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April 26, 1944     Kenosha News
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April 26, 1944

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= . o Wednesday, April 26, 1944 KENOSHA EVENING NEWS C&apos;ptd [ --.. I, . /'Ilia I col Derby ew tn from wuh-]Noted Sportsman Dieson Monday for h ,st t re of Main RAF Seaplane Saves EighttLeaoer Ol u. 3. v,. [Yanks Taxis 70 Miles Home Rang Home .d D-- = 0=,*, ,. A.nta' "r"e'" ers o. .dO, , backyard the Ranger commander l ........ * ....... At a Bomber Base in England fighters from a Germany-bound "r played as a boy, presented Darby[ IJial aLzl zor your uLassifiea .Aa. (A)----An RAF Walrus seaplane res- armada swooped down and drove with a parchment scroll expresing[ Fort Smith, Ark.The head Believed Near (Continued from Page One) patches said the Humboldt bay group was encountering better travelling conditions than those Irom Tanahmerah. Some organized enemy resistance had been expected around the air. fields, where front dispatches said Allied airplanes had spotted con. centrations of Japanese machine- gun nests, pillboxes, and three.inch anti-aircraft guns. Approximately 125 miles to the east in British New Guinea, the communique said that Allied troops had "cleared" the Aitape area and forced the enemy to retreat to the surrounding hills About 100 Japanese were killed and a few prisoners taken at Aitape, a spokesman said, Two enemy com- panies had withdrawn Monday i from Aitape mission, about a mile' r and a quarter west of Tadji, where I Allied fighter planes and transports already were using a newly.cap- cued eight survivors of a Flying Fortress which crashed in the North Sea but the Walrus was so overloaded it had to taxi 70 miles home  an all night job in stormy waters which threatened to sink the plane -- it was disclosed today. At the start of the long journey just off an enemy-occupied coast the British craft was under attack by a German JU.88 but a couple of Report 'Stable' Cost of Livincj Washington  (P) -- Costs of clothing, household equipment, medical care, and shoe repairs went up between Feb. 15 and March 15, the Labor Department reported today, but these increases were offset by a drop in food prices. "The overall cost of living hu the big Nazi plane away. The Fortress itsel had been on a mercy trip scanning choppy seas for another crew reported forced down. Flames enveloped the cock. pit of the big bomber, which crashed into a wave and quickly settled. Two gunners went down with the ship, but Sergeantgunner Don. ald T. Jervais, Antigo, Wis. and his remaining crewmates clam- bered into a dinghy. For 12 hours the airmen wal- lowed in the seas, vainly signalling with flares to the planes rubllng overhead. It was almost dusk when the Walrus spotted the American airmen. The British plane came down and picked up all eight and be- gan the long wet trip home. The men balled with hats, boots and bare hands through the night to keep the plane from sinking. At dawn a British patrol boat came alongside and took the Americans aboard. They were treated for exposure and sunburn and sent back to this base. Lured airstrip, remained stable with only minor In routing the enemy from the!variations for a year" said Secre- area. the troops seized additional tary Frances Perkins. tI enemy equipment, including three Reporting "'the net change in the iiwn||nupa [Amm|m| |[ American-made caterpillar tractors, average cost of living essentials" IUIIIIIUIU IklIHIIIIIl| one American jeep and several an. during the period, Miss Perkins .... |1 re.aircraft and machine guns which]said the price level was 0.8 per Davenports, Chairs, Soiml, |] i cent higher tl'san in the same LOVeKXtJL Twist Weave l immediately were set up to defend period last year and 22.8 per cent Ru .a C-.. III the airfields. !higher than in January, "1941. the ----= ..... z--" [ Japs Attempt Reprisal i base date of the "Little Steel" Delightful Results 11[ The communique revealed that!formula. Satisfaction Assured [It the Japamese attempted their first The average grocery bill dropped .... Ell reprisal since the three-point land-[0.3 per cent, mainly because of enau, ara 1 lower prices for fresh vegetables ing 'Saturday by sending a single . FRIENDLY FURNITURE HI bomber over Humboldt bay sector, and the seasonalsdechm for eggs. CLEANERS IE]I] where it caused moderate damage Although it has few natural Re. 1, Box 138 Ill and light casualties Sunday night. ] harbors Argentina has an At- ., Ill ; While the ground forces con- . . . . ,, , ., ! lantic coastline of 1,610 miles. tinued their advances along the __ north coast, bombers from the fifth air force maintained steady attacks on the isolated enemy bases to the southeast - The four airdromes in the We- wak area, 85 miles below Aitape, were hit Monday with 184 tons of E' F [W W/Igli[ ' . 2.000-pound bombs, which the com- mtmique said insured the airfields "continued unserviceability." The Hansa bay supply area. I00 .q0MPLET miles south of Wewak. was struck the same day in a "heavy" attack during which Allied bombers : dropped 122 tons of explosives on ,upply and personnel areas. VV HOMEKIT ", Solomons-based bombers again : struck Rabaul, on New Britain in Ir,dClrm-KurlKItlMlml - the Bismerck archipelago, unload- Wayo,uflonCm'lor,M/unjoo,[14 1 " lng 40 tons of bombs on the air. TissuewWvoSotandComidee dromes, starting fires visible 45 IlluslUItllnslrudlen miles away. , Now. give yourself a cool, machinelets Charm-Kurl permanent wave in complete 50uthern Cust0m comfort at home` ]f.t easy and safe with Charm-Kurl. Requires no eaf, electricity, Or previous hair waving experience. The result will be p(mitivdy thrilling, and Ionff- Broken in Atlanta lasting, too. DO IT YOURSELF--At Home  l. 3 quick steps Charm-Kurl Live* you naturgl looking curls and waves which are soft and my Atlanta- (,)- A precedent was PERFECT FOR DYED to z]smqe. 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ALL for just 21.881 Ask about Wards Convenient Monthly Terms Montgomery Ward - 10=714 lll],=@]ghLh 81, Ploe 31 O of one of the world's toughest fighting outfits -- the American Rangeys there's nothing like the peace and quiet of home. Col. Bill Darhy, the 32-year-o|d Ranger commander, told a crowd of more than ,0 that turned out yesterday to give the native Fort Smithian a hero's homecoming "you can never sell me a travel ticket to Sicily, Italy or North Africa after the war." "The thing I was fighting for was to tome back to my family here," he said. 'is is the most beauU/ul community in the world and X feel qualified to say it." the city's appreciation for his work. The presentation followed a parade in hishonor. Darby is /veteran of battles of North Africa and Italy and the i organizer of the Ranger force. He wears the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, Silver Star, l and the British Distinguished Serv- ice Order.  easy  Stl way Cuticura hel L't =ffi--y. 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