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April 26, 1944     Kenosha News
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April 26, 1944

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Page Two . , . , Repod Eire's Shipping to Spain Halted as Both Allies and The Axis Bomber Collision  Yuma, Ariz.  (U.PJ  Army in- vestigators today investigated the I collision of two B-24 Liberator bombers near here yesterday, kill- ing 12 men. Seven were in an army bomber based at March field, and two sol- diers and three civilians died in a plane f r o m Cortsolidated.Vultee Aircraft Corp., San Diego, Calif. 1ames of crew members on the San Diego plane were not released.  The army plane was on a routine return flight to March field, and the Consolidated plane was going to Tucson, Ariz., army officers said. Names of six dead in the March field plane included: S/Sgt. Richard L. Hittle, Blencoe, Iowa: SgL Byron E. Johnson, Fremont, Neb. Reports Claim Hitler's lrain Destroyed in Raid Ankara -- (,;F) -- Reports cir- culated in Ankara today that Adair Hitler's special train was blown up in a,reeent Allied raid on Stutt- gart only a short time after Hitler himself had left the train_ All occupants of the train were said to have been killed. KENOSHA EVENING NEWS Speed Preparations for Invasion London -- (U,P3 -- Fire's shipping to Lisbon, it was understood in Dublin today, has been halted and strife-torn Denmark was isolated as both the Allies and the Axis stepped up their preparations for the by He of Europe. Dublin advices said .British authorities were understood to have r fu:,_'d to issue navicerts to Eire's vessela bound for Lisbon, which if true , ,id mean a break in one of Senate Group 'he Allies already had virtually cu. Eire off from the outside world to prevent any leak of information o  military operations preparatory ho_00oo V0tes Extensi0n Meanwhile, a broadcast German communique reported that heavy Nazi bomber formations last night o, __ Of Lend- Lease "Minister Winston Churchill at LOUD SPEAKER -- His comrad Buckingham palace today for their declare that when SEt Paul J, second conference wthin 24 hours. Washington -- (/P) -- The senate Lanier, above, of Mangum, Okla, Stockholm reports" said Germany foreign relations eommittee---Lcter gives orders to the cannon corn- had completed the isolation of Den- one of its shortest hearings on rec- party section of which he is chief, mark by cutting telegraph commu- oral--today voted its approval of a telephone is entirely superfluous. nications with Sweden 48 hours the lend.lease extension bill al- He can be heard, as photo rolE- after suspending telephone service ready passed overwhelmingly by gests, far and wide on the Anzlo the house, front. Sabotage Mounting Only a one-day hearin8 was re- " o, ,= ,o Partisans Start violence mounting hourly in Den- dorsement, reported by committee mark. with German armored cars attaches to have been unanimous. 00or,,go Eco_,o,,00,o00,,00,[NewOffensiv e gen and "shooting incidents" in Leo T. Crowley told the eommlt- several places, tee today the lend-lease program Swedish sailors returning from must be continued "until the Germany reported that Baltic ship- United Nations' armies finally ping had been brought almost to march down the streets of Berlin London -- (U.PJ -- Marahal Josip a standstill as a result of mass mine and Tokyo." (Tire) Broz prNd newly.gained laying by the Allies. The mines Lend.Lease Report initiative in every" 'tor of Yugo- were descibed as of new types slavia today while the Germans "which are almost impossible to Crowtey, who directs the vast brought up ralnforcements in Men- detect.'" program under which $22,500,000,- tenegro and western and eastern On the other side of the conti- 000 in war materiaLs have been Bo,sni in an effort to stem the neat, the Nazis were reported from , sent to the nation's Allies, said in  offensives. Ankara to have established in a lend-lease report released last Apparentiyworklng in close con- Vienna a "'central control" over all night that in the first 60 days of Junction with Rupiah and Anglo- telephone and telegraph service in 1944, more than 2,100 planes, al. I American military advisers, the the Balkans. The Ankara dispatch most 2,000 tanks and over 60,000 partisans were striking at the Get. quoted travelers as saying that all other military motor vehicles in- roans' most vital points---communi- Balkan communications with the eluding tank destroyers, trucks and cations and troop concentrations-- outside world must be routed jeeps had been sent to our Allies in an attempt to break the Nazi through Vienna, regardless of des- fighting the Germans and Japa- hold. tination, nese. This, he stated, represented Broz" headquarters r p o r t d , about 250 planes, 2,50 tanks and pitched battles in the vicinity of 12 Men Killed in ,. other motor vehicles every the Slovene capital of LjublJaml, week, to supplement production which military observers believed aboard, indicated a new offensive against "'On the Russian front, Soviet the weakened German garrison. airmen are flying Mitchel B-25's * Douglas A.20's, Thunderbolts, Aira- Former Governor Dies cobras and Curtis Warhawks side by side with planes produced in Los Angeles ---{A-- William Den. Soviet factories," his report said. ninon Stephens, 85, governor of Call "Australian, British, C h i n s fornia from 1917 to 192, died Tuas- Dutch and Indian airmen are fly- day ing American as well as British " planes against the Jap$ in Burma and the southwe? Pacific." Germany Completes l Denmark Isolation # Stockhlom -- (U,PJ --:}ermany to- day completed the isolation of Den. mark from the outer world by cutting her telegraphic communica- tions with Sweden only 48 hours after suspending telephone service and banning visitors. eAli mail from Denmark to Swe- den also has been halted, the Brit- ish radio said.) I The action touched off uncon- firmed rumors of developments within invasion-Jittery Denmark including reports of mass arrests of up to 6,000 students and wide- spread sabotage. Only thOSe engaged in the most urgent business in the interest of Germany were permitted to enter or leave Denmark and ferry lines were carrying little but freight. VOI. 50 April 26, 1944 NO. 1 j , me.. as   ,, m u] Abaca fiber used in Manila rope po! ote KelBama, W  I- . ' ,_,, -- .'-' th, ae,  uare urm  u, nee grown commerelatly in use  --[United States and before the war t..mmea o..u    me most of it came from the Philin- .,S4Rb St. . Wtsemmm. / pines. 'A'dl dig " 1 n estion -- _ I Whe= mcwa staeh 8etd tu vain ul,  * bula/e Uoplell  tn| . ur gamaeh and lurburn, doctors sually MAlt SUON RJT] pr/zrlb* the fHte-'tini Bedleivs Imow to J3 W   00 Jr  Table. No ldsUte. BeU- brLIsp alCott in OtleT atatm and O II,  I0. Ttw I J  tum bottl to u fnf dmSIoEELe iP 2M t CERTAINLY!..w, have the sensational new miracle wall finish KENOSHA LUMBER & COAL CO. KENOSHA EVENING NEWS Committee Hits Interior Dept Draft Policies Washington -- t4P) -- The Interior departments'  deferment poU. cies for its white collar Workers drew the fire today of the house appropriations committee, which asserted that the situation "must be eliminated without undue de. lay." In a report accompanying sub- mission to the house of the depart. ment's $87,872,580 supply bill for the fiscal year tarting July I, the ,committee said it was "disappoint. ed" at the department's requests for deferment of draft.age per. sonnel. On February 15, the report re- lated, there were 6,696 male em. ployes between 18 and 38 in the department end 2,221 of them held occupational determmt 2,073 of whom were deferred at the speelflc 1513,783,200, cut $S,42,000; Geolog- request of the department. lcal Stwvey.$,658,160, cut $94,810; L Burean of Mines $127,726,855, cut Defended by ][ekes IM2'870; National Park Service Secretary Ickas deended the de- I #L738,$10, cut $93,995; Fish and partment's deferment poHciea when ] Wildlife Service $,828,350, cut he ttified in support of the appro-  $.534,950 and the Division of Terri- priaflon& He eoluflder! the gov. I tories $2"910,775, cut $904,885. ernment` Iekes said, "important The conrnttee said data sub- enough in itself to merit deferment of key workers." The" committee trimmed $2,151,- 873 trom budget elmata in ap- proving the r,ff2,50 outlay, which is $2LX/9,4 below the cur. rent year's spproprlaUon and $247,. 872 below the minimum Ickes mid was necessary. The committee cut the amounts requested for every agency of the department and allotted the fol- lowing amounts: Secretary's oIce $4,9,0, a t of $38$1'/; Com. mission of Fine Arts r/,810, cut $1,100; high commissioner Philip- pine islands $98,150, cut $18,640, Fishery Coordination $290,000, cut $I0,000; Solid Fuels Administration for War $4,509,200, cut $355,800; Southwest Power Commlmdon $10,- 000, cut $10,000; General Land Of. rice $2'338,400, cut $75,700; Bureau of Indian Affairs $28,41,777, cut $971,560; Bmmu of Reelamation To Save Do not have packages wrapped when you make purchases unIess Wc Production ]kx=drestriC- tions have drastically reduced the amount of paper avcfllable for boxes and wrapping. m/tted to it showed the depart- ment'a income from various ac. tivities was eatlmated to be S60,- 090,220 for the current fiscal year and $66,642,000 for the 1945 year. The amounts are exclusive of trust funds. List State Soldiers Held as Prisoners Washington  The War De- partment made public today the names of the following Wisconsin soldiers who are being held as war prisoners by Germany: Sgt. Leer B. Adriansen, Green Bay; Sgt. Frank Alioto, Milwaukee; Sgt. Clayton E. Cretton, Niagara; Prey Melvin J. Dick. Mauston; Lt. Retail Division: Kenoshn Ohamr of Oommor00 It's true that a lot of our Junior Mi customers are college fBblo leaders. But many are career worn- em And still another group are mothers . . . and sh! . . . there's grandmother or two who find their clothes in our junior size! All of which proves that we are inter- ested in sizing you up properly... in fitting fllures that are young . . and those that stay young. A special group of wool suits, in smaller sizes .... s24m Wednesday, April 26, 1944 Thomas H. Edkin, Wauwatosa; Lt. Lt. Eugene If. Rasmussen. Milwu- Gerald J. Hanus, Milwaukee; Sgt. kee; ,Sgt. Gerald E. Reader, Fond Edward R. Holler, Milwaukee; Lt. du Lac; Pvt. 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