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May 6, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 6, 1944

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.-7 *" L &apos;r" i i ? i Page Ten | JJ:unny Business Take Away m Lady ,, By  D]vt Copyright, 1944. NYA  lz I THE STORY: Captain Azazrkl. com-!, , h wote .... red -t ! rnandant of j"'l prin in Yokohama "L, a-. ...    v Captain Baldwin of me RAF, preum-lAzaraskl said from the doorway ably interned but actually a Japaneel 'I yOU are planning to soak for agent; and Tilda Courtxight. American1 . h,,. i thf t-h * HpH  rnisalonary, axe planning a coup of some I'.:" .... *:_;-'. --T . ." -- "' "' sort. Their plot involves L/eut. Link LIKe yOU Q1(I ias nlgn go aeao }Belt aneFNorrna Greer, interned Amer-IBut I may think you are a litth cans. I boy." Link, who was thinkinl XII labout doing just that, was em barrassed Azaraski grinned at Link ' " and l He got into the uniform, eyed called him pal. "How are you, i himself in the mirror, and didn't pal?" Azaraski said. . . . 'like the look of a sly rogue which "The boy stood on me ournlnglthe deck," Link said uneasily. "Whatlel-se, prisn pallor and something .s this pal stuff anyway?" ' his uneasiness, probably, gave ........ him He looked considerably more "i down '" saia ezaras peas-Idvilish thn b fIt antly. "And try thinking that I'--,- ""-''"---"" . . ne usua/ appenaage a Japanese could be ust a nice guy. I could ..... _ . you know." i non-commusslonea ameer ana lout "You sound too much like a guylSoldiers. , followed them downstairs. propositioning his stenographer to!, Two automobiles were waiting suit me," Link said. m the street, Azaraski's large He took a chair IAmerican limousine, and another, Azaraski sat down behind his:an open army car big desk. This morning Azaraski i Link was hardly prepared to I stifl looked like an organ grind- find Tilda Courright in Azaraski's I er's monkey about hall out of a car. But there she was. He gaped! box, sitting there. He read some} in amazement. papers and initialed them. "Greetings, Link," Courtrightl Link was not able to think of said. "Get in here. Then tell me I a thing but the chair on which he what is going on." ! sat. The chair was uphotered and[ "Is that really you?" Link de- it was such a relief to have a chair manded. to sit on for a change. In the cell,, "Sure Get in here and tell me you sat on the floor. You were get-iwhy they took me out of jail and i tnig easy to please when you ,,brught me here," Courtright,, said. thought a chair was a luxury. And where are we going. Captain Azaraski put down his l Link climbed into the car "I pen. "That is that." He put the have. no idea what is up," he ad- papers in a dossier. "How would mltted. "Haven't you?" you like to go for a drive?" he I "Not the slightest notion, darn asked, lit." By William Ferguson that cell," Link said grimly. Azaraski chuckled. "Nonsense, Link" "No nonsense about it," said. "I want to go back to the :ell." As if Link was being very funny, which he was not being, Captain Azaraski slapped him on the back. "'Link, I wouldn't think o letting you scare yourself out of a nice country drive. Change your uni- KENOSHA EVENING NEWS JOE PAL00KA WASH TUBBS '--" r "- "Frankly, I think "they'd better get a stronger building for theh initiations!" This Curious World "Sounds all right," Link said sun- Link grinned at Tflda Court- "Of course." gives me a good feeling. And you "You don't mean an automobile look fine this morning." ride?" That was the truth, too Court- "'Yes." right was the kind of a person "'I'll be darned," Link said who produced a pleasant stabilizo "We'll go now." Azaraski put ing effect just by being around eigarets and a silver hip flask in you. Link suspected the psycho- his pockets. "Wait. You look a bit logicaI explanation of this raght seedy," he said. examining Link. be that Courtright was so homely "I think you had better were the and practical that she and her per- ,_.o_,.t _**_e_._ "The hip flask, thought Link, old shoe. shows that Azaraski went to an Azaraski was giving instructions / American college during prohibi- to the soldiers, Link noticed tion. For the first time Link really Courtrzght examined Link "Boy, believed that Azaraski had gone to are you sharp. You must have had Missouri university, a steak for brealdasL" "'You really mean this ride Link thought: Say, don't you re- stuff?" Link demanded I member I met Norma Greer last -- "Link, you thiak alI the nickels night. He almost said it, too. He: are wooden, don't you?" Azaraski knew Courtright would understand. b pointed at the bathroom. "The uni- "I feel fine," he said. form is in there. Want to change? .... You look it." "I think I want to go back to "But Im pretty suspicious of m,vmms.m. AN,Xe ae w/z e,. [ 8 Db'llNr 5priEs " ANSWER: A wolf. NEXT: What crop is burned intentionally before harvest? form, and let's go. line to fool you, Courtright`" said It was an order. There was no Azaraski. "Sure, just a ride." doubt about it being an order. "You see!" said Couright to The bathroom had the Amerl-Link. can tub. Link turned on the au- (To be Conihmed) this ride," Link added. "'Worry you, does it?" "Yes, more than somewhaL" Courtright stuck her head out of the car and called to Azaraski, "Captain, is this going to be a nice ride, or is it some kind of shenanigan?" r Azaraski smiled. "Nice ride, { sure," he said. "You wouldn't fool me, Butch?" "It would take a better Jap than Anxwee lO IPrevllolill ILslle l:{ A 1 [W]F-.Btl A 15 I tR :?tF-i IL.13FIAITI Around Dial U.S. Army Unit IElWt HORIZONTAL 2 Drove I'TT 1.6 Depicted is 3 John (Gaelic) IX insigne of 4 Rght (abbr.) U. S.   5 Father 1; 10 Lar,at 6 Rough lava 11 Genus of 7 Robert Louis pla n ts Stevenson 12 Austere ( mlt ) 14 Accomplish 8 Extinct birds 30 Greater 15 Bargain events 9 Shouter quantity 18 Body part 12 Hoax 31 Sdkworm Q---Does the Army bear any re- 19 Stake wsth 13 Tissue (anat.) 32 More rigid sponsibility for discharged sol- the open hand 16 Auricles 34 Endows diers? A--No. A11 responsibility is borne ]0 Altitude 17 Petty quarrel 35 At all times (abbr.) 21 Hymn 36 Short lance by the independent Veterans Ad- 23 Age ministration. 22 Later zn time 39 Symbol for ! 24 Spars 25 Beverage silver Q---Where is the headquarters of I 26 Primary Adml. Lord Louis Mountbatten, z   5  :q i, Allied Southeast Asia chief? 28 Babylonian AKandy, Ceylon.. deity ,o ,t Q--What is the speed of sound? 29 Toward 30 Iron z , : .-"  , S A--1087 feet a second in dry abrl 33 Concluded  , 7 Nauve metal ' at 32F. ] .-;   Q---What is the vice president's[ 38Subjugate .;,iz  zz , A$15,000 a year. [ 44 Hoop 24 s  zl 46 Aim Q -- From what is cork ob- 47 Debtor zb \\;# Z tained? A--From the outer layer of 48 Relieves bark of an evergreen species of 50Place (abbr}  * iz --  oak * 51 Dormant 1 tl  ,o t t !( 52 Grafted (her.)   :,""., There are two ways in which VERTICAL  SZ 4 s our patrimony of liberty can be 1 Plays the part 56 sl lost. It can be taken away from us Of host by frontal assault as the Axis is threatening to do. This is a danger we are surely overcoming. But it can also be lost by default. Eric A. Johnston, president U. S. C. of C We are fed up with the war and with this operation. We are hun- gry, badly fed, and have been col. lected together from anywhere and; everywhere. We are thrust Into', the battlefront short of food and l suffering from malaria and dysen-{ teryl---Jap prisoner in Burma. i One thing is certain, democracy[ will have to accelerate communi- I cation between the people and I their representatives if it is to sur-[ vive.--Newbold Morris, president New York city council Twenty-eight per cent of the boys who are recruits at the naval training stations cannot swim a stroke.--Capt. Lyman S. Perry, aide to the secretary of the Navy The peace will be lost H we fail to take steps now to prevent either mass unemployment or mass government employment in the postwar period. -- Paul G. Haft- man, chairman Committee for Economic Development. 27 Charged atom 40 Soak 41 Bird's claw 42 Cloth measure 45 Race (comb. form) 47 Heavy blow 49 Station (abbr.} 51 Girl's name 53 Editor (abbr.} 55 Of the thinf I |7 13 i May 6, 1944 e. arae. .... q WCFL ....... }IN WGN  Wlq 4:00---WGN'--Navy Bulletin BO4rd WBBM-WISNMeet Corltu Ach- er WMAQ-WTMJYour America WCFI,--Don Artiste, pianist 4:IS---WENR--Don Lindley's arch. WCFL,TeaCher" Union prom 4:---WGN--The Music Mart Wtory Behind HeLllm WBBM-WISNMother and Dad WMAQ--News of May 8 4:45---W'lrn,--He II o. Sweetheart WCl.,--Three Quarter Time WM.AQ--Meditation S:00---WGN--Ne buLleth JB]BM-WIS--K entu ]j Derby V;MAQ---Bob Becker'l Pet Par WCFL--New reports WR---News; Dancet.lm 5;1$WGN---Gardt Gogsip WMA(--New: Sweet 'n' Spanish WCFL---Job tront newx W]qR--Rhythm Fxtitton 5:3G--WGN--MLter Radio Canaries W1A-tmwing Cu.rt My WBB----Robert Hturletah , new WCFL---Harry Wfsmer. sortz W]rR---New=: M."eL'I Along 5:-'-W GN -WISSa turday Sports Review WBBMThe World Today WMA---Hub Jackson. WCF1,--I..eon Henderson. ulian Bentley, news V'WR---PoD Concert 6:00--WGNRalph Ginburi's arch, W'MAQ---NC Stands By VBBM--Mayor of the Town WCFINe reports WT.---Jullan Bentley, news 6:WGN--The Tele1hone WCFI.,--]BL=xry Horlick prtent Neighbor Williams 6::--WGN---John Holbrook. new WMA-WTM3--Iery Queen mystery WBBM-WISNThank$ to the Yanks WLS--Mustc America Loves WCFL---The Honor Roll 8:4,5WGN--Sy ]rt With Mo 7:00---WG N---onfldntiall y Your W'MA Q-WIS--Abie' Irish WBBM--Groueho Marx show WLS----Early American Mtl. WCFI,--News revort 7:L---WGN----Good Will nour WLS---The Melody Revue WCFL--Edward Tomllnaon WMA-MrJ--Truth or Conse- quences W'BBM-WIS--The Inner Sanctum WC/.,--Boton II orch. WLS--Barn Dance ratty 8:(X)--WGN---Cbicago Theater of the Air WBBM-WISN--You Hit Parade WMAQ--Hollywood Theater WLS- --Zra t/anal ]Barn Dance 8:30--WLS---Spotl/lht: Ted Fiorito WMAQ-WTM3--Can You TOD The? WCFL--Labor Flashes 8:45---W'BnlWt. Niaht Serenade WCFL--yOnd Victory. What? 9:00--WGN--Don Retd' orchestra WMAQ-W'I"MJ--B. Wood." P Kelly party WCFL--News WL.K---Barnyard Jamboree Ik.15-- WCI,-- Salute -WISN---Correctlon. Please II:30---WGNTh Mystery House WMAQ-WTM---Grand Ole Opry WC._.---ArmF .x'vic Forces Army Forces Prtnt I}:4,'WBBMFlghttn Men. U. S A. 20:00--WGNwig Machine Show WBIkM--MJ, Eliot WMA--Hub JsrJon. news Nat/onl Barn Dance to /21 W'BB--Sa/uf to Victory WCFL---Moulton Iy, new WMusie Lover=' program 10:lS---WGN---Chicego at Night 10:,.--WGN--Eddie Stone's orchestra WMAQ--Amer. String Quartet ', WBBM--Public Affairs. WBB--KinI's 3eter. Janette In 1939 the Coast Guard saved WCTL--Don ArtiSte, gt,tnt $0'I--WGN--Hm bul/e $63,000,000 worth of vesls and IJQ-..X t. t Wiag= cargo. Detail for Today II 00,!cl Everythinq Police Detail b '  '  ' " " d ....-. ! I ] POLICE DETAIL has nothing to " do with MP's, but consists of a mili- [ ""Lv " | tax advance upon a given area--- b-, _ -!1 the mo m u of all el aret ,m --,--ffim,m " PP" g P" g i | ,=..mmmcv.mmtm.. ] butts, candy wrappers and "all ma- I "'When I enlisted I told them I I terial that is foreign to the soiL'[was astamp collector!" [ By means of these frequent POLICE 1 I DETAILS, soldiers become amatelRubbe r to Brit-in I geologists, some of them even be- I " ] ing able to tell you exactly what[ An estimated I12,000 long tons of I part of the post they are on merely I synthetic rubber will be shipped to I by looking at the ground. Ater be-[Great Britain and other countries[ ing in one camp for three or fourlof the United Nations in 1944. lear- I months, they can usually cite theiing 618,000 long tons available for] location of any given pebble or lU. S. consumption after alowance] twi 'for working inventory. ' In a Spot !, Saturday, May 6, 1944 " --By Ham Fisher XO -me  EX.=SE SF. ---  The Road Back -.-By Leslie Turner FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS EVERYWHEIE  ,r! WT ,_ .  ..1 APPENED "! fr' -v-x-.  -  Garbled Gab INIGHT .l.C.TSTUC |WITH A 9AD APPLE AT I AJ lO<y OP--- , |WHAT A GHCACJc ,' [HE WAS MERELV t.DATH- |:)IE* ]. HATE MLK- IBUGS. ,o I TRIED TO IIIIIIIIILSND UP A FLARE * --By Blosser IV-%I HIM THE RUSH, |L|'E BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES In Person --By Martin RED RYDER Ambushed OH,HELP! --By Fred Harman OUT OUR WAY --By Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE --with Major Hoople N z