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April 26, 1944     Kenosha News
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April 26, 1944

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" t Page Six KENOSHA EVENING NEWS  Wednesday, April 26, 1944 . . IDeW &apos; 00KENOSHA EVENING NEws and Shoulders Above the C d " " --z,-   k,,,ma, ,- not much more, if any more, than , Ifl Mackenzie Views the News ,, rar, c. -,--- w e, s, . under the present program. Most taxpayers predem .  C r, ae ,t-w,, - will probably welcome this change. By DEWITT MACKENZIE counter in France. These units Marlatt ieerer u- a a=oo   e. a,.o. The measure does not propose making any ted Pre War Analyst include infantrymen, combat en. "- gineers and other specialists who won c  . Am su,u m c-e change during the current year but to put When the Allied forces finally make the United States Army a rh* A=o e. m --,e ---UU to .... to, the new schedule into operation at the out- have stormed their way onto the republication  all  dm eredlUl to ,  no European continent in the Ip. iwell rounded offensive force. ot,,, eu m t    t   set of 1945. It would also retain for the tax- proaching invasion we shall find, I i The paratroopers are temporar- ily self-contained when they hit ,,b  payer the right to file for additional deduc- believe, that we owe great things! the air, so far as equipment and ,dv-v., Uv j a K,U,. m C. tioflS, if entitled to them, and in this way to air.borne troops -- those daring! food are concerned. Their tasks New York. Detroit. Atlanta, San  adventurers who are droPled from SUBSCanON aves, would not jeopardize the rights of anyone, the skies into enemy tefTitory, far are myriad  all tough ones such as destroying enemy commun. s, t week wu ........... m on,. One of the things which has confused and behind the hostile lines, ieations and capturing or -'-en smg. opie ........... 4 Cm It's no longer a secret that they building airfields. Once the para- s, M-- Wt, eo   ..... .  irritated the taxpayers during the present are to be used extensively. Indeed troopers have established a base, B, --Oude W , mo'-  " ' year has been the filing of numerous returns, a month ago British Prime Minis- the regular air transport and glid- I'ntered IzI   Intte I1! the   Ifl ,o,,. wo,=L de, t, ^  M,,,  made necessary by reason of the fact that ter Churchill, having watched era get into action with more men VOLUME L---NUMBER 158 the withholding tax is not now sufficient to hundreds of American paratroop, and equipment, including guns era do a mass leap at their EnglL up to three inch calibre. Even jeeps ........... meet all tax liability, The proposed plan base, told them with emotion that and bulldozers are moved by air. : WEDhIESDAY, -/PPJL-26, 1944 would correct this in the main and for that they had "a great part to play," And the air.borne troops are ex- reason is worthy of favorable consideration.  and characterized them as the peered to play a vital part in most modern expression of war. breaking up the Nazi reserves. The Another Patton Episode The Nazis have taken full note of German defenses are so arranged One More Year an this and now have notified the that the reserves are held well Lt. Gen. George S. Patton appears to have world that they are prepared to behind the Atlantic wall. They a gift -- if it can be called that -- of getting The more you think about it, the more counter paratroop landings. And will wait to see where the Allies himself into trouble. Several months ago he impressive and revealing seems the recent last week "Quisling" Laval. chief break through and then will coun- of the French Vichy government, ter-attack.. got himself into hot water by the soldier- birthday silence of Adolf Hitler. To be sure ' issued a panicky call to his eoun- Will Exceed Other "Trials" slapping incident, which was almost inex- the famous Munich beer cellar where this trymen not to cooperate with the i This won't by any means be the cusable but finally was smoothed over so as little superman launched his battle for the paratroopers. first time paratroopers have been to enable the Allies to use the unusual abili- world has been destroyed, so that the old- Grim Spring Sake employed in major operations, but ties which he has as a military leader. Any- time birthday parties are no longer possible Hitler and the commander in it's likely that their use in the in- one would think this would have been there. But the world expected at least some chief of his invasion defense, vasion will far exceed anything Marshal Pommel, have inspected heretofore seen. One of the earliest enough to put him on his guard so that he declaration about the state of the world and their Atlantic Wall. The wise- paratroops successes was the Ger. did not get into any other difficulties, prospect for thd future. The super-silence cracking marshal epitomized his man capture of Crete three years findings in a grim spring joke about ago. Now he gets himself into the unfavorable was more impressive than any new revela- a field of flowers, remarking that The Russians achieved another limelight again by reason of remarks which tion could be. "it is wonderful to think that un- notable victory last fall. Their par. he made in a speech opening a British Club The natural conclusion is that Hitler now derneath those flowers 80,000 mines atroops captured the strategic rail. for American soldiers. Unfortunately the despairs. The great cause on which he era- are concealed." way junction of Ovruch and thirty When D-day arrives we may find other places in the Zhitomir sector, first reports of the address were incomplete i barked--the conquest of the world, the loot- that one squad of paratroopers thereby enabling the regulars to and made the situation worse for him than i ing of rich nations and the destruction of within Hitler's fortress are worth a retake Zhitomir. legion outside, for it bids fair to be The Americans in the Pacific it should have been. That was not his fault, weak ones, the establishment of an arogant a terrific job to get amphibious have used paratroops freely and But the remarks as he,has since stated them and greedy nation on top of the world with hin00 inq trcops ashore, successfully. And at this moment are bad enough not to go unchallenged, all its wealth and power, and Hitler himself Wa on Views needed for important War depart- .. ,,,. Turn Back t17.e. For many months American air- both the British and Americans borne units have been training in have large airborne forces doing By b. a Gabbler, Were you a Gabbler Pages of Histc T England under conditions approxi, yoeman's work behind the Japa- It is now reported that General Patton at its head--this gorgeous dream of con- Peter Edson today? said, among other things: : quest is now vanishing. This is a Watchbird Watching a mating what they expect to en- nese lines in the Burmese jungles. "Undoubtedly it is our destiny to rule the: Well, so long, Adolf! Take care of your- Kenoha venlng NwI Wal War department Forgetter. For- April 6, 1919 o**..o TODAY on the HOME FRONT world -- we Americans, the British, and, of self. See you next April 20---maybe. Your Munro Leaf. the young author Just can't remember to do what course, the Russians. Therefore we should trial, for the most damnable crimes ever who made Ferdinand the most they promise. This Forgetter forgot serve 14th anniversary 28. see more of each other." oerpetrated in this world, might be coming famous buU in me world, and then to lock h desk and his file cab- Fred Shonsheck returns to Salem , went on to write the Watchbird lnet when he went home at night, after being mustered out of service. By JA2dES .ARI.W or half the 45,000 mentioned above An earlier version, published by the along about that time. books and the series of books The Security Officer l having to Bert Kanis has purchased the and GEORGE ZIELKE think they will be able to pro- British Press Association, had quoted Pat- caned Grammar Can Be Fun, call him on the telephone, get him Dowell property in WUmot. duce 655 million tonz: ton as referring only to the U. S. and Britain, Language Manners Can Be Fun, Health Can out of bed, and make him come Washington -- (A ) -- Your coal Be Fun and so on, is now a major back to the Pentagon building to Paul Frandsen passes his phar- The average miner produces next winter is being weighed in but the general said this was incorrect. This is a time of unlovely terminology, in the army, stationed in the big explain. How sad tz a Forgetter. macy examination, the draft scales now. 1,400 tons of coal a year. Then, Pentagon building across the Po- Were you a Forgetter today? Marriage licenses issued to F_,d- The armed forces say they will 1,400 tons multiplied by the 22,500 The admitted form of the remarks do not The language may be growing more precise tomac from Washington. Mun has This is a Watchbrd Watching ward C. Schulte and Pearl Schultz take 45,000 coal miners in 1944. expected to be drafted, gives 31,. express the sentiments of any considerable and efficient, but it loses smoothness and had several Jobs, mostly in public a War department Bragger. To to Alcid C. Germain and Louise Some coal experts had figured only 500,000 tons. portion of the people of this nation. It is an relations for the Army Service hear Braggers tell about them. Badtke. half that number would be drafted. That would, therefore, be 31.500,. melody. affront to all of our other Allies and indeed More and more, for example, words tend Forces. When they think of 45,000 lear- 000 tor unmined. Subtract that Anyway, all this gives birth to selves, sRting around in cocktail Announcement made that May 1 ing the pit& they gloom up over from the 686 million.ton require- lounges, you would think they has been selected at the wedding the prospects of coming close to ment, and the expected production to all other nations. It makes it necessary for to end in "ee", which is never a pleasant a swell idea. War being such a - were the most" wonderful people date for Fred Sureru$ and Miss estimated coal requirements this of approximately 655 million tons the government of this country to make it sound. Thus, of "enlistments" and "enlisted rtou business, and army's regula, in the world. They like to blab Helen Ludwig. year. is arrived at. clear that General Patton was not express- would it be if Major Leaf were war while more modest men, who : List of Kenosha boys at Camp The armed services and the Solid Hunt Retired Miners men" as in former war, we have "indue- ttons being so frly dull, how about how they are winning the ing any policy or belief or even hope of the tions" and "inductees." Such terms prob- aigned the job of putting some have been overseas and done Grant, Rockford, Ill., waiting to be Fuels Administration have been go- i mustered out of service: Emil ing over the manpower figures. But suppose the armed forces nation at large. It is hoped that all peoples ably come from the lodge-rooms, but that of the War department's orders things, sit quietly by in utter dis- Spltzer, William Schultz, Nicholas! The SFA has worked out what carry out what they say and draft into language that the people could gust. Were you a Bragger today? Alter, Fred Redlin, John WaUig, !it considers a tight list of men it 45,000 men. That would be 73 nil. will realize that at most it was merely the doesn't necessarily recommend them for understand? As a sample of what This is a Watchbird Watching a S. Rolfe, Harry Hammelev, Bruce I thinks must be deferred, lion tor unmined and bring pro- irresponsible talk of one American even general purposes. Then we have a deluge might be expected, with tongue in iWar department Spiller. A Spiller Eastman, Vincent Presta, Joseph It is asking deferment for no duction down from the required though he may hold a high position in the of such modern, manufactured words as "de- cheek, and apologies to the author, we now give you a  para- its not the sort of soldier or civil- Watrous, Joseph Kasputis, Fred men under 22 and for no men over 686 million tons to 613 for 1944. armed forces of this nation. It is, of course, ferree" and "selectee" and "trainee" and phrased paragraphs of what might inn anybody likes. A Spiller is the Buechner, John Buechner, W. J. that age who have had less than That, of course, would not be in variance to the policies which the gov- "returnee" and so on. be called "War Can Be Fun," or worst possible kind of a Gabbier, Reed, " Leland Hegeman, John three years' experience, thheaCtUalsincefigure'the draftIt isWUldprogres.be ernment of this nation has advocated and Mash of these newly adopted terms are 'The Watchbirds in the War de- a Forgetter and a Bragger, all in Marx, John Zeitler, Edward Voight, partmen" or "How to Shoot the one. This Spiller has just Forgot- John Runge, Albert Carroll, Joseph Finch Being Felt Already sive and not all the 45.000 miners espoused and should be recognized as such. unnecessary, and merely clutter up and Ferdinand." ten that the enemy is listening, Hallisey, Axel Johnson, George The manpower pinch is being would have been taken till year's One wonders where the censors were break down a ante-beautiful language. This is a Watchbird Watching a he is Gabbling away at a great Ventura, John O. RogerS, Edmond felt already. Some mines have end, thus giving the mines the when such a statement was allowed to be Chaucer and Shakespeare would doubtless War department Wazter. This is rate, Bragging about all he knows. Sommers, Robert Herzog, Ralph dropped from three shifts a day to benefit of their output and raising one creature we certainly don't And first thing you know he has Andreoli, Bruno Andrea, Joseph two. the total output for the year. published. Many other things, much less be horrified if they could e and hear what want around these days. It's a War spilled information that was Perrothes, Pasquale Alello, Edward But what the exact effect of the So the result would be above 613 damaging to the cause of the Allied nations, we are doing to their ancient "well of pure department waster. This Waster marked Confidential, Restricted or Olson, John Dubonlr, Stanley draft will be is only guess work million tons but still, it seems, well have been censored and this should have English undefiled." has spent too much of his Uncle Secret. That is very bad. I am glad Maculs, Albert Yszenga, Otto Sten- until the SFA comes out in black below the 649 million tons pro- been recognized as being both unnecessary But then, as a philosophic college prates- Sam's money for stupid things that there are very few Spillers in our Caravetta,Cil' WilliamwalterS. Schmidt,Mrrw' Rudolph'AlIph :hemal sFAwhitealoneWith knowsa forecastthebecauSedetails nonedUCedtoolaStplentiful.year when coal was weren't really needed in the war Tacki, William B. Freeman, Charles which make up the whole picture. Meanwhile, the War Manpower and damaging news. Other portions of the Gen. Patton address sor says, "it always was breaking down." ort, with the result that the War Madsen, John Siggers, Ralph Rudd, This year the estimated require- Commission is making a nation- were also foolish, such as the remarks that And probably nothing can be done about it. department is going to be lnvesti- Louis Nielsen, Anders Linn, Otto ments are 686 million tos. wide drive to get retired miners gated by a Congressional commit- Stolp, J o s e p h Unti, Nicholas Coal men--figuring that perhaps and miners who have shifted to tee. Let's hope this Waster gets War Year , Sylvester Williams. only 22.500 miners will be drafted war plantstogobacktothe mines. the American women should become jealous Philosopher in Office some sense before it's too late. , " '" of the British women so as to force the war Were you a Waster today? , ::: --_=--_=- - - =- ...... -:-_-_-=_-_- .... --- that respect. She wanted to have to a successful conclusion and others about What American president or governor This is a Watchbird Watching a Views ., Others and "welcoming Germans and Italians into hell" would venture to appoint a philosopher to War department Droopy-Hand. April 26, 1943 southwest Pacific and she didn't This queer.looking thing standing In the Battle of Ttmisia, U.S. want any snoopers knowing of her and the hope for a chance to go and kill high office? Yet Italians can hear of Bene- with its toes turned in and looking intents and purposes. troops capture D]ebel Nechat E1 .How the $aps Wiggled Out of It Japanese. These, however, might be passed detto Croce's entering the cabinet, and never like a scared rabbit is a Droopy- Maza, advancing to within 12 Former President Hoover, when over as being facetious remarks, turn a hair. It's an old idea, anyway, in Hand. A Droopy-Hand is a retread The State Department has issued reached in New York, said that In spite of all this, it does not appear southern Europe. Plato, the great Greek officer who, when he meets a sol- miles of Matettr; British capture Heidous and storm DJebel Tang- two volumes containing the 1929 his propol in 1929 that the United diet on the street, imKel of look. ouch; British Eighth army seizes diplomatic correspondence between States stop building bases in the proper that there should be a general gun- thinker, would have had philosophers run lng at.him and returning his salute Djebel Tarhotma, near Enfida- Japan and the United States ahow- Pacific in return for a pledge by ning for General Patton's command. Heisa everything, martly, acts timid and shy as ville, ing their thoughts ahead for the Great Britain to refrain from sim" LI first class fighting man and has abilities Croce is Italy's most eminent philosopher, thoug it were scared to death, and half lifts a droopy hand in about Navy categorically denies that war which is now in progress, liar activity in the western hemi- which the Allies need in the coming inva- and one of the world's greatest. He is also as nice a salute u you would make the U. S. aircraft carrier, Ranger, The papers which have been hel sphere was a side issue of the alan. But he should stick to his fighting and her most distinguished man of letters, a with an old wet dishrag. Were you had been sunk by a U-boat in the secret up to this time disclosed Rapidan conference. "The purpose realize his shortcomings. The earlier episode historian and critic, who not only, like all a Droopy.Hand today? Northlin radioAtlantiCon Aprilas claimed25, by Bet- thatstatesinandtheBritainSame yearagreedtheto Unitedreduce ofthetheprincipalConferenCetermsWaS ofSettlementthe navalf their naval forces with the idea of Limitations conference o take place indicated that he should be "grounded" so good Italian authors, has written of Dante, G&bble-Gbble-Gabblen Russia severs diplomatic rela- promoting peace. The documents in London later," Mr. Hoover de- ,b C.T/,//'4'INDE far as visiting hospitals and the like are con- but also shows the breadth of his interests by This is a Watchbird Watching a tions with the Polish government- prove conclusively that a tentative elated, stating that the purpose for War department Gabbler. Gab- in-exile. cerned and now it becomes evident that this i his acute criticism of Shakespeare. He alO blers sit for hours with their feet proposal under which neither ha- which the conference was called in i them under the microscope. He "grounding" should also apply to making served briefly as Minister of Public Instruc- on the desk and talk to other Soviet communique reports tion would build bases in the hem- London was accomplished. -- She- i scraped tartar from his teeth, and speeches, tion in 1920, so political office is not new gabblers on the teltphone. They capture of a town on the Lake Lhere in which the other is sit- boygan Press. found that living things were in- very rarely say anything that llmen front, south of Leningrad. uated were considered at the Ra- * side it. Most important, this scientist dis- to him. makes sense ad usuallyJumt gab- Maj. Gen.laireL. chennault pidan. Vermont. conference tilnnOju.,| Ik ,UB'I?S covered "little animals" in rai Has Some Advantages To Americans his preparation for office ble, gabble, gabble. It Is bad reports flight of Chinese pilots on tween President Hoover and the water which had been lying in may seem unusual, but what of it? Croce's enough tO be a Gabbier at any their first .combat missions with late British Prime minister Ram- puddles. He looked at them with time, but right now, while we are the 14th Air Force in raid over sey MacDonald. care, and found that they were of Despite the prospect that it will increase work shows him a wise and understanding at war mad telephone lines are Burma. The papers contained in these Come[ several kinds. volumes disclosed for theht time The "little animals" which Leeu- the withholding tax in collection of federal man, and any country is lucky that can the diplomatic manner \\;n which wenhoek saw were among those income taxes, the tax simplification bill persuade such a man to take office, the Japanese acted to keep war- ISide Glances which now are known to be "near which the House Ways and Means committee ships out of the mandated Marshall Dutlmu w "Little the broderline of plant and animal ! land ports includtngKwaletn $imll' Under  life." Some of them today are has now decided upon has some advantages Precaut/ons  | , | - . ]1| and Maloelap atolls, now figuring ' over the present schedule. It proposes to in- ,, Holland was the home of an in- classed as plants, other as ani- in the American offensive in the teresting young man 280 years ago. reals. In some cases it is hard to crease the withholding tax to such an extent "In 1932," says Raymond Gram Swing, Pacific. that it will meet the full tax liability of the "the American citizen could not see that Japanese representatives at that He was Anton van Leeuwenhoek. tell whether they are one or the great majority of the federal income taxpay- the place to avert Pearl Harbor was in Man- time assured Secretary 'of State If we spelled his family name the other. era of the country. It is designed to do this churia. Nor could the British citizen see that! E heartyFrank KellOggaccord, butthatthetheYclauseWerecom-in "Layvenhook."way it is pronounced, it would be tion(Frof BiographYyour scrapbook.)and Science see- for all whose incomes are under $5,000 a in Ethiopia and Spain he could prevent the l  mitting nations "in the names of As a youth, Anton became a j. _ ,. clerk in a draper's shop. In such year, where those incomes consist of "wages bombing of London." ' their respective peoples" was work, he used lenses to study lace. against the constitution of Japan. Lenses had been made and used or salaries, and this would relieve some 30 Many people are wiser now. But there are One of the Japanese representatives for iy hundreds of years before Tomorrow: Sneezeweeds. million taxpayers from the necessity of filing still educated and influential men who say, said, "It is only in a domecratic Anton was born, but they were , numerous returns, as is now the case. "After the war we ought to let the rest of rightsr republiCanrest withcuntrYthe people,"that sUChand poor lenseS.ful enough, forTheYexample,Were not power-to use in BBrbs The increase in the withholding tax will the world stew in its own juice." that Japan could sign only in the learning much about the form of a name of the emperor. Japan of- human hair. I H ld Y H i / fered as an explanation at that The youth felt the need of some- I O OU" { S time that if American warships thing better, and he made tests in Cute things are what the young, By JAIES THRASHER were to visit ports in the Marahall grinding glass and making new ster does only when mother and dad it would frighten the natives and lenses. He was about 22 years old are around. The appearance of some Swiss magazine contain- actually happened. besides the anchorages were dan- when he first made a really good New war map paper can be writ. tng pictures of extravagantly large, Part$-*yled hats, Now into this tempest in a shallow hat crown gerous and no pilots available. The lense for himself. From that time ten on and erased while wet. Now ba thrown the Fifth Avenue fashion dictators into a Rosette Hargrove has dropped what seems to be a navy department persisted in the until his death, he kept on making maybe we can keep up with the tailspin. The jitters have even spread to Washington. I sensible explanation. Mrs. Hargrove is a Paris-born' request that the treaty go through, new lenses. Russians. It seems that some weak-kneed patriot in the hat i American war correspondent for NEA Service, sta- but the Japanese delayed this 15 The lenses made by Leeuwen- designing business could not resist copying these t tioned in London and visiting in this country. A years and made possible the secret hock were of small size, but were Human nature is what makes creations, which use more veiling and other material former Paris fashion writer, she has been in touch bases that have played an impor- very powerful They were, indeed, youngster brush his front teeth and than wartime law allows. Equally weak-kneed cus- with a former colleague who escaped from France rant part in this war. the best ever made up to that time. let the back ones go. tamers bought them. Their contrast to the pancake Within the past two months. In short, she should The two volumes complete a set During his long life, this Dutch- '2-IiUer observed his 55th bit4fday austerity of other chapeaux created a storm in care have a fair idea of whether Paris hats are the Nazis' representing 1,929 papers, the first man made at least 247 lenses or in silence"  news item. Except for society, long-feared secret weapon, of the three books appearing last microscopes. Some of these could The Millin.ery Stabilization Committee sounded the ---- December. They cover dealings magnify an object from 250 to 270 bursting bombs. tocsin in Washington and sent telegrams warning Her explanation Is that the fanciful creations are with Canada as regards liquor times. Speed laws aren't the only goo members of the industry to be on their guard. The juzt another subtle nole-thumblng at the Germans smuggling, with China on disputes Leeuwenhoek became famous for reason why you're smart to know FBI took a look at the Insidious magazineL A WPB who have declared  fashions to be decadent over American interests, a revolt,- his lenses, aad used them to learn what you're driving at. spokesman -- whose name couldn't be used -- was and degenerate, and have 'il-to shift the style tion in Mexico, and the meeting things which never had been known * quoted thus by a New York imper: capital from Paris to Berlin and Vienna. Shelearned ' between President Hoover and before. Fishermen of the Cloth "The third 'Swiss" publication featuring Paris styles that these "Nazi-inpired" hats were a year old. Prime Minister MacDonald at A drop of pond water is likely to come within two weeks has dispelled the last Our perturbed Washington authorities might have  Rapidan in October, 1929. These to contain a large number of tiny Monks of Fort Augustus Abbey, doubt that the Nazis are waging psychological war- figured out something of the sort without Mrs. H- volumes will be of interest in the animals, but no one knew that be- England, pend many hours daily fare against the American fashion industry. The pur- pose of their scheme is to intzoduce styles in.Amertca grove' hep. It's Ung our reso years to come, and will be con- fore the new-style lenses were put fishing in the waters of Lath Mess. which cannot be produced within the 'limitations of enemy a bit to think that, on the eve of invasion and vincing proof that delays such u to work in Holland. ! Clad in their flowing black robes, government material conservation orders " with his back to the wall, he could dream up no ee ,  ma mmet, v. it  t - av.  4-z6 Japan encouraged only hastened Leetrwenhoek studied a 1 m o s t the monks make a picturesque better psychological weapon than a picture hat. --e-- Stop looking under the bed, boys, and don't listen "Oh, we shouldn't buy a house like thatl There's no front porch to sit the day when there might be a, verything around him. He took scene as they fish with hook and All this, in case you were looking the other wIy, to any more millinery atroelty stories, on and make cracks at the neighbors as they walk byr' conflict, Japan was farsighted in hairs train hi head, and looked at llne or net. '< k: 'L :, %" !: o:.