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April 25, 1944     Kenosha News
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April 25, 1944

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& :! __Tuesday' April 25, 1944 . KENOSHA EVENING HEWS+ ., Page Eleven . cly IFunny Busl00,00ss ,o PALOOKA Mrs. Haffenslopper ---By Ham FMmr Take Away me La ..... ...... y  DEIT Copyright. 1944,  ,erviee,  Y tlOOKI'I,W3HtX---- OF ttcc.FU AFTER --l-Ut4-iT   ' gxx. vwr j, ? l 00fl12 THE STORY: Leiut Link BeAt, Army the "id ......... Mo '" " Air Corps radioman, la Interned in NUi n o a Joo az e, Jrzsvule,., ,, n|| Ei?n. Yokohama. He is ,rend,, t and got it. Xirksville was the @  , . i = poner, job because he wanted to become "-1  L n  1 an osteopathic doctor. He did. . L1- I. Baldwin took Link's wry grin Six years, and he had his degree, i t . \\; for an invitation to sit down. He Then he practiced a year in Kan- I { sat down. sas City. and enjoyed it plenty. " Baldwin added, "If you're try- He did well, too _-.,.'t ing to get your mind off dinner, His next horse, naturally, had ,| ' by talking" wasn't commissioning osteopaths  E F  Link sat up hopefully. "Got a in the Medical Corps, so Link en- - | new subject to talk about?" tered the Air Corps via Civilian Baldwin shook his head. "Look, Pilot Training. ., they gave me a clean bandage. Because he'd been a telegrapher, ,. Would you mind? and the Air Corps madly needed .. .... radio operators, they'd made him "Glad to." Link went to work on the other's injured foot. "Don't blame me," he said, "if you de- velop a whinny out of this. My first experience was gotten band- aging up the hoof of a horse." "'That the same horse, the one named Jones?" "Oh have I mentioned Jones?" Baldwin chuckled. "It's funny how a man reaches for the same familiar subject each time he starts a conve- ation. His mind is like his liL:ary of books at home. He has some that he uses,! leaving untouched all the others that might be more interesting." "'My mind," said Link. "doesn't work like that You wouldn't be getting at something else?" "I might." "Okay. What are you driving at?" For a moment. Baldwin gritted his teeth and looked at his hurt- ing foot. which Link was band- aging. "I guess," he said, "that I was just curious about what makes Americans act like Americans." "The horse Jones," said Link, "was pretty important. He was some horse, I thought, I was a small boy on a farm. I was 14 years old and I was going to make ten thousand dollars racing Jones in county fairs. On all that money, : I was going to retire to K City for the life of RockefeLler. But Jones never won a race." "So I suppose your ideas of the world were wrecked?" "They were not. That's the point." "Eh?" "Don't you see it?" said Link. "I had a swell time spending the ten thousand dollars. In my mind, I mean. It's a good thing I didn't get my hands on it. Ten thousand dollars isn't so much money, and I would have found that out. It was a rosy dream. It remained that. And it had been so much fun that I went looking for an- other. A bigger one. Even more t rose-colored. Some fun.'" "Did that one win for you?" "Of course not. None of them have come in a winner. Oh, some of them got part way, but not far enough to disillusion me." Link grinned at his own de- scription of his past. He liked it" The race horse Jones. the flea- bag, had really given him a per- #i manent lesson in how good it is to enjoy hope. It seemed to Link that  he had enjoyed everything more than some other people after that. He had enjoyed the farm, which  made an overgrown ox of a boy out of him. At 16, passing for 18, he got on with a pipeline con- , struction crew, as laborer, but a radioman. He hadn't minded. He wanted action, and radio was a quick way. The most rose-colored spot tn his Air Corps career had been that last raid on Tokyo. They'd blown hell out of the Hiyudori plane works on the out- skirts of Tokyo. But their bomber caught enough risk to force it down, two of the crew killed, and the pilot died in Link's arms after the landing. They burned the bomber and scattered. The Japs caught Link. He didn't know about the others. The fact wa that Link hadn't dared inquire about the other fel- lows on the bomber He had not admitted he was on a bomber: which had pasted Tokyo. There was a rumor around that the Japs were shooting all captured flyers i who had bombed Tokyo. Link had :kept his mouth shut. The Japs had his name and tag number. That was all he'd told them. It was all he was going to tell them, too. Baldwin broke into this thoughts. "That," said Baldwin, "'is not what makes Americans act like Americans." "'Eh?" said Link, "What's that?" "What we were just talking about. Your horse, Jones. I take it you just had one four-legged real horse. The others you just call horses." "That's right." Link admitted. "Well, I say that isn't what makes Americans act like Amer- icans. Many men of many races have a horse named Jones, don't you think?" Link thought about it. It didn't make sense. He grinned. "'That's silly, isn't it? I mean, this whole talk is silly." "I suppose so." Link tied the bandage and gave it a pat. "I guess we've talked out all the concrete subjects like the weather and poker hands. Nothing left but fantasy. ' He gave the gandage another pat. "How's that?" "It feels fair dinkum." Baldwin wiggled his foot. "Thanks. There's still women." "Are there?" said Link in an unfunny tone 'I mean women as a subject of conversation," Baldwin explained. "They should shoot you for men- tioning it." "Oh, now, I'm not being sadis- tlc, old boy," Baldwin said. "I just wondered if you were married." Link grinned. "No. For some reason, they don't take me seri- ously. You know what a Greal Dane dog is?" they soon fired him unceremonL "One of those devilish big ani ously for prankstering on the Job. reals. Liken calf." With the money he'd saved, and ''hat," said Lindk, "is how I proceeds from the sale of a sow seem to impress the opposite sex. and pigs. he went to a business Something amusing, and interest- college in ChilUcothe. Mo. He ing to pet, but not an article you walked into the business college want to keep in the house. I think intending to take a bankingcour i I bound out at them or something, and become a oarer, wa|ung to I and they consider me too playful." register, he sat beside a boy who l "Lucky," said Bldwin. "Or sort was enrolling for the telegraphy of serious, depending on how you course, and learned telegraphers look at--" He went silent, staring made $14 a month. Beginning at the door. "Oh, oh, what's this bankers made $60. Link changed mearz?." horses right there. He learned to The cell door was being un- zelegrapn, ann enjoyed it. locked. A Japanese officer stepped Link worked the usual vacation inside. reliefs of a beginning telegrapher, i (To Be Continued) Around the :)ial April 25, 1944 rL m'no. WMAQ ...... S'IO WaNll, . ...... NI WBBM ......  WCFL ....... IN@ WGN .......  WnlN ....... 111 :30--WGN--The Mulie Mart WENR---Malco/m Claire. stories W'MAQ-W'rM---Just Plain Bill WBBM--Wimston and Sutton |.0--WGN--News bulletins WENR-Terry and *.he Piratel "'MAQ--A]ex Dreler. musical WBBM--Alvi J. Stlnkopf, newl W CFI.,--New reports :t--WGN--Chiek Carter. rtal 'B BM--Edwln C V*,'MAQ--NewI; Sweet 'n' Sp4h WCFL---Sweet 'n' Sw/nl 'ENR---Jimrny Allen. serial |:30--WGN--Safety Llon Time WENR--Jaek Armstror. serial WBBM---John Harrlngton, news WCFI.,--News; Let's Dance |;45---WGN--Superman, serial WBBM-WISN--The World Today WENR---Capt. 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The gas enables science to use radium rays independently of radium itself. (--How many red and how many white stripes in Old Glory? A--Seven red. six white. WB BM-WISN---Presentlng Corwin WC, FL--New8 reports EN]g---]lyond Gram Swing 9: I --WC]EL,-WENR---Ches ter Bowles, talk 9:30----WGN---Cr he Files of Flamond W]M--4ov. Brlckor, WMAQ-WTM$--.Red Skelton how WCFL--Mtmies/ Calendar WF.NR--Danee Time 9:4$--Trmu Star Parade WC1,--Tremmry alu 10.'00---WGN--Fulton Lwts, Jr., news WMAQ---Fr Wartul thne WBB-WI--I Love Mystery Wtm Xelsey. news phonetto-- Pastro 10:I$=-WGN---Ce.Io at Nlsht WMA--4ub Jackson. news WCFL---Don Ar4te, pianist 10:30--WGN--NoI 1dle4HIr WBBM--Eulene Reed, news V,qA--Ronld Colnmn ahow WR--But Not Forl|otten WMul/e Lovers' Hour 10:4--WGN--Jimtay Joy's orvheetrm V#'BBM--Salute to Victory WEbrRNews: Rhythm at Ran- dom II.0---ALL NI'I[WIFOIRKS--Dance mt and sirdlc  util 12 "He's not only draft-exempt--he's just the thing for the hidden all trick!" This Curious World By Vdliam Ferguson / ,, t) IT IS CU;TOMZY TO THINK OF SHEEP l ) WJTH MOO AND 6.KT W-l I.IAIR ( 5q" THE B/ SHEEI HAS ( '/A/,4,AND THE OUNTAIN _ / HAS AN UNDERCOAT OF THE F,   T. kl REG. U S, PAT OffFo III \\; ANSWER: .Tennessee. NEXT: The fire power of & 1"-40 fighter. I J51(:Z  l l  , HORIZONTAL 3 Nova Scotia A m- . 1 Pictured (abbr.)  .t former U.  4 Cognizance   president. 5 Conduct ...... , -- --  Needy lpVpIJll I1 ld 7 Hostelry  _ 2 Observe s m ngsh   13 Individual (abbr.) i so===  '-='==" 14 Lett river 9 SoLicitude 3 Wood sorrel sodium 15 East (Ft.) l0 Facility 32 Royal College 47 Sloth 17 He was the 16 Toward of Surgeons 48 Transpola- --'s 14th 18 Foot digit (abbr.) fion charge president 19 Charged atom 33 Light knock 49 Concludes 20 Bitter vetch 20 Cloth measure 34 Salt 51 Seat 0part- 21Halt 22Stroking 35]Dutcl cry meat tn 23 Portal 24 AgriculturLs 36 Afraid (ScOt.) church 24 Vanish 26 French river 43 Sapient 52 Steal 25 Like 28 Goddess 27 Half-an 29 Headland 28 Symbol for 30 Morsel calcium 29 Applauder (slang) More -uccinct 37 Polar 38 Flee 39 Spots 40 Pared 41 Compass point 42 Senior (abbr.) 43 Warble 46 Out of danger 50 Constellation 53 John (Gaelic) 54 Proceed 55 Hebrew letter 56 Bone 58 Road (abbr.) 59 Bestow 60 Uncovers ERTICAL 1 Enemies 2 Pause Detail/or Today A CKIGG]R is an insidious in- sect that has definite carnivorous tendencies and is partial to human flesh. Instead of briskly lighting on you, chewing tastily for a mo- ment, and departing, like the an- gelic mosquito, a CHIGGER moves in where you belt circles your waist, where your shoes surround your ankle, and digs i for the duration. Itch? That's + no word for it! The more you scratch, Lhe more they irritate. Some soldiers carry scars from last year's ma. neuvers--CHIGGFS! I Who trained the memmer pigeons to take off like that?" The dry Ah-lcan desert, where cloucl of swirlin dust choked and blinded the fighting trool, once was covered by a great ocean, of which the Mediterranean b ml that is left. WASH TUBBS Hold Your Hats --By Leslie Turner FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS No Time for Comedy --By Blosser , ' ,,w.,L' '. -- -'-' -" '-i - ........... n .-" -'- - waS ,S vEry /wAs IN OAND USTENING TO y,g,R!ONGUF II SAID-:OI, OUSTST /";...../ ; NO LLIHrNG SIRi{:)US/ JA RAI::O  ......  S--!I:)'+.W...k.T. TI4': II&S.P.L,.n',_.wg.,,m" Jill" I'lW!/ TrE. r----" . e-" WNEN IT HAPPENED I / (..AN U_ 145I WAY  / I CVCN iouH fl" .J//////dr #,,. t ,/ . " V   -I'i4AT AVOID FALUN, , [.------,e------.'q. "/AW:.,/ !' ,." HAtl " H P": / - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Unnecessary Advice --By Martin r",, LittF. Beaver sTack Does It --By Fred Harman Ii 0000Ho4;)ll OH-O-IY , . @ - . _ I LEG t ""- ALLEY OOP You Said It, Oop --By V. T. Hamlin 0KY, MY 6EEM "qOU --By Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE --with Major Hoople .e $ , % -t, _%  +