 1 188 llllDsDln t4S 14.1 =10 a conference with attorneys in Cons Copper .... 3 ai ..... Kink 170 9 ZS,Holm a0 SS 184 chambers last night but did not go Cons Edison .... 21 r/s Nor Am Aviat .... 8 U S Rubber ..... 43 lot, with'good larden. Uvver vacant for I pilot's hatch cover which came Tots. W st m 'rou. m  Des mmediate <..seSsion. Emszly financed. I into details of what his order will Cors Nat Gas ... 28 Nor Amer Co "'" 17% U S Steel ....... Sl James Pennefeather Aency 102.5 56th I hurtling back past him was part aan Meters Snshyne Dltlry Street.   of his own bomber, he heard a M'Neal 171106 lStMayer 148211141 cover. Since court had adjourned Corn Prods ..... 54 Nor Pac ..... i  i 15/ West Un Tel A .. 45% I Schn'er 160 128 lILiv'ton 156 137 158 for the week-end when the confer. Curtiss Wright .. 51,, Ohio Oil ........ 17% West El Mfg .... 95 voice on the intercom phone: Dau 164224 llg;And'en 132119145 ence was held, his findings will not Dist Corp Seag. 31 Owens Glass .... 57,i Woolworth ...... 37x/'4 ROOMING HOUSE ] "Come to the cockpit at once." Schmldt 132 166 124 Nelson 136 135 119 1mck, 16 rooms Garage. Hot water belt. :  Cockpit in Ruins Johns'n 197158204:Potts 159153188 be entered formally until Monday. Tot=. r/s 3e 8591 Tots. 97 t 9 The objection was to comment by Du Pont ...... 142 Pan Am Airw ... 29 Youngst Sh & T. 34 ChemH&tl Shop lserm=mn Bros. O. John Rogge, prosecuting as a lmcome S2.00 er year. Can be increased. It was the navigator, Lt. Alur- Week= 18 1T0 l)lDolan 188 lOS IS0 special assistant to the attorney vesto an Trade on 2 fiat or oungalow, Price ence Thayer, of Tennessee who had Erwin 1201661801Klel'ln 144217155 so00.  ' noticed Hotz' leather flying jacket Icmmt'm 1= lS3 lO,Stank', 10 , l general, while veniremen were be- Pd l=toan 123 128 lO:Kleib'n 1,71 ing examined. P d |U' 11 IV" "I |"q Sl 30TH AVZ. and had concluded he was a flier. Behj'icz 13o I9 1581Gala'to 179 152194 ro uce ces Hotz found the oci|t in ruins Tots. oe.87s, T.. 04101. Whole 'i&, Thre.tened b, 00^a'ns'eg's'ere" I family home. vrice S..000. and the pilot. Lt. Jess Weber of  Up Bottling Co. Pepll C,Is ACRE OF LAND "Give me something repellent and impregnable: it's for my girl while Bradford, Pa., covered with blood ZaVflReener 10415"/ 131129154128 involveThe earlierall of theindictmentSdefendantsdidin notthe |HISASOBy AssociatedLlVl[|T81[press and WFA 40TH AVE, & STH ST. I'm gone." and semi-conscious from shell Forfeit Bullock 121111116 current case. Neither did they cover SALABLE HO, total 9,X): low, wounds in his head, arm and legs iKohl'en 12316913.5 2314 54TH ST. CHEVROLET--193"72doorsedan. bylrl- bty0g I Meanwhile the whle 200-2=/01bs"cmtrlSml[ulk'$13"TS"the rate owner. Can be een at 3813 Any make. model or year. a slight head wound, helped Weber threatened from another quarter by toy: 280-13310 lbs.. $1.TS-13.10: few 2 fmity. 7 rooms. Lower vacant. Price Roosevelt Rd. Used. Wrecked. Burned or Junked. into a rear cockpit for first aid and LINTZ AUTO PARTS the petition to the United States ltd. and over, SL2.SO-.75: medium grade $4. CHEVROLET--1941 special de luxe sedan. So. Sheridan Rd. Phone 2-2410 IHotz took over. circuit court of appeals for a writ under 200 lbs., $10.50-12.50; few lows, white wall tires, radio, heater, fog- Formerly Warshawsky'st none: compared week ago weights under It you have vroperty to sell or trade, lights, low mileage. $12S. Bob--L4 Set- ' Headed for Free Chimt of mandamus to stay it until the slz-.3: good clearance: shippers ook New' York  (P) -- The stock Call vice. S3rd =t Sheridan. Cited for Aid appeU.ate court can determine 200 Ibm. 15-50c lower: most off . market, led by ,o|d mines, made YOUNG REALTY CO. DODGE-.-X937 4 door sedan, perfect con- FOR CASH I The altimeter showed 200 eet whether it is proceeding "in accord- medium rades: good and choice 200-270 further mild and selective passes Ibs.. steady, over 270 Ibm., 3,5-50 lower: dition, reflect tires, reasonable, call USED CARS and a blast of foggy wind tore at ance with law.'" sows oc sower, at recovery today although deal. Real302 OrpheumEState' I .... Bldg.ance' Hosvltal Iphone .... 2-3114ance after 4:30. 1201 6,3rd St. him from the torn plane but Hotz T^av Rural TOUIHV--)"JLL That plea was filed on behalf of SALABLZ CATTLE.--1000 calves none: ings remained sluggish and iItial FORD--Mode= A. 930 coupe. 38.000 picked up altitude and headed for I=I Edward James Smythe of New compared last week: With receipt, larg=r gains running to a point or so for hart week alo and fat steer predomi- favorites were reduced or convert- miles. A dandy. Inquire 51143rd St. Wanted free China. He ran into a storm York, the defendant whose absence nating in run. trade closed steady to JAMF..S W. STAHL GORDON'S atr CAmS-----S mwtffi over the mountains but held the delayed proceedings for two days 2so lower, mostly steady to weak: nrket ed into minus signs at the close. 58th Street69TH S. 1518Phone 5184 GordoPhone 4STS^ P*e =0l   We Pcy Top Prices themediUmcontrolsbmberagaintandher flewCUrselikefria ' untie'he was taken into custody at acUve until extreme close: both local The gold group came to life in LINCOLN PARK LA FAYrI"rF,---193'7. 4-door sedan, . a quarter of an hour until Weber i (continull. frem Pale One) Au Sable Forks, N.Y. and)aid outsidefor medlumdenandweightbrad:a= welltPas$17"001ong the wake of publication of the 8 rom modern, one-floor bungalow. In Inquire' 181352rid St. Don't let your Car lie idle. his wounds hastily patched, took largely because the adult genera- Another petition before Justice earling type steers, next highest price international preliminary agree- Somebody needs it. tion has failed to plan adequately Eicher asks disqualification o the smgo, few loads $16.75 and $16.8.5. but ment on a post-war currency sta- excellent condition. Murt be seen to be LA FAYETTE--1938 4 door' sedan, good man in a trance, reacting automati- for itself or U1e future of youth, whole jury panel, little above $16.25. bulk $13.75-16.00: bilization fund based on the yellow appreciated. Garage SrO0. tires, A-I mechanical condition. Butcher Drive out and see these specials. 26TH AVE.NUE, 6826 Sales & Service, Authorized Oldsmobile- cally to his long training. As a result of these failures youth * 1445 lb. averaiz sold at 16.40 and 1562 lbs. at $13: moderate suvwly, metal Inability to own gold under -car 7 r,wm ...... zarae One odern bedroom SS000. home. down: Very iarge three livin, uv. Phone Pontiac elM. Service. "tSl4 Sher,d=n 11., 1940 ,d ]9381941 LaFayette Buick .edan...da. SlOeS IS=S. and u.. a Final], chink in Weber the louc let down brought tln-oui[h =e the will postwar --=e . new world. As leadership s=dult.s we L Allies Outline ,o.. ... o--oo .oo -,-. ,o --' by o, $1o.5o; heifer= steady to 35 lower, oom- 21ST AVENUE, 6611 NASH--1941. like new. 17.000 miles. In- Ar]GWTION FARMm :bomber down on a friendly airfield have a definite obligation to our mon and medium ffrades showing decline ning equities. 8 rorn modern home with sunroom, quire 2,5076Oth St.. after 830. Mr. Abe McKee will fix your tractor Or iand then fainted. Gara,e =5OO OLDSMOB]LF,--199 .dan. = =ood ,'an- your automobile. Later, 'layer and Hotz ir]si_ted yo,ng people, and lnte]l*gent Postwar ,., yU0ne" ., 00o.o .,...o. ,,o. ]ITH AVENUE. 6308--CLOSE IN nin condition. Cheav. b341 24th Ave. J planning is the one thing we can strictly choice 1085 lb. heifers, $16.80. M&ny StKnd Aside T room, modern home. One bedroom Weber at a hospital, litUe above $16,00. however: top-hear7 down: three uv. Onl $4200. PLYMOUTH--193. 4 door sedan. Radio. MIr Zdenek do to make amends for our failure Many customers continued to cow market lost 50, instances $1.00 61ST STREET. 1915 heater, jood tires. A-I condition. In- "I still don't know how we got in the past. down on beef cow: cutters closed at stand aside or keep commitments 7 ....... dern home. One bedroom quire221S48th St..ph. 9331. Highways 31 and 43 home," the pilot sa "One o, thenlost effect|ve meas-;tabilizati0n , down: i[ood cows .old to $13.75 light because of possible foreign down. $4200. PRIVATE OWNED NASH i  . ' early, little over $13.00 ]ate: heavy fat urea or character-building and buns seady, reaching $13.75. moatly developments over the week-end 21ST AVENUE. 5801 1937 Twin "6." 4 d .... dan. LEntiLS SIS ussins MSS the development of youth leader- $.s0-3.s0; lausage offerings weak to which might have important trend 2-family. modern flaL'5 ,nd 4. $.3300. 4 new tires, $585. -------=---------------- ROUTE 50---= MH.,E WEST Inquire 502 2Sth Ave. ship is education for democracy, by 2c lower, extreme outside $12.00; veal- repercussions. Numerous issues 9 room. modern home. Large livinK room STATE "OF WISCONSIN -- COUNTY ers enerally steady: =tock cattle =slow, wzth flrevlace. Sunroom. Hot water heat. COURT -- ]NOSHA COUNTY which we mean preparation of (Continued from Pile One) teady to weak at $11,50-13.50 mostly, were unchanged at the last and 4 .... garage. Barn: chicken house. Shade In the Matter o, the Will of Paul For Climax |11  :' routh for parflcipaUon and lead- SALSLE SX.P--L00; total O0 turnover for the two hours of " '*'*,,' o, so We Want Z,Oo,,Deceased.oF HEARING ON FINAL ership in a free American society, to establish national quotas, subject comvared last week: Slaughter lambs around 250,000 shares was another 1 acre 8 room. modern home. Hot wter ACCOUNT The promotion of a strong Amer- to change by the forthcoming for- weak to 25c lower; sheep scorce, steady" O the smallest since last October. mal conference, was based on gold good and choice fed wooled western 25 Used Cars ,,, 10 lt. down. iis.1-1,.o, week'= Ahead most of the time were heat Gara.e. $,32OO. Notice  Hereby Given, that at the Crimean Drive can be accomplished by holdings, the proportion of a na-toy $16.50, closing limit $1s.o. load lots Homestake Mining, Dome Mines, regular term of the county court to the inculcation of youth with tion's trade to world trade, and larffely #[god lambs. $18.00-16.15, medium Mclntyre Porcupine. Alaska Ju- LOTS Am0 F.n| ri0 be held in and for said county at the ......... ---"'---'-'----- %---- --- court house in the City of Kenosha. American ideals, the introduction national income, Morgenthau ex- and good kinds, $15.00-15.90. mostly $15.50 ACRE LOTS--Good garden soft. Remem- Immediate Cash Paid in =aid county on Tuesday. the 2rid Of youth to the liberal American plained. All nations would be re- uv. eve loads common to low-medium near Great Northern, U. S. Steel, able 47th Ave. Phone 9434. day of May. A. D. 1944, at the opening traditions, with the guarantees of quired to put in some gold -- 25 i 69-71 lb. weights. $13.50-14.2.5; good and Chrysler, Sears Roebuck, Deere, of court on that day or as soon there- choice 88 lb. No. I and No. 2 elted Kennecott, North American, Union HICKORY GROW SUBDMSION W HAV FOR SALE after as counsel can be heard, the fol- (Continued from Pale One) human liberty. When American per cent of its total quota, or 10 per shorn lambs, $14.00, load largely medium lowing matter will be heard and con* along the Czechoslovak border to youth becomes well.grounded in cent of its gold holdings or gold a3 b. wet=his No. 2 e]ts. $3.5: wovled Carbide and Owens-Illinois. Losers North McKeon Road. lots ff 'ean 1941 PLYMOtrrH-.. pamenger coupe. dered: 2: to 7t, acres for $250 to $'750 vet ]oL 1941 FORD---4 door sedan. The apDllcation of The Northwestern the south, the principles and practices of convertible exchange, whichever is tlve ewes unevenly 11"7.50-9.00 and included General Motors. Mont- shorn kinds. $5.00-8.00. gomery Ward and J. I. Case. 1939 OLDSMOIMI2r,- assenger . Loan and Trust Company, executor of democracy, then will America be smaller, , GEORGE STEVENS 1939 BUICK..-4 door sedan, the will of Paul Zahon, deceased, bite Blast Communicaitons secure against the foes which seek The present plan represents a MILWAUK[J[ LIVESTOK Bonds and commodities were Real FJtate. Loans, Insurance 1941 NASH AMBASSADOR "6"----4 door of the Town of Somers. in said county 55186th Ave. Phone 5346 sedan, for the examination and allowance of The Germans probably will be- to destroy her both from within compromise between the originaI By United ]Press narrow. 1939 NASH-LA FAY]'TW_,--2 door ,*dm. its final account, which account is now come exhausted after four or five and from without. American version, which based con- HOGS--Receipts 15,911. Support weights $ W,,,ED--:_RJI,i=TJt'r!! ................... ............ 1 lg40 NASH-LA FAYrTF-'-4 dr 1am1938 FORD--DeluFe 4 door sedan, on file in said court and for the Uow-=nce o! debt= or clatnm mt,tn=t the more days o, 8ssault& ter wh|dl "When final victory has been tributions and voting power wholly 200-270 lbs. steady to 5 cents higher Ouster Do YOU WAr'TO s=t, YOUR HOS' ls NAS-A xx'rr.- door ted=re, est=te =ld in ood talt without the Zhukov may begin his anticipated won, these same American boys on gold and the British plan. which for the week, heavier weights 50 to 55 Have cash buyers for 5. 6 and 7-room ; 193q' NASH AMBASSADOR "'6"--4t door same havlnl[ been duly flied, approved drive into Hungary's Carpatho- and girls will reconstruct a war- was pegged to pre-war world trade, toCents40 lower.cents Iower:WeightlateUndertop.200513.751bs" on35 houses;  2-famiLy house uD to ledn, or allowed as required by law. and for Ukraine, formerly the eastern tip torn world, rebuild civilization, The American plan would have 2oo to 230 potls: bulk good and choice $o.00o..lOS. A. sULLIVAN. Realtor 5 other low vriced car= estatethe a=stgnment  theo, said deceased to--due'thesuch ersor O' Czechoslovak/a and central Po-and lay the ,oundation ,or a per-placed the United States in su-2o0-2"/0 lb.. $13.6.%13.70:  11.. ge nnes'r--n"--- 69156th Ave. "A' Phone 742 : as are by law entitled thereto: and for land. manent world peace." preme comand because this country $12.75-13.10:13.00; packinglightS'sows, 35180-190to 40 lib,.cents $175-1ower, 1 the determination and adjudication of Stormovik attack planes sup- * held most of the gold, while the bulk closing at $12,15-12.3. Closing at List -,,ourrOR realQUICKestateSALEwith us Topel_ -Nash Sales ,nthesaldinheritanCeeltate. tax. it any. payable ported the Red army with raids on Ken05ha Man l,,}Ic British plan wouId have put that IowCATTLE._Rece/,0tspoint of the week.3.674. ]utcher cat- We finance to give you all cash. Dated April 6th, 1944. enemy railway communications and country at the head by virtue of Ue and fat cows ItrOrtl[ to 25 cents G. M. MATSON R.F.,ATY CO. By the Court: troop concentrations. Twenty its preeminence in trade. The com- higher or the week. other claues ully Phildelphia--.--The Mexican U. S. Bank Bldg. Phone  S9th St. and 8th Av. ROBERT V. BAKER. trucks, two locomotives and 25 promise was reached during sepa- steady. Closing canners and cutter workers delegation announced to-   -IlTM Coullty Judge. Killed as'400' List your prorty lVtl  o !@ 30H L. GOTTSCHLICH. Attorney. railway cars were destroyed, rate conferences during fle past mostly $6.50-8,50: choice cows to $11.00- day that the workers committee votl really want qIAick estlltlL We hve {ApriI S-15-22 On the Estonian tront, other )'ear. Russia, the last nation to con- 12.o0: bull= steady, choice weighty bo-. the buyer and this is the tim@ to sell. SPECIAL STATE OF WISCONSIN  COUNTY Soviet planes bombed German fer with U. S. treasury experts ap- week from Edgerton and WfldRose, 1.1601gnu' $11.00-11.25. Best cattle of the izauonOf the Internationalvoted to oustLabrLuis Organ-Girola, .H. PFENNIG. NC. COURT- K][NOStL COUNTY shale oil factories at Kokhtfla, 35 mashes T[u(k proved the tentative plan only last lb. averaRes at $18.00. Argentina's labor representative ltltora In the Matter of the Estate of Eliza- miles west of Narva, and Kurtnal- week. CALVES---Receipts 11,281. Fully steady 700 STth St- Phone == 1944 License  MeClatchey. Deceased. ager, 37 miles southwest of Narva. * $15.25-15.5o:au week. outsidebulk of tO.vealers.$16.00.$12.00_15.00;selects, votefrm wasa seat14 Onto the3. committee. The l-lOUSE--Want to buy ,ro private OWlrt- NOT][CIZ OF IIiA-ING O 1 Senators Readyto er. house up to 8 rooms, two fiat or FINAL ACCOUNT Numerous fires were started at culls and throwouts, $6.00-8.00. Alejandro Carrillo, Mexican ad- SHEll.P--Receipts 738. Fed western nice bungalow. 10 years old or over With Every Car Notice Is Hereby Given that lit both targets, with flames at Kurt- in nice clean neighborhood. Will lay term of the County Court to be held nalager visible for nearly 50 miles. (Co.Un=ei frem P=le on*) lambs.top, $16.50.25c to mostly 50c lower, quotable visOrlabor andleader,SpokesmanvicentefOrLombardoMeXico's .|l cub. Write ]Sox D-lt care News. in and ,or said County at the Co= t tional ALl.lance White Eagle, and of Fillibuster Bill , To]edano. azounced t,he results of ,Win, detail, and price. Sold Before May Ist " .... in the City of KenoshL in said Announce New Air County. on Tuesday, the 16th day of the S. P. A.. St. Casimlr. MILWAUKEE PROBUE the vote. He said when the decision AUTO AgH$Illl, PILI, ||1| $4 Ma. z944. at the opening of court on Besides his widow, he is survived By United Press was announced Girola left the con- =-------------=----------=-------------==--------- 1942 PLYMOUTH--Coach, $1095. that day or as soon thereafter u court- by four daughters and a son: Mrs. AUTO GLASS---Plain and shatterproof sel can be heard, the following matter EGGS---Paying ricell at Mllwaukee ference room immediately, stating, "this is a political sanction." Tvl-rae Record Set George Schae,fer and Mrs. W.lter * r.  . ......... ^.*,.. U. S. special No. 1 and 2. ;Vlt: U. S. installed while og wait. Reasomlbl. Ig41 CHVROLETdan, $10@5. will be heard and considered: . Northern Motor Parts.. 4.5077th Av "1"be application of James J. O'Brlen Zanio both of Kenosha- Mrs. Eu-I_" ..... "? .... ---:. s ] -- v ;c; ext .... No. i and 2, 33V=c: current re- Carrfllo emerged from the caucus ' ' ' I L, emocrauc senao serve no e gene Glowacki East Chicago Ind.; . ceipts. 29.=c: medium size, 26c; dlr- and reported: "We have won a BODY AND FENDER BUMP/G 1941 PONTIAC--5 Dauenl[er could, $1295. administrator with will annexed of the ,,. ,  '__ _,_.. _ ..' .... that they're all ready to filibuster ties and checks, 26-27c. Auto oaint.tn and general repair work 1941 BUICK---Sedanette, $1295. estate of Elizabeth McClatchey. deceased. VzlsS t.mra regurs, a suucn a I * . " " "  r "' "i WADE MOTORS ' late of the City of Kenoha. in said ......... o"e- in Mil ' ,o ,ea,, ,,e ,oue-avp o. ,, - BUTTER--OPA ceiling orices for this complete victory. Lombardo's mo- 6rd lit 18th Ave Phone 406"/ 1941 PLYMOUTH--Sedan. $1145. : County, for the examination and allow- me me l eacners .  ge " I area--Fresh U. S. grade AA, 42.58; tion against Argentina was won by ance of its final account, which account New York (U,R)--- American Ex. waukee' and C,q Leo Greoor,i poll tax measure. Democratm and grade A. 42.08: B. 41.83: C. 41.33. ]BRAKE -- Ignition and carburetor ape- __'.. -- 7"=. , -- "  [ Republican leaders in the chamber a clean sweep. There were only. ciahs. Richter & Hedworth, opposite 1940 DODGE -- Sedan. $995. is now on file in said court and for port Airlines said today that ; now stauonea m nglana, .... t ........ CHEESE--Current make U. S. No. I the allowance of debts or claims against New" York.to.Ireland record of 1 He is also survived by two I Q1sciosea rts iney woulct nol; De American full cream twlru. 26.64: chedo three full votes against it and 14 City Hall. Phone 2-1312. 1940 PONTIAC---"6" sedan, $94.5. the estate bald /n good faith without the same having been duly filed, aD- hours 51 minutes had been estab- brothers, Constanty in North Chi- able to muster more than 38 to 40 dars. 26.64: daisies, 2q.75; longhorns, ill favor o t." brick. 29c: llmburger. 31bc: Carrillo said there were more Swiss domestic. 41c. 4-Wheel Trailer 1930 BLrICK__SeIn. . proved or allowed as required by law. lished by one of its 30*ton Flying cago, and John in Chicago. votes in favor of a cloture (popu- 27.75: and for the mmignment of the residue Aces. # larly known as the "gag rule") LIVE POULTRY--(lrUll ceiling lrtces than 17 members present but the With ..w ,. eqdpment mounted. 35 other cars to choOSe from. ofersonjthe eltateas arefby'aidlawdeCemmdentmed tOthereto:.Uch Capt. Edward A. Stewart, of PDs- High School Girl w,,o, would lJn.it debate 8nd thus ,or Milwaukee area- mileage added), others did not vote. Hal 8:00x20 truck tires, and for the determination and adJudi- ]yrl, N. Y.. flew the Great Circle permit a vote on the bill itself. A Fowl's. heavy. 26c: Leghorn fowls. 26c: The wide margin of victory for svringers, White RoekJ. 29.5c: colored, the Mexican motion came as a cloture rule requires a two.thirds 29.5c: broilers and fryers. 29.5c; ita. Gordon Auto Parts, Lnc. o Uod.. w.,.--d  ,uo. o th, ..t. u.. ,,. route of 3,329 statute miles April Killed ,,,:-Accident evenings, payable in said este, majority, g2c: old roosters. 22c; duck=. 2.c: geese, surprise, as it was expected Bri- Dated lthiz 2nd day of April, 1944. 15-16 with a capacity load of pas- Administration backers of f_hel2.2c, fain and other European countries 2801 Roosevelt Rd. Phone '" Benning Motors y the Court: sengers and cargo to clip 26 minutes legislation, although c0nvincedthat ern,CABBAGE--New',2.15-2.35. 50 lb. slckl, south- would side with the Argentine ROB]RT V. BAKER. County Judle. from the previous eastbound record it can't be enacted, have agreed to POTATOES---Idaho uet Burbank=. delegate. HAMIOND & JONF, S, Attorneys. made Jan. 22 by a flying boat com-  , Sp dd by Capt. Robert J. HLon, collision between two automobiles groups and others have demanded grade washed. S3.60-3.75: utility grade Markets at Glance It's mg, Ta-Lal ,= osm,,it Rd. piton. 4124 Ar/l --May S, Portage, Wis. (U.P.)- A head-on call the measure up because labor u. s. N0. I washed. $4.10-4.2S standard The Cnurc hes washed, a the company announced, containing high school age youths a roll call vote on the cloture is- igan ChivpewM and Katahdt Ig.3- LET US  U'P YOUR CAR NOW! Hlxson is credited with the rec- last night resulted in the death of sue, at least. Senator Bilbo (D- 2.60: wisconsin or Michigan U. $ No. 1 By United press Try crd for the fastest westbound trip o ^ssu ou MANY ova Let Us to Buy Stocks irregularly higher. IrKE MIL]r,S OF S]IVlCF-,-- (ConUnued from ]Pale Three) from Ireland to New York, 19 one girl, serious injuries to two Miss) says he's ready to talk for unwashed Cobblers. 12.25-2.50. Ne Dota- others and ]euer injuries to the months, if necessary, to block toes: Texas 50 lb. sacks. No. I. $2.50- 2.75: California Lon Whites. $2.50-2.75. Bonds irregularly lower; U. S. hours, 21 minutes, with uel stop remaining six passengers, passage. ONlONS---Domestlc ellow U. S. No. 1 governments lower. COMPLE'I ONZ STOP SERVIC Your r nin next week except Monday and in Newfoundland, established Aug. Washing. Lubrication. Brake Servlee. Saturday. The dead girl is Lorraine Block, , 5o lb. acks. S3.eT. Texu, new 0 carmechanic&l., lervic for every make o We aykthigher Ortces.?As Sundayp. Jehovsh'l Wltnelme=- Public meetingSm. Studylt 1221 onXtY'2hirdsubject. Itrmt..DestrOyingat 7:4529-30, 1943, the ompany, said. 18.TheBaraboO.injured are: Eileen Schnel-' rl igr'am'n- G00s01ine w0000.lb" sack..$3,82.conlme, yellow. $3.67: , ChicagoCUrb stoCkSstocksfirm.irregularly lower. WE HAVE )'OR SAI M=n', Last ]remy." , Cor. 15:3. 26. in Asks Permission I/tl der, Baraboo, and Luis Smith, Rio. . Cotton steady. Topel -Nash Sales CWROLZT--9 special del .... lub Watch Tower. Tuesday at 7:45 p .... both in critical condition; Robert coKhes Houses Han C0nvided Wheat, oats, rye and barley coupe, 2 tone paint, radio, heater, spot- study in "Truth Shall ake You Free" Seil, Baraboo; Donald Jacobson, steady. It costs ...... f ..... liable light, book on "How wa$,oseph again reunited Register Children By Criminal Jury ' arage to de-winterize your car. with his father and brethren in Egypt?" John Polnow and Earl Landsverk, In 1943 the nation's airlines flew ,, , ,, , ^v, Mid-City Motor Sales Studie held at 1221 Sixty-third street. Rio, and Janet Jamieson and E1ea. also at C. W. Peterson home. South nor Smith, Pardeeville.  Schenectady. N. Y.,  (U.P.)  65 per cent more airmail.pound Kenosha. at 7:30 p.m. Buenos Aires  (A )  Court * i FIaming gasoline from a wrecked miles han in 1942. Phont 710 311 RoNvelt Rd. Kenoshs Bible Church--S/xty-seventh " i 5,000 gallon tank truck flowed down Chicago----(P)----A criminal court , " street and Twentieth avenue: Rev. A. H. permission to register the births of Uraes Farmers to a residential block today, scorching jury yesterday convicted John Today s Real Pe fect Circle .,o .tot. SUnday. ,:3o a. m., Bm]e two of Argentina's nice-month-old __. houses on both sides of the street Joseph Williams, southside gaming -- r Charley Deming .o,oo, = Iu.rt.t.dent: qintuplets has been alked by 00ell 0010red Corn damaging telephonepoles, and cut-house keeper whose rmme fre-Estate Transfer 10:4S a. m.. morning worshio. uet Franco Dtligenti, the father, wlth S speaker. Rev. Lawrence lin of Ke- ring electric service in the area. quently has been in the news dur- PISTON RINGS ,o,, former chaplain of the U. S. the explanation that he had not The gasoline truck overturned ing he past few months, of con- army: 6:30 V. In.. You_n/[ People'l Hour: registered those two last July be- Are now available in nearly ill W11 Pay You Cash leader. Miss AJiee Bornhuetter: mmt cause he hoped o avoid publicity. Chicago -- (U.P3 -- E. O. Pollock, three times and knocked down a spira:y to aid gambling and fln,d bach.KatieetReidenbachah propertyt atRaymndsomers.Reiden" telephone pole when it was struck him $2.000 -- the only conviction Margaret Smith to O. W. Z,eSeuer and speaker. Leslhl Ytmk: 7:30 p. m.. eve- Under the law, births must be midwestern regional director of the at an intersection by a speeding de- and fine resulting from last faU's wife: property at Sorners. popular sLeu, ning I"viee: song service: messaMe b: Timothy Reidenbach. et a]. to 0. W. Fred Rudy For Your C(r Rev. klll. 'uKlay. 7:30 D. m.. Y. P registered within three days. DiU- food distribution section of the livery truck being chased by po- grand jury investigation of gain- LeSeuer and wife: vroerty at S ....... arayer mtiIL Wednesday. 7:45 l. m. genti's petition said all five e.llft- War Food Adninistration, appealed lice. rag. o. W, LeSeuer and wife to Hans Mid-week eervice: sveaker. M/u Jannette dren were born July 1S in a mid- to hu'mers today to sell =ome of , 1940 BUICK--Super 4 door sedan. Radio Bril[gs. mdonary of the South Amer- Dl=tributor of and heater, tC=n Indian Mdon. wife's commltg room. that he reg- the corn they have oh hand to ele- Hitler .,,.r0m"e"ea |0 On,y o, .* .': .,s .... Kenos GtlJel T&bernaele -- Corner istered two of the births at one vators for use in war materlal and trial of 50 police officials and EdmundNrthwesternC. Wier-zbicklLan &andTrUStwlfe:CO.proD_to Genuine Automotive Parts I lg40 PONTIAC---Club coupe. Fifty-tutorial street and Tenth avenue: Vital static8 offic lind the third Pollock said 11,000,000 bushels of at  gambling trade figures remains on erty at 7618 Shceridan road. Phone ,3S ,S40 N.[-. FA door -dan R,v. Percy It DeBr .... pat.,. Sud=y.. at another, giv|ng fleflUolB corn are needed monthly ,or the n ,Vl,Ac"ftt av,s0ry Group the docket, and it is a malfeasance -e=t Vmer =nd w,te to .Tames W. 57th St. 10:30 a. m.. and 7:30 . m.. evanltdst addresses as the birthplaces, charge. Jardine and wife; Droperty at Pleasant 23,0(}0 mil. meAnlPs, Tmmday, 7:30 v. rm Younl[ Corll procelng industries, which ar.xPl,o  have reported severe shortages. London  (U.PJ The London Williams and two other men Prairie. WO o It Filet ml *  1940 DODGF,--2 door sedan. People'| mting. Edwin C. De]Brim- 4  Banking CommlSion of Wizconsin Io o,.=..== " Jud0e of U S C0ufl 0f repruentl four per cent o, Daffy Sketch said today that the were acquitted last year o, charges Ame G. Sh=rve and wife: .rovert. ,t th A'. It  St,  @14 1840 FOIRD---tuflneu oupe. Lamb Soh.-South Sheridan road. the 1943 crop. " chiefs of the German army, navy of murdering "Sonny Boy" Quirk, 710"7 Thlry-sith avenue. QALA, O'li  Sunday. 9:30 a. m.. Bible J1ool;  Elizabeth 1Romnberg to John Dumesic: ., _., ,. = ,== .= == .=. ,.=0 .... Customs Resigns Post , and air forces have ompelled a gambLg boss, on Sept. 18. ,roerty at S43 memento =vue. ==" "" """' ""'="" - " Michigan Air Cadet ^o, Hit|er to accept an advisory t Charle, H Pten=. Trtee. to Ben- ,. =. oo = w,,....= = .= ..o.e ... o, to French Committee to Supply. 61. ''j 22]d Avlk chell. ator. Suny school lamms for . Wlushin  ( -- Irvine L. scrutinize his orders befbre they Joseph C. PakJhis and wife to Esther ,_, === == ,., _o ,o=. Killed in Accident ,,, sent to .ghUng *on=. Make Protest to British s,..,o.: IUn/ted. Harbert . 81(M  Av. Tuesday at 7:30. Prayer Wednesday, "2:30. sire RepubUcan senator, who ltar- "Inasmuch as Hitler previously avenue. "ffi = The Ford uc'"ra"e *'"" ,, President of Luke Field, /uri=.Air Ca- was supreme in strategy and ta- Time Charvtt to Zm*, Xaieok ..d B, sa--keen    'rhty-sevm stree hnz aolmm, the United States back in the det Raymond A. Marinconz, 20, of tics. this is an indication both of Algiers  f/P)  The French wife: prorty at Salem. Em. Mut. So. Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, Atrro ZLzcrmc slmvn astor. rtdence. ,,50 Seventmmth a- 1920' resigned at the age of "/5 to- Culvan, Mich., was killed here yes- his loss of power and of self'onfl- national eommlttee disclosed today to Joseph Lawrence and wife; oroerW Authorized TldeO Sales and Service nue. telelhone ?9"/8. Sunday school, 9: that it was making a protest to at 6208 Fourteenth avenue. Sheridan Rd. at 56th St.  14  venin a. m. Mr. Lettau is uln'Intendenb day as Judge of the U. S. court of terday when two training planes dence." the newspaper said. Charles H. Pfenni and wife to David G. Wanes Cd.. Tr.; vroerty a ]110 allllltll.llll Jlll _13NM[_tqlll_lk._ _'__ s8o3 Sth Ave. Morning worship. 11 a m. customs and patent llppelds, post locked wings in flight. The aeci- : the' British government in London .............................. " Winthrott Harbor Communlty -- Ralph he had held here for 15 years, dent also was fatal to another stu- U.S. domestic airlines carried against recently imposed restric- Ftfty-sixth street AMOV   a' Aa Home phons  O t}hm (11114 M. Drear. lstor. Sunday school. 10:00 Th resignation lz ! ! t i v dent and an /nstructor, but a see. passengers 1,570,000,000 miles in tions on diplomatic communica- za.,.mum a-nme m -m', moems  earn.  zam  ,c m.: wonn r,/*. zl.0 =. m.: eve- April 0. 0rid instructor parachuted to saetT. 1943. tions. 4usct co, trm0 vm Ave,. Eenmu Qu-T Z. I 111 4. ninM mmvicm. 7"0  m. ........ 71: