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May 3, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 3, 1944

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HEALTH (UlZ ? - f21. ? L.2: ? -k Wednesday, May 3, 1944 00.dministrati0n Senat0rsWin in Alabama, Flrida "A00ation forces their Democratic critics in Florida and PAabama senatorial primaries while Gay. Thomas E. Dewey of New York gathered in more con- Vention support today for the Re- publican presidential nomination. Senator Lister Hill. Deaerate Whip, was renominated in Alabama and Senator Claude Pepper ran up m substantial lead in his five-way contest for renomination in Florida. Both men are administration stal- warts and both were opposed by vigorous critics of many of Presi- dent Roosevelt's policies. In their part of the country nomination is as good as election. Support of the president figured as a side issue in another sena- torial primary, in South Dakota, i where Republican Senator Chan lBIG SHIPS ANCHORED OFF KWAJALEIINPart of a big U. S. navy Girney won renomination despite]task force is anchored off Kwajalein island (foreground) in the Mar- opposition claims that he had]s haLls, central Pacific, in  striking air view. Rows of tents house "adopted much of the New Deal Seabees, who are rebuilding the base.(AP Wirephoto from Navy. philosophy." bit of evidence was offered in op- South Dakota for Dewey / ".I t II ,t we, 00uth 00.,13mlTn ue;enas Governor Dewey picked up II addi- I tional convention votes. A slate iI, ' I favoring the New Yorker defeatedlHlC ATTITIIflG one supporting Lieut. Comdr. Har- I I .3 rll I IUI old E Stassen by a margin of about " Lend Lease This brings Dewey's total ofllln pledged or claimed delegates to 239. ve. with 530 needed to nominate at the Chicago convention. (Coutssd trem Pss Seven) The lineup in the Florida senate everyday occurrence which no long- primary race was this: er has a salutary effect.' FLORIDA  Senator Pepper was making a strong fight to sidestep a rim-off on May 23 which would be necessitated if he failed to win more than 50 per cent of the votes in the preferential. Pepper had four opponents With 1,035 precincts counted out of 1496, the incumbent had 134.246 while the combined total of his opponents was 124,954. His nearest competitor, Judge J. Ollie Edmunds, had "/2,750. In South Dakota's Democratic primary all delegate candidates are fourth term supporters. With their eight votes, there are now 371 "IcidenLaily, this is lend-lease money that is being used so free- ly to buy 'good wilF in Latin Amer- ica. Each member of the Congress received a copy of that report and was on notice of profligate spend- ing in South America. So much for that report. "Secondly: In July and August of 1943, the Hon. Hugh Butler made a personal trip to South America and upon his return made an extensive report to the Senate The report was based upon a first- hand and on-the-ground study of position in spite of the reports I have referred to above. I have read the testimony given at the hearings and nowhere did the committee at- tempt to deny charges made in the reports, except in an off-hand way by saying, he charges made are not true.' Such statements are truly seILserving and fail to convince anybody. "The committee was not suffi- ciently interested to call members of the Merritt committee, the Sen- ate committee or Senator Butler. The same situation prevailed when the matter reached the floor of the House. When the chairman was asked why this was so, the answer was: 'We did not think it neces- sary.' This was an evasive answer and wholly unsatisfactory. 'So far as I was concerned the committee had failed to prove its case and the reports that I had read and to which I have referred were verities. The charges made against lend-lease operations have not been refuted. In view of the record I could not conscientiously pledged or claimed for Mr. Roose- the situation. The New Deal en- vote to extend the law. volt It requires 89 to nominate, .deavored to discredit Senator But- "'In conclusion I call your aftn- Other resets: ler's report, but to date it has not tion to the fact that on two prev- ALABAMA  Democrats chose successfully refuted his figures on ious occasions I voted to extend 4 unpledged delegates, the cost of boondoggling in that the act. I repeat that I approve the ARKANSAS  Selection of the hemisphere. Neither time nor space principle of lend-lease as related state's Republican delegation was will permit to detail Senator But- to the war effort. I refuse how- completed but the convention ler's findings, except to quote one ever to condone profligate 's'vend- turned down a proposal to instruct excerpt: ing on a global basis as chLrged them for Dewey. "A'wo, previously "'Tbe issue, I repeat, is not the even at the risk of having my elected by district conventions, are good neighbor policy; It is the vast patriotism questioned. A 'no' vote pledged to Dewey. _ welter of dubious, unnecessary and was the only way that I could reg. FLORIDA  A group of.Byrd- wasteful projects, which under coy- ister my protest against this situ- for-President supporters malcmg a er of that policy, we have under, ation. bid to carry, tho ..tate:s banne., to taken  undertaken very largely "I do not propose to 'rubber- the Demoerauc nauonal convenuon, without the knowledge of the stamp legislation; I intend to vote The state has 18 Convention votes American people.' my convictions -- come r hat may. and a full ticket for the Virginia., "Examples of 'dubious, unneces- To do otherwise would be a dere- senator was m the field of 49 sat and wasteful r ec are .... ' i Y p j ts' set, fiction of my plain duty. though wiTnOU Jyra'a encourag out fully in th reset Proj,ot .... , .... = .......... , "mcerely, menu. Fragmen tazy reports showealusuaily cost money and the money! "Lawrence H Smith" that seven pteaged to 'resiaenIcomes from lend-lease annronria-I " " Roosevelt. and five pledged to Byrd I Lions. Here again the Congress was t  .  .. , * were leaflng. , ]put on notice of a situation in/[-Irt U)ltnltfl fl) iNDIANA--The Itat.s 11 con-/which millions of dollars arILtlU I%allUlllllU Ul gressrnen  nine tepUbllcans ana I wasted [ # two Democrats  appeared assured[ " [ . r .  e of renomination as incomplete pri. Recalls Sete Inquiry /Mast I-vrnnt Rnnt mary result failed to disclose a "Thirdly. By far the most com./l'lUUl L^tUIJI UUUI strong Competitor for any incum-| nrphonsiv" nd imrrtnt rr'| ' ........................... /Steaks R0ests was made by a special Senate cam- - . -- t -- | mitres after it had toured the world rhnel.la Urnhn /and had an opportunity to observe ? d' " " JtlIUUI/I UU /con it.ions .d talk with our repro: (Continued from Page One) [sentatives aoroad, both civil ana i /Nt ?/ s || r /military. This committee, likewise,  acute to warrant giving growers [. [Ininn Waf00 ]was composed of three Democrats complete freedom in marketing V/ VV I1 | | V /and two Republicans and all joined lambs, sheep and calves." lira submitting a unanimous report, The administrator declared that E,,. E.-- U^l. |entitled "Ten Conclusions.' I quote the number of beef steaks and I-Ill I-t1 [I ! ! I]HIII /in part from that report: roasts now coming to market is not eva --...-,,. .v., | " '2. A great deal more oil should large enough in comparison with ........ ,) |be provided from deposits of the demand to warrant any point conunue, zrom rse un / ...... chan e immedi tel ,mlame East Existing sources of g a y. gram, the county agent will serve crude rubber in the Orient now -- as chairman of the board. Other held by the United Nations could Fears for Future members include Jay W. Rhodes,; of the county agricultural commit- tee; William E. Thompson, a mem- ber of the state arm labor committee; A1 Shipley u the cep- resentaive of the United States Employment Service; and Steve Robinson, representing the county board. Seek High School Youths Edward Jorgense assistant to the county agent on farm labor, today disclosed that a meeting of Racine and Kenosha county high school principals, coaches and other school authorities will be held on May 12 to consider a state-wide program of the Wisconsin Inter- scholastic Athletic Association for the development of a pool of farm worker from the rosters of high school si'udenta over Wisconsin. The Racine - Kenosha county meeting will be held at the Racine Park high school at 2 p. m. on the afternoon of May 12. P. F. Nevcrman, secretary of the W LA.A., in a letter to all prin- cipals and coaches of the state, had disclosed the nature of the meet. ing. He indicated that the coopera- tion of school authorities in the de- velopment of a youth labor pool for farms is an essential to the maintained production of food- stuffs. At the meeting the plans for special appeals will be out- lined for school authorities. be increased.. Too much American oline is made available to civil- lans in North America.' " '6. The United States has con- structed huge airfields all over the world at tremendous cost to our people. The use of some of these fields in the future may be just as essential to our security as battle- ships or divisions. We have no post, war rights of access to these fields outside the Western Hemisphere at the present time. These rights of access are also indispensable to vi- tally important growth of commer- cial aviation.' " '7. The need for parity n inter- national communications is stressed in every theater. Equality in these cable and wireless communications Chicago  (IP)  P. O. Wilson, general manager of the National Live Stock Producers association, today said that government regu- lations have forced an oversupply of meat for the moment "which can only be followed by severe shortages." In a statement to the press, Wil- son said "past actions by the OPA and the WFA, and the crisis that has been brought by such actions, has made this drastic move neces- sary. OPA has availed itself of possibly the only out that is avail- able to them. They could not per- mit meat to spoil while denyin the public free access to available supplies." .o00d _,o b.. ob to consideration and possible re- ](ALLOUSE5 verse lend-lease.' "Tbe above conclusions again involve a matter concerning the Oecter, sbMd .. expenditure of lend-lease funds. Once more the Congress and the country is on notice of matters i concerning the administration of lend-lease and its effect upon our own national interest. A reading of the full report contains more specific charges and should be read by every citizen. "When the present bill was be- fore the committee, hearings were held and ten or eleven witnesses were called to testify. All of the testimony was favorable; not one Commenting on the coming Ra- cine-Kenosha county session, .]'or-  NEW kind of gensen declared that the local "- school authorities have accorded full cooperation in the develop- ment of a program to secure stu- dent aidtofarmers  ASPIRIN tablet Lemon Jice Reg..pc  Cherts. Bhemcdi doesn't upset somach Pare If you suffer trom rheumatic, a pain, doouhesitatemmJkeasp/ri aherrepeaudose. thritis or neuritis  try this simll because i leaves you with an upset T   to temlnd you to get IXIXIV home rec/pe tt  I sands are using. Get s w.ka4 m! stomach ? If sO, ths. ate. medical  Super gl;Myt so   have it. On Ru-lz Compound, s two-wJ supply I overy, SUPERIN, s "lUSt wast Je hadwheheoldec.,str/k today. 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ISp,esFI00d Towns I "'' l II I '1 / s been badly disrtld by galtage L and bombin He described the: rnrlr0mlse L. o,o- .- gallr0aas In -.oo n ve nooses me wwns oz .u;z Jrer. I Bulgarian ports and r a i 1 w a y AreGone (Continued from Psgs One) mentalel in the past 24 hours have broadcast werning to the popula- tions of Axis Europe that they must be prepared for heavy simultaneous blows from the  west, and I ,,to Indid Dl00=ur. in broad- 10It cast, acknowledged that the Allies """ *" Cafe Operator west and said that "certain factors are extremely favorable to the Anglo-AmericanL" 00='lWestern Eur0pe " =, new=' San agency, Biscay .ebastlan said --an yedrd&lr uI, the Sp-- Rmm[Im in It IJ,bon dbpatch. The Tm dispatch reported that many reeantly arrival 'ourist#' were in fact German airmen dss- tined for service on secret sir. dames on the Iberian peninsula. "No doubt the enemy will attempt to carry out encircling operations Vichy id an Allied at- tack appeared imminent in Italy. "In any ease, Allied preparations appear to be concluded and the re- vival of Allied raids against cen- ters of the communcation system in Italy can be taken for general softening up preceding In attack in the very near future," Vlchy said. London  (P) -- New Allied offensive operations in the Mediter- ranean in conjunction with the an- ticipated invasion of western Europe were forecast today by the Germans, who were reported rein- forcing their deensos on the Dal- matian coast to meet a possible thrust into the Balkan. In a broadcast from Berlin, German military commentator de- clared that large movements of A/Lied troops and supplies observed in southern Italy "indicate the two i armies (Fifth and Eighth) intend to launch a fresh attack." The Germans intimated they ex- pected this attack to coincide with Gem Dwight D. Eisenhower's in- vasion assault from the west and a renewal of the Russian drive from the east. Gen. Veledit, a member of the military mission sent to London by Marshal Joslp Broz (Tit) of the Yugoslav partisans, said the Ger- mans in his homeland "are fright- ened of an Allied invasion from Italy and have diverted four their 14 divisions in Yugoslavia to guard the DaLmatian coast line." Keep Close Liaison San Franckco -- IU. -- The San Francisco county grand jury voted Last night to indict George Hal- man, 49, care opetor, on  counta of murder in eonueotion with the New Amsterdam hotel fire which killed 22 persons March 22. Flashing through the three-stol frame building in San Franciso's "South-of-Market" skld-row dis- trice, the midnight fire trapped many of the New Amsterdam's oc- cupants in their rooms. Holrnan was arrested when John D. Franklin revealed he had sold the cae operator a five-gallon can of gasoline two days before the fire. Capt. Bernard McDonald o the police department said Holman could give no skitsfactory explana- tion for the purchase. There are about six animals to each square mile in the national for. eats of the United StteL (Coah=ol flora P41 as) which now lm bean bombed five nights in a row. Oclal announcements last night said Am/ean and ldttsh ak fleet based in ]dtaln and Italy easily utabUshed a rueord during April bY scattarln a total of 99,0 tons of bomb on their ehemn ta gets in Germany and occupied t ritortu. American Kler -hot down a to-i tel of 1,282 German plan in earn- bat and U. S. ghtar pflot e- roborated by cameras, elahned de-, struction of 450 on e ground. By United ]Prm I The British spokesman declared] flatly that the Germans, faced with,I the possibility o an Allied lava- I sion almost at any hour, have onlyl these alternatives: To keep thetr reserves at dangeroualy-remoto points more than 100 miles inland from the threatened coast, or to re- inforce their coastal garrisons im- mediately, thereby running the risk of suffering great casualties. The spokesman said his analysis of the German communications system was based on reliable in- formation received by the ministry ---presumably from the French un- dcrgrouncL Sabotage by French and Belgian patriots also has helped paralyze towns don the BulDrlan.Turkish frontior are choked with war me. terh that cannot be moved be ca of the lack of ndlroad trams- lm isle He mm-ted Umt the Oq-mans ao are onhxmted with a critical shortqe M trained Llwaymen in-i aide the Re/oh s= well as in the occupied eountrl. 8htCe the bning of 1944, he said, 40,000 German reilwaymen have been INmt into France and Belgium to mpplmmnt the 10,000 Geemans ahu operatm tra in tho are Seek Two Milwaukeeans Who Escaped From Prison Madison, W u -- (US0 -- Authori- ti today were Narching for two Milwaukee men who escaped rom the state prison flun at Oregon last Tuday night Ths men, both drd in rion 11191tJtmdXk/lhrlltkl? 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Mn J00ll as well u high-flown "interpreta- | Ms, - tions" for their own people. In One German commentator, Ltl| P*'|#IM tmfi   at o sa Une k.., ys home M""'-im--'---lr Gen. Kurt Diemar, conceded that .........  ------ .m'-  d 4el Im lumler aud laves fuel m Wlatlr. the Allies had certain advantesll dP -F''_ --including "wide traic lanes of|ll __ the sea offering many chances toll #M2F'4Pr'P  IO1= NOW! ]st Payment Nov. Is spring surprises, the fire power of M  iF V_Z.e. a superior fleet and superior air | klV,vmgVlm-II'l'--lomUltJ forces." I| r-- - .=,=I_L I |tr" elco-Treated l'alr ked j ZONOLITE lie ___ ,* ..... -------4------ esl -    | an afternoon with Zonollte--mlco Transocean, German propaganda v ][dkA A A Full thick m m  I .Uet L,aUon. Jt open the has agency, quoted a Romauian corre-ii :i m U  --- -- mi m41 I and pour it in: $ n Box 24 sq. ft ......... | Per bss ................ spondent in Berlin today as saying[| I, Oltl COAT OV|tS MOT'| "   7 Arlk my ..a..=====  "People in Germany are asking,|. WAll.pApERS. | r  I,II | rrowhead Board whether there does not exist a last-[I I  ............. I  ..o--.---- I{I I minute chance for Germany andS| . Al, i, tla ZAILT. J  F/lJl  RIM D--hf- i, m.. m. ---- I 8peciel  fnch thfek eosted bord .Britain to come to an understand-I| . DRIES IN ONE HOgl. j IIS lh@ mtB ----: ......... ou uu n  aU ,. p.-,-.,   .nd s Sill tmx 4o L ft. ....... dt e I to 12 f lon. A. mg."There was no disposition" 4. MIXES WITH WAT|M.j in Lon-tl 4[ AvoragoR00mm II ' "" " .................. -- don to regard the German broad-| , WASHABL|. ql - cast seriously. 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