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May 3, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 3, 1944

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Y ?- . 7L., :.&lt;, _)?.' b Page Two Few, If Any, Fathers Over 26 Will Be Drafted This Year, Chairman Of House Military Group, Predicts Washington---6---Predicting that upwards of half a million men un. der 26 now holding occupational draft deferments will be inducted year. Representative Costello {D.Calif) said today selective service ahouid need "few, H any, fathers over 26 this year." Costello, chairman of a house military subcommittee on draft defer- ments, said 1.100,000 men under 26 are deferred because of employment on farms or in essential industry. In addition, he said, revised selective service figures show that on April 1 there were approximately "/50,000 non.fathers in class l-A, available" for inductiom Union atWard's Cites N'eeds for 1944 Their own figures show that se- lective service Just won't need i Assa," Time of !L___ there axe some unexpected backs on the fighting fronts," Cos- tells declared in an interview. ! The needs of the armed services I said, are for 1,385,000 men. of whom rlOll/LI00LIIUII KENOSHA EVENING NEWS IWisconsin G0P IKeynoter Offers 16-Point Pro0ram Wednesday, May 3, 1944 .el Nmous Restless A. H4tlieclr (JR.-Ind.) offered to the Congressional Action Wisconsin Rubllcan convention | On Resolutmn Com 00,eted " I IS "tlTllll DAY Of rim Ilktl! " " Washin n e He If funclaom/l I>todie dlstan-bn Uve a00ub.00m for. Tinning ..... ..... i =ha ,,ll,41,, th, ,mev" terday on a resolution directing the I --at ueh _tlm gno LTe. I, ......  ...... a- , ]r, lllt's VelT.&Dle C.,0l:<)%1UI 1;0 re- Deelm'inl that the New Deal had fish and wildlife service to under, nv mm rmntem lle' a lmxtucl 'qungledood production, price take a comprehensive sur..ey of the I - .- " _A__,%._L_-_ ,,l -H, ,,-d, 1,h,,- marine an resn water nsnery re- I n'sc ome Fono.  ..r. n. relations and every Other Japer- sources of the country, the fzrst of I ..... P .m..omu,. QII tant domestic question. Rep. Hal- its kind in more than half a cen./L|Ol  rINRIN @ leek forecast that a tremendous tury. triotio00'00ted ,.00or.'S"tes with, of p.- Eight Men Killed in The speaker declared that the I A Republican party has been ceutious,.l'00J|lly .... Bomber Crash about committing itself to a definite l plan for international peace until Charleston, S. C.  The 'we, at least, know what kind of a army announced today the names postwar world we shall have to of eight men killed in the crash of deal with." an ,rr, bomber south of here "When the time comes," he Tuesday. Among them was: 2nd Lt. added, "the United States will do Russell Loren Barton, co-pilot, its part; but let us be mare that we Fond dt Lac, Wis. do it in an American way and not after some foreign pattern." Republican victory could be scored x x x "ff we de.rve to win by naming the right kind of men for off, ca." "the constructive Republican plan," he said, "contemplates bringing into government office the and be assured space ,, OS'S ONLY GT  VAST Inspected and Approved American Instilute of Refrigeration Lepp's have one of the finest cold storage Fur Vaults in Wisconsin, right on the premises .... But space is limited, so hurry and store your furs now, and be one of the lucky women assured space in our vault. Store your furs  week.  2 IncIud In.varance up to $100.00 Cleaning o,, Repairing,,, lZemedeU sures gt least once a week.., inspecting for nall holes cuts, and bruises.., examination of tire carcass to warn you when -capping is adv/sable and still possible. ; and crisscrossing with the spare every 3,00O miles. Phillips Car-Saving Service includes inspection of batteo filter, and cooling system.., regul lubrication of eve, friction point specified b7 the maker of your car.., and seasonal or recommended evcry.sixty-&y oil change. Remember, it is your car, but it is America's mileage which you are guarding, when you drive in for Phillips wartime Car.Saving and Tire.Sving Swice at the Orange and Black 66 Shield... rbe sign of hmous Phillips 66 Gtsoline and Phillips 66 Motor Oil. 400.000 are needed to bring the navy up to quota strength and the AXIS AMMUNrrIoN TRAIN GeE8 UP IN tOKE--Huge clouds of white smoke billow from enemy most ,ble men and women avail- others to fill .replacement needs of I Chicago  A spokesman for lmtmunltion train ,t Orvieto railroad yards, 0 miles north of Rome on main llne to Florence, after . able, and, working  a unit, win- voth army ananavy.: . . [the CIO United Mall Order, Ware. Mltehell bomber of 12th Air Force scores direct hlt on the target.(NEA Telephoto). ning the war and building for rere:s now osello pzctured the,hous e and Retail Employs todayl-- -=='--="'" ..... peace simultaneously. draft sztuatzon for this. year: .... I denounced the decision by the Na-[ .[t   s I ......... "GOP Prorlum" zenover re: ew, uanY. wnl oe i tionaI Labor Relations board to con-  | --| llJ |ARIIA@IAR Im 1 1 TIT i Jr I taken; most of those inducted fromlduct an election arnong employestllt Jr I .i IIIVHII/IIIII I- I -#=4  e,P  tnl   11 qPl "re those ends. here are some of this group will be single men, who ia t the government-controlled Mont-I vva vvl levl lllVl I I|[ J| l V .i V V #' I I Y|[ ] tl =I th" outstanding things which the number 750 000 out of the total of om- ,m,..a ._= . ...... ....,- ImVl 7   I " mvvv,Republican party may be expected 2,.2a 000 men of all ages in 1-A seve n daw as 'a dirty da] " A | 1" / .......... to do in the coming campaign and ' ...... ACTS 100ay u"l lsy ZUl .-.  after the election. on April 1. "This is the dirtiest deal . the "1. We will offer capable presi- Ute4  Wr Ftrnde r 26 Group Hard Hit "LI ever dished out to labor' de- Iclared Miss Myrna Siegendorf pub- The German Transocem news agency broadcast saying that the Nazis dential candidate who will be the Ital status): almos half of the 1,100,-'.involved in a dispute with Ward's thereby getting compromise peace is the most interesting that the party. 000 holding occupational and agr. i-!and its chairman, Seweli L. Avery, "2. We will name a strong vice 00efermen00 will 00-lw00ich led to 00y.supported gov- _ coma out of the in some 00me. Such a hope has long been regarded as the real "secret weapon" presidential candidate, to aid in co- c el: is group, ostello sam, "s ernment seizure of the Chicago which the Nazi regime counted on to mve it from disastrous defeat, ordinating the work and perfecting gomg to be hard hit, because the properties last week. Milwaukee    Thomas F_ inca the re.alti army command knows that military victory is Ira- the cooperation between the execu- ,rmed services need these younger I "Of course we'll protest," she told five and Congress. Coleman, of Madison, RepublicaniPssible and a stalem,te improbable. men." fan Associated Press reporter, state chairman, told the opening, The purpose of the broadcast presumably was to stiffen the satellite "3. We will build a cabinet of To meet this year's requirements I"There's a retina of terror at th 1 ...... powers into lfrditch resistance, although it could scarcely be of much capable men to assist the president of 385 000 men, Costello used these plant right now Althou h the ov session of the party's state conven- ' . .... g g " tion that he believed endorsement comfort to them. It ,iso may have and who will run their departments 00,0000 I I Case Letter )'ear: 425..000 o 4o0000 from. thelcontrac t has not been extended, of candidates was good procedure been designed to convince the themselves. group under zo now aezerrea oe- h . disc arged strikers have not been for the organization and in no way western Allies of Germany's deter- "4. We will replace the lame interfered with free primary ruination to fight to the end, and m ducks, theorists, economic dream- cause of occupation; 375 (300 to 420-Ireinstated aie', h ...... + .--- ' ' ' 0" ........ "* = election, era, crystal-gazers and failures now 000 non.fathers now m 1.A. settled, thus promote the fading prospects "On the basis of these figures," , ..... "'I believe, however," he de. fastalemate" rii 0D  ii'"e"y"0unc" ,,oo=,,,o The Stockholm report of a big sitions, with men and women of he said, "'the selective service man-[ rlan e orma! Demand clare|, "in endorsement when the shift of German strength from the intelligence, integrity, experience power position is very good, andj "To hold an election on such delegates to a convention who rep- Russian front for the defense of and practical accomplishment. if they handle it properly therelshort notice and in such an at -'resent the Republican party of western Europe is in keeping with should be few fathers over 26 mosphere is ridiculous, an utter vl- Wisconsin can enthusiastically sup- that llne of psychological warfare. Racine, Wis.   Mayoz "Fill Hand for Milltmry Experts" needed." elation of all NLRB precedents. But )oft a candidate, and it is on that 0P) * we'll win that election, whether it's basis that any decision for or Report Tgken with Reserve Francis H. Wendt expressed the "S. We will give the military Nazis Wait With nw r later' and prve that the against endorsement should be Therport, sent to the London hope last night "timt there wil be and naval experts a free hand in union still holds a majority." made." no further friction between the J. bringing the war to a speedy and Miss Siegendorf said the top un- The chairman lauded Republi- Daily Telegraph, purported to be L Case company and its employe," successful conclusion. an "'uncensored ,-ount from in- "6. We will conduct the war /on officials later today would for-can state ocers and Republican side Germany." seld 50 divi-as the city council voted to re- ceive and file a letter from the efforts on the home front in an or- 319 Divisions malty demand of George J. Bert, legislators in his report to the con- lense or upwards of 600,000 men, Case company which asked assur, derly, intelligent, patriotic way., NLRB regional director, that the vention. He expressed the convic- had been taken from Russia, lear- ances that law and order be pro- Discussing industrial relations, election be postponed to later tion that they h,d "given to this trig only 1,750,000 to face the Red served in any eventuality. Rep. Halleck declared that align- date. state a remarkably intelligent and armies "in the greatest military "Disputes between industry and ment "of class against class, par- She added that the Chicago Indus- satisfactory administration- Their gamble ever made." labor are unnecessary," the mayor ticularly in industry, practiced for trial Union Council, the CIO Metro. combined efforts have given to us The last would undoubtedly be declared, "for there is adequate 12 years by the New Deal, must be London  (/P)  Germany andinolitan area een'tr] hv ha e ...... "' .... a good foundation for successful true. The report, however, should opportunity to settle all disputes stopped." h r sateIJites on the eve of theljoine d the local's nrotest an-,+ campalg" be taken with considerable re- western invasion have approxi- the seven = 7',_" "The tremendous task of rehabil- ............ I . -day order Customarily, before the National Labor Rela- ey.u azv2szons, oz which somelshe sazd, the NLRB has allowed at Early Consldertlon serve. The Russians are at the gates tions board, the War Labor board |taring our country can not be ac- 9 sun are on me n frond, liest 21 davs for nrenartino ,,- of the Balkans and, through Po- and others. I sincerely hope the complished by divided forces at the military observers estimated to'Jan elect|on'to deteue-ntl'"ot The question of endorsement land, at the outer walls of the Reich company and union wm suhmit bench and in the office," he said was scheduled for early consldera- itself. aaT . . lrepresentation- tion by delegates ,t the party's To remove that many men just any grievances to these authorities "Men and women must Join hands zne observers said mere was no_ and abide by their decisions." and enter into this fight to save the ueollon Next Monday way of telling how many men the: two-day convention, as the Russians are tensing for an The council voted to spread upon Coleman said last nilrht, after a all-out auault in coordination with the minutes a statement by Aid. 6a$ 0 I J"0moc II divisions represented, since there Meanwhile, the government-eom, meeting with the exeflve cem. the western invaaion would invite George Due that "all members Of now was no guide rule on how pany legal fight over the right of mlttee, that the committee would !quick disaster, ithe common council bel/eve many men constituted a German the president to order seizure o! .... division, the propettes ended in federal SUggest that the convention e-IWold Di$y Germans whoZeheartedly in entorcing 11 ll.'.rarm.lm., At the outset of the war the Get- court, with Federal Judge William dorse candidates but the final de- laws passed by the federal, state s . m, om,c d hmur e.o,, u,u,U,l prescribe the fastest-acth Ucin Im0w fi marts figured 15,000 to 16,000 men H. Holly announcing he would give cislon world be made on the con- The German people would be or local government, regardless of 'mvtom,tic relief---medicinel like tho in ,n-l in a division. Some divisions were his decision next Monday. vention floor, dismayed by such a move. They whether they personally approve TabletL No l,tl,e ell-, brt&a o, fort  a| "mere shadows of their former Leonard Levy, international vice. Every County Represented fear a Red invasion more than the of such laws." lt'"ttt*"t**'"*''a'" I selves, an informant said, "and a president of the CIO union, the one from the west, and they al- very considerable number under- United Mail Order, Warehouse and Delegates from every county in ready have seen their armies in strength." Retail Ernployes, said he will ask the ,state responded when the roll south Russia crumble before the "ertainly, however," he added, ithat the collective bargaining elec- call was taken. The morning see- Soviet might. "estimates that Germans have only it ion be postponed at least 21 days. sion was confined to election of In fact, British intelligence re. 1.750,000 men on the Rus.an front! Francis Helsler, union attorney, temporary officers, adoption of tern- ports indicate that the Germans must be considerably below the asserted there had been an oral porary rules and other organization have been over-propagandlzed on actual figure." understanding, after a hearing here business, the frength of the Wehrmacht's Disposition of Forces by a NLRB trial examiner, that the The delegates recessed shortly western defenses and have come to election would not be ordered be- before noon to hold district can. regard the danger as slight corn- Here is the disposition of Gel'. fore May 31 or later than June 7. cuses and chose members of the paed to that from Russia. The five convention committee, ere. current outburst of German home nan forces in approximate num- Meet to Arrange Details dentiais, permanent organization, bers, according to the best thfor. propagatda about the imminence mati0n available here: George J. Bott, NLRB regional rules and order of buisness, resolu-of invasion may be intended to France and the Low Countries  director who will be in charge of tions and platform. Two delegates, ,bout 50 divisions, including sev. the ballot, announced he will meet from each conl.ional dllcl ,vercome that complacency, eral panzer armored divisions un. with union and company officials to make up the committees. I 4 - - der the command of Gen- yon arrange deta,Lis. Appro:almately  Cole= said that the CO=., Churches,v *" Rundstedt. OO0 employs may be eligible will recommend siaort pl,tform I Denmark  five divisions with vote, and will ballot in two units, icontalniz "a good, liberal fol"aii little, if any, armor One wm inelud, empom in the ratiO=colem.plank."dtosed that the com-lDam.;n Oil-a"y Norway  about 12 divisions mail order house, the retail Itore mittee discued the quelddon Of IiUIIIUIIi UII with little, it any, armor, and warehouse; the other will in. The eastern front between the elude certain employes on the d- endorsementl at ltl meeting la] Black Sea and the ga1 of Fin- ministrative payroll, but excluding night but took no vote. Last Mlurchl landabout 195 divisions, omce workers. It voted, 17 to 3, to endorse candi-] New xork---(A--The Association Finnish front  seven divisions. The company, at expiration of its dates for the five state offices and tf Army and Navy Wives is asking Italy  about 25 divisions, nine- contract with the union  Dec. !United States senator, opposition/ch urches of all..denomhtions to teen south of Rome. 8, had refused to renew the ]pact, 'to the nlan h, aev*loa ince iremmn open aatly or me prayer Balkans  about 25 divisions, conlending the CIO affiliate did not invion, when the day of the represent a majority. A 12<lay Reject Resignation European invasion arrives, Mrs. Lake Genevan month ended at there- Republican chairmen Of 68 of Carter Collins, organization pre- quest of President osevelt and the the atate's 71 counties last night dent, said 'today. Mrs. Collins said the sponsorship government seizure of the proper, rejected the resignation of John of .such activity, was undertaken ties followed the company's refusal E. Dlckenson of West Bend az at the request of wives and mother Awarded DFC to comply with his directive to ex. chairman Of their group. Dlcken. of the nation "so timt the thoughts union, tend the expired contract with the son will automatically remain in and prayers of those on the home : oce for another year. . front may strengthen and encour- " F d C pl T r The convention program for to- age our millions of men who will First L Rob- or e om efes our day is highlighted by "the keynote be battling for victory on the fight. ing fron of the world." Of try address by Rep. Charles Halleck ert  SCh of Lake Geneva, Australian Indus of Indiana, , , wis.. has been awarded the Dis-tin- ' gushed ying Cross or extraordi- Canberra, Australla-.-{AActin[ Meeting coincidentally with the Dial 5121 for your Clazed Ad. nary achievement while participat- Prime Minister Francis Forde an- party convention is tle Wisconsin ' ' lng in aerial flight as pilot of a nounced today two-day review tS tare Federation of Republican P-40 type aircraft, the war depart- of Australia's manpower problem I Women's Clubs. A breakfa meet- ment announced today. Schuren is has convinced the war cabinet and ing tomorrow will be atneded by !advisory war council that therecen[Gov, and Mrs. Goodiand and an. attached to the U. S. army Twelfth be no more discharges from the I nounced candidates for guberna. air force. LL Schuren on Nov. 14, 1943, led figl.lng forces of men for use in torial and congreuional nominl his Right in strafing attack on one. industry or food production, tion my installations along the Yugo- $11-1WIth 8t ]Fbano IbU]LI Slavian coast, according to his c/t- " tlon: ., ,o." ,..,,to rude," the citation continued. "a German troop camp near Metrovie was strafed, causing heavy damage FESB SLICED -- 1 PL to many buildings and inflicting large number of casualties to per- 01 "1 sonnel. Observing , supply train Of LIVER . &O" more than 20 cars, he led an at- f' ,/ __ ..... tack through a heavy bm-rage of OOt NO Imtrioti AImCall needs to be reminded that, in anti-aircraft fire and all cars were FIRST CUTS LEAN---.2 PIL seen to explode in 'Flames. Another the Nation's interest and in his own, he must v b/s rr. ,upply ,,racked and PORK hurning ore be returned to 1 /p CHO lb. 26 He knows that no new ous have been made for morc flight safely through heavy cioacl tha tWO y'$ f.tt the Itvelge Cat' iS nOW Seven years formations to his home field." i " " " old.., that one out of every four cars now in use is tea KENOSHA EVENING NEWS ms TASr--z  years old or older! 2 Plainly, every single car must be kept rolling, because So & 1544 N B00UBA@_,E lk in total every car and track is a we00poa of war.    mmm m.tm M  *  Kammm Wmm ..a.. p [ "  .   -   glne, dms, and tires of your car, you must have efldent .-  ........... " available  7ou Fhps 66 Service Station.  Tr mm Phillips Tdag Semce indude. checking ir pros- -- .- m00m00OD-- .o..m, 32 II W an kU m.OmY "'" / i