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May 24, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 24, 1944

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,& % Page Ten Gateway Signs 'Heavenly Body' Horoscopes and telescopes play an important part in M-G-M's de- lightful domestic comedy, "'The Heavenly Body," now at the Gate- way theater. William Powell and/ Hedy Lamarr star in the hilarious i tale of an astronomer's wife who! takes up astrology. James Craig is cast as the willing third angle. William Powell is a professor of astronomy who has discovered a new comet. When he must work at night on his discovery his wife, played by Miss Lamarr, becomes bored. Under the influence of a neighbor she takes up astrology and Bill's troubles then begin. Things reach a head with the pre- diction Hedy will meet "the true love of her life" during a certain period. Just at the deadline, Air Raid Warden James Craig knocks at the door. He meets all specifi- cations and Hedy prepares to di- vorce Bill and fall in love with Craig. Trouble Ensues Complications arise when Craig decides he is not at all unwilling to become Hedy's second husband and sets out to thwart Bill's frantic attempts to make his wife see I sense. And it's a merry time for' the audience until Hedy discovers her heart is more reliable than her horoscope. KENOSHA EYENING NEWS Two men who cross the skipper go to their deaths, and in both cases the young mate knows they have been murdered, but is unable to prove it. The young officer's attempts to bring the killings home to the guilty man and avoid the captain's sinister scheme of revenge, raise the intensity of the drama to un- usually high levels into a gripping climax. Dix's work as the sadistic cap- lain is said to be one of the most remarkable screen characterizations of recent years, and Wade, also turns in a memorable portrayal. Edmund GIover, Skelton Knaggs, Ben Bard and Edith Barrett also are featured. Brighton Mrs. Sm.m SdtL CorruDondmt The funeral of Carl Spaay was held Friday morning with Roy. Graft offiiciating. He had been in ill health for nine years and at- tended St. Francis Xavier school until two months ago. He was compelled to leave on account of illness and was in fifth grade. Out of town guests who attended I Day bed ma 5 Table lows 1 Table top 1 Mirror I Ironin board Cartons and contents 2 Boxes 1 Axe 2 ShoveLs 1 Piece nive 3 Table leaves 1 Coal vail 3 Card tables 1 Barrel and contents I Mattress 2 PiLlows I Sewin machine 1 Dresser I Basket and eontents I Bdl. v/amo rolls , 2Bed rafts 1 Piano to satisfY its lien for storage and other charges, including the coots of these vro- ceedings. Dated this 2rd day of May. A. D. 1944. OTTO NELSON & SONS, INC. IMav 24-31 I NOTICE OF SALE JTo: Mr. Sam Swidler: Notice is" hereby Eiven that the fo] lowing described goods will be sold to satisfy a lien claim of the undenigned Otto Nelson & Sons for storage charges past due vursuant to the Drovtsions Chapter 119.35 of the Wisconsin statut4 The said sale will be by Public aueUol at the warehouse of the undersigned 1o ,cated at 2107 63rd P1. in the city of Ke- nosha. Wisconsin. on the 10th day of June. 1944 at 10 o'clock in the morning of said day. The goods to be sold are described as follows: 10 Cartons and contents 13 Baskets 1 Bicycle I Stone crock 4 Boxes and contents S Trunks 1 Golf bag 1 Bread box 5 BarreLs o'f china. To satisfy the warehousemen's lien for storage of said proverty by said under- signed in the sum of Eighty-two (BS.OOI dollars, vlus expenses of such sale. OTTO NELSON & SONS IMav 24-3D NOTICE OF SALE ON WAREHOUSE. I MAN'S LIEN 1 Book rack 1 Ptllow 1BL dreDu 1 Smrv/ne abl 1 /lve chest 1 DtoE room table ba 45 Plctur 1 Chlffonl mirror 1 Hmnr and contents a Tabla leaves I Round tabl to 2Ma 5 Small hum 1  table Stair ear I Bdl. Ir Imds  Dresre I Che of drawers SBed slats I Laru mirror 4 Foot stools 4 Trnn] and contents I Large ru I Jardinler 1 Small table 10 Window s to uttsfy its llan for atoraEe and other chares, ineludint the costs of these vro- eeedlnlB. ' "' Dated this 23rd day of Mgy. A. D. 14. OTTO N & SONS, INC. NOTICE OF SALE ON WAIIHOUSL MAN'S LIEN To: John R. Cradon, 6023 Sth Avenue, Kenoha, Wisconsin. on whose account the Eood hereinafter deserlbed are h]d: Notice Is Hereby Given That the un- dereigned, Otto Nelson and Sons. Inc., w/H sell at ubHo sale to the highest bidder, at its warehotum at 2107-11 63rd Place. Kenoha. Wisconsin. on Saturday, June 10. A. D. 1944. at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, the following described miscellaneous hot*hold goods, to-wit: 2Bed srtn 4 Bed ends 4 Bed rafts 1 Card table I Mattress 3 Bed slats I Gas stove I Electric retri-'tor 2 Dressers 2 Floor lamns I Vacuum cleaner 1 Small inble 1 Electric fan 1 Kitchen table 1 Ball. curtain rods I Dining table" toy I Dtnin table base I Buffet (May 24-31l S. chairs Applicalion for Tavern Licenses Filmdom's most glamorus gla- I To: Mrs. Bertha Johnson. 2047 N. 33rd Street. Milwaukee. Wisconsin. on whose mour girl sho%s he can do more  h r than " - -  " "" " n KAY ULLIA3IS WOULD MELT the paint off most any wall Men in,accunt the goods e einafter described lOOK oeauHrul on me scree h ed f rces i h " - are held: .......... -" i t e arm o cons der er fine to be "cast away on a desert Island Notice Is Hereby Given That the un n tact neuy oemonslraes she is .... I " - ' ,. _ ._. wth. Kay ,s currently featured in the M-G-M musical "Two Girls dersgned Otto Nelson and Sons Inc a erv capaoie comemenne wit - -, " " ' " ":And A Sailor" " lwill sell at nubile sale to the htghet iam Powell handles his role with " !bidder. at its warehouse at 2107-11 63rd " " """ - -"   "-' IPlace Kenosha Wisconsin on Saturday, all tt2e SKill at his commana and 1[ , , . screamingly funny as the harassed , Mrs. Ed Jackley and family. Bur-flean Nelson: Lorctta Huntoon, Mar-!June 10. A. D. 1944. at 10:00 o'clock l] husband lames Craig strolls cam I singsn: Mr and Mrs. Leo Wagner vin Richter. Donald Richards and the mrning'theehw_i_r desc.ril " ' I mlscellan us nOLL AU aooo, to-wl: ,--=,v-' ,,,,, .... " ,,l ...... o  the F Paddcks Lake', Mr. and Mrs. Hugh, Colleen Andrews. , 1 Ctn. stove Darts illin:unwillin  other man He t.ox. homers and ,.aura and Bill  The baseball team from the Me-! 1 Board t4- t .  ' : acts easily and gracefully and onel Jackley" . iHenryhigh school will play at !I-[  kettSve 'mo luesnay afternoon and .IK ] 1 Buffet can readily see why Hedy found so .... " little difficulty in deciding that she, I Wil/t' [horn high school team on Thurs-[ 2 ed ends .,,,,v 'da'" afternoon z ea raus cidt:eahltmare Spring Bymgton! Mss Grace M Cacey Corrtnnndent [ ]essle Barnes zs presenting her '  Archffha=bme t !EnRich Prairie Music and dancing l Drol leaf table as tbe busybody nelghbor and Fay[ Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Holmes, Genoa! u"il" " .......... i Keg Barrter as the astrologer Henry City were Friday evening, ,,uests p p s In a recital az me ngusn "  " .... O i Bed sDring . ," . - Prairie school Friday mght May ,6 O Nelll. and Robert Sully'. a hand. of ,vlr and Mrs. Davld Kimball , ..... - , . I Sq. table ' - " [A ounce Will concluoe the evening's 2 Table bases some young newcomer, are seen as George Hzgglns received wrdientertainmen+ ith students fu 1 End table PowelI's feiIow astronomers, of the death of his cousin George ...... k .' .... r- 1 Table too i DeForrest 62 at Hell wo Cal nlsnmg me music or me uancing: 1 Rocker Shipboard. Mystery Ion 5 " .' n.^. Y, . ^_'_ ,f'iCaroline Schmidt at the piano Vie- 1 Hamper a d J.ul 3 Pc. gas vide The mystery of a tramp freighterlmer i e 1 1 hlag at the aceordian to satisfy its lien for storage and oth, aboard which strange "accidents" t The Wilmot Graded school pupils ! y Bow:rs at the drums, charges, including the eosts of these 0ro- frequently occur, is the unique plot participated in the field day eventsj eeedings. of RKO Radio's newest horror-film, at Fox River park on Monday. 1, Dated this 23rd day of May. A. D. IAL OTTO NELSON & SONS, INC. "The Ghost Ship." starring Richard!Thursday the annual school picnic !'J'7"z Mav 24-31. D:x twill be held at the park 'Olive M. Hope. Corresvondent NOTICE OF SALE ON "WAREhOUSE- Russell Wade heads the featuredt George Willett and granddaugh- I ...... MAN'S LIEN . .... , vtr ann Vtrs loyd Stoxen and To: Rev. A. J. G. Dowie. 315 N. County cast in the part of a young third ter :anette xunge called on Mrs ,- ," ' " ' , "; oaugnter Joan Somers and Mr Street. Waukegan. Illinois. on whose at-- mate who joins the Altair just as Frank Burroughs Friday evening , ' " ' ......... " ',and Mrs Lloyd Stoxen and daugh- are held: she sails, and finds himself at odds fur. ann Mrs. imer lascn an- ter Jo ce Wilmot wer  count the goods hereinafter described nouncethe birth of a son. Melvin! .'.. Y.'..," e bunday Notiee Is Hereby Given That the un_ Official License NoIice with her smiling, suave captain. Lewis. at the Burlington hospital ltolrs a, the nome of Mrs. "A. C"dersirned'will sell atOttvublicNelsale tod theSons'highestIne'" Friday, May 19. Mrs. L. E. Sweet ! " n. bidder, at its warehouse at 2107-11 63rd , , Clase at the Salem Center Richmond is stayin with the Rasch  " " Place. Kenosha. Wisconsin. on Saturday. a,tny" -- ........ ro ewa' wes.--'- I'schl were dismissed" Monday that June I0. A. D. 1944. at I0:00 o'clock in the teachers and pupils mght ar Paul Schmalfeldt, Kansasville, i.. . ,, . P _ the morning, the following described tlclpate in the field day pro ram at miscellaneous household goods, to-wit: spent Sunday afternoon with Paull g 2 Reed chairs Ganzlin. Fox River park. s Arm chairs 1 Studio couch Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tilton, and l Mrs. Arthur Bless, St.. spent the 1 Seat vad children. Burlington, spent the! week-end with her sister, Mrs. 1 Mirror stand 1 Card table week-end with Mrs. Lynne Sher-!William Krautkramer, and hun-  Deneh man. i band at Antioch. Mr. and Mrs. 12 Dining room chIrs Ray J. Austin was in KenoshaiArthur Bless, Jr., and daughter, 2 Bed rails Wednesday. Sunday he accompa-ICharlotte, joined them at dinner  8ewin cabinet nied Mr and Mrs. Ervin Rasch and lStmday. 2 Dresser mirrors Grass rugs daughter to the home of Mr. and i Mrs. T. V. Durkin has returned 2 Morris chairs Mrs Paul Vigansky, Kenosha. to her home in Chicago after I Kitchen table 1 Dining room table tol Mrs. Hattie Pacey was in Ke-ispending the past week with Salem 4 Bed ends nosha qn Tuesday and Mr. and Mrs. i relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Everett 2 ]Box snrings ' 1 Electric stove Cyril Pacey on Friday to call onlMinnts, the Roger Huntoons of, I Rocker Floyd Pacey, who is recovering Brass .ll Corners. Mrs. Annie  I Ice box , Desk logs TWIN LAKES from an operation at the Kenosha Minnis and the Loeschers in this 2 Bed rails hospital. : village, i Rev. and Mrs. Rudolf P. Otto and I Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Glynn of Chi- 12 gehsaikrs children were guests Sunday f Mr" ca snort the week'nil "th *hi 1Tablebase i in   .............. WONDER BAR and Mrs. Frank Zarnsdorff, Rzch. ilatter, s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil -I 1 Barrel and contents md.. ........ ;liam Griffin. On their return, they[, - Fors euman left e rmay Or[wer e accompanied by their daugh-l[ o  worm lex wnere She Wlll[te r Fa'" "' -  .... II ' " ; , s. 'z,u z,as oven wltn her,, b:u:htgeUet f rF]arrnvrsKlejn. a;grandparents on the farm the past![ : Klein " .. ,.: . .a zer[ three weeks. I I ... . Iormer w ztrnot residents'l rl zmss Neumann was accompanied by[LEOALS tl NOW Show/llg Mrs. Chester Paasch, who will visitl-:OTC---OF-S-AL-E--ON-V;;O-S: II her husband who is stationed at]" ./IAN'S LItN" -I the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Camp Fannin. Tex. i To: Mrs. Gussie Nelson. 3606 60th Gregory Vanderberg, Mrs. Wilfred Masses at the Holy Name church Street. Kenosha. Wisconsin. on whose l account the goods hereinafter described Vanderberg. Appleton; Mrs. Agnes Sunday are at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m :are held: Van Alphen, Mrs. George Rooyck- Catechism Saturday afternoon at Nonce Is Hereby Given That the dersig'ned. Otto Nelson and Sons. Ine.j ors. Mrs. Bernard Spaay, Mrs. 3 o'clock for members of the First wiU sell at vublic sale to the bighest Howard Lynch, Kimberly, Wis.; Communion class only. bidder, at its warehouse at 2107-11 63rd, Mrs. Martin Spaay, Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Newell spent Place Kenosha. Wisconsin, on Satnrdav. [ Spaay. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spaay, the week-end at Baraboo. June 10. A. D. 1944. at 10:00 o'clock in Bristol;: Mrs. Hegerman, Miss Le- Peace Ev. Lutheran Church __ the morning the followin described miscellaneous household good, to-wit: nora Spaay. Racine; Mr. and Mrs. There will be Festival services 1 Leather davenoort Pentecost Sunda at 10 Wilson Snoody, Mrs. lVIolcolm Alby Y o'clock and Burlington; Patricia Spaay, Keno" Sunday school at 9 a.m. The Ladies she: Mrs. Arnold Thysen. Kim_IAid will meet at the church hall at 2 o clock Thursda a berly: Mr and Mrs. Stuart Mills ' y fternoon Geraldine, Elarita and Johnny'lJune 1. Mr and Mrs H Chicago, and Pfc. Malcolm Albyll . . arry McDougall Camp McCall, N. C were in Madison Monday. The children o'f St. Francis Mrs. Lloyd Stoxen and Joyce de- school received theirfirst Holy cam- companied Mrs. Austen Stoxen to] I Milwaukee Saturda reunion Sunday. Those who re- - " Y. ; ceived were Ann Schaefer Doro- thy Epping, Dolores Safraski, Lama Hotz, Donna Terry, Marilyn Meyer, Darlene Meyer, Robert Meyer, Raymond Meyer, Raymond Dixon, Gale Eppers, Dick Zelenski and Freddie Reesland. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ketterhagen at the Burlington hos- pital a son on Friday. Mrs. Susan Seitz spent from Fri- day until Saturday evening with her sister, Mrs. Matt Kemen, mak- ing quilts. Miss Antoinette Reiter, Washing- ton, D. C., is home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt getter. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dixon en- tertained the following guests on Sunday in honor of their son Ray- mond's first Holy communion. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lass and son, Kathlcen Wriedt, Milwaukee: Mr. and Mrs. Leo Seitz and children, Sturtevant: Mr. and Mr. and Irs. Frank Kruckmani were in Crystal Lake Sunday with; relatives. I Mrs. Herbert Sarbacker spent Monday in Milwaukee. , R. W. Schenning and Louis Gandt i are at Lake Mackenzie, Wis., for ! the week on a fishing trip Union Free High School -- The five honor students with the highest scholastic average in the Senior class for the past four years are ! TONIGHT and TH1JRSDAI ONE SHOW ONLY AT 7:00 P. M.---OUT AT 10 ONE SOLID HOUR OF GOOD INTERESTING SHORTS From :00 to S:00 o'Clock Sport Reel  Cartoon March of Time News Camera Adventures FOLLOW'ED BY TWO HOURS OF THE GREATEST MUSICAL YOU HAVE EVER SEEN  STARTS AT S O'CLOCK [ ALL OVER AT 1O P. M. FRL---"HOIIO ARm" | 1 Day bed 2 Day bed ends 1 Piano bench 2 Roll rugs 4 Boards 2 Leather rockers 1 Moo I Leather chair 2 Bed ends 1 Snring i2 Darts* 5 Chairs 1 Combination stoye DOROTHY UMOU00 d Pins , , Ke  8 I Actual Battle Scenes! 1 "T.E I I sToPPE. HITLEr" I IHEROIC STALINGRAD) MAUREEN O'HARA in 'nurrato ariA" Now Showing I DINNERWABE TO THE I LABIES IT'S l IHTIlll UtlEft  STARTS TONITE! "='I Extra: Surprise: | Sneak Prevue" [ About 9:00 p. M. [ HEDy LAMARB WM. POWELL in "'Heavenly B@dF'" and RICHARD DIX io "Ghost Sh/p" TONITE o .... o.. ('hinawar to ttet 'Lles I 'Ceette K.225"" J and  "Fed WHo" with ROBERT PAIGE -...7.... ILTII SaOWt|S 6tACK ik 044 & U SILKY OIL||BV Plus THE STRANGEST MYSTERy IN ALL HISTORY! GALE SONDERGAA LUDWIG DONATH in "THE STROE DEAYH OF RI)OLF HITLER" Applications have been filed by the Town Board of the Town of Salem for Class B Liquor Licenses in accordance with Chapter 176:05 of the Wisconsin Statutes by: Name Address PO Parcel Frank J. Gabala .... Elm's Place. Lakeview Tav.. Salem, Wis., 2870F Violet M. Gerl ...... TipTo p Inn, Wilmot_Rd ..... Trover, Wis., 3757F Josephine R. Waters. Shantytown Tavern ........ Trevor, Wis., 3818F Matt. G. Siebert .... Hooker Lake Hotel ......... Salem, Wis., 1952F Walter Koligowskl..Catalena Island, Hyway 83 .Antioch, III., 6206F Richard A. Moran...Fa/rway Grill, Hyway 83 .... Salem, Wis., 3258F Evan Kaye ........ Step Inn, Hyway 83 ........ Salem, Wis., 3771F Edw. J. Krachmer..Lakeside Resort ........... Camp Lake, 3711F William C. Will ..... Log Cabin Inn, Hyway 50...Salem, Wis., 2057F R. L. Hegeman ..... Wilmot Hotel .............. Wilmot, Wis., 5401F James Novacek .... Hillside Inn ............... Camp Lake, 3705F Charles H. Hanke... Oak Tavern, Hyway 83 ...... Salem, Wis., 3725F Irma L. Wisocki .... Hank and Irma's ........... Salem, Wis., 1948F Hovens & Hovens... Colony House ............. Trevor, Wis., 5931F John S. Blasi ....... Welcome Inn, ............. Trevor, Wis., 3709F Elmer J. Joerndt .... Shorewood Terrace Tavern. . Salem, Wis., 1757F John Rausch ....... Riverside Tavern .......... Wilmot, Wis., 5518F F. J. Lynch ......... Jerry's Tavern Plank Rd .... Bristol, WIS., 4F Frank Boddecker ...Salem Oaks Tavern ......... Salem, Wls., 2579F John A. Gever: ..... Gevers Tavern ............ Trevor, Wis., 3009F Fred Wilson ....... Village Inn, Hyway 50, ..... Salem, Wis., 1836F Rudolph De Groot..Dew Drop Inn, Hyway 83...Salem, Wis., 26145' August J. Kremer.. State Line Inn, Hyway 83... Antioch, Ill., 6567F Stella E. Polanin .... Bruno's Place ............. Salem, Wis., 1950F Joseph J. Fox ...... Maple Inn, Hyway 50 ....... Salem, Wis., 3767F1 Silvestro Covelli ...Pasadena Gardens, Hy. 50...Antioch, Ill, 6104F Frank J. Larwin .... Larwin's Resort ............ Camp Lake, 395F C. J. Hazelman, Jr.. Liberty Inn, Hyway 83 ...... Salem, Wis., 3772F Mary Lorig ........ Brass Ball Tavern .......... Salem, Wis., 1866F Clara T. Meyer ..... Meyer's Tavern, Hyway50..Salem, Wis., 1882F1 Donald L. Klapper..Horse Shoe Inn, Hyway 50.. Salem, Wis., 2095F Above applications will be heard, considered and acted upon at a meeting of the Town Board on Friday, May 26th, 1944, at 8 P. M. at the Clerk's Office. ALFRED J. SCHMIDT, Town Clerk. (May 24, 25, 26) Published by authority of the Council of the City of Kenosha, pur- suant to Section 176.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Kenosha, Wis., May 23, 1944. Office of the City Clerk, Notice is hereby given that the following person has made applica- tion to the Common Council of the City of Kenosha for a transfer of intoxicating liquors and malt beverage license. Said application will be heard, considered and acted upon at the regular meeting of the City Council to be held June 5th, 1944. Name Business Address Residence Sos. J. Garnero ............ 5814 - 5th Ave ............ 5036-B - 6th Ave. (May 23, 24, 25) Saturday Nite May 27, 1944 and Deeoration Day Tuesday, May 30th featuring LEROY STEVENS AND HIS BAND Adm. 3ScIncindbsg T Dancg Free DANCING EVERY SAT. NITE Roller Skating Rink -:- OPENS -:- PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES . FUN SHOW . STARTS TODAY FORGET YOUR I BOTH NON- TROUBLES [ WAR PICTURES The Academy Award Winners [ GINGER JAMES ROGERS  STEWAgT 'Vivacious Lady" PLUS CLAUDETTE COLBERT. J KAY MILLAND, BRIAN AHEKNE II II SKYLARK " ALSO ADDED ATTRACTIONS Friday Night 7:30 p. m. I Wednesday, May 24, 1944 1 Small marble toy tble Cour:tv. on or before the 7th day of I Ironing board November. 1944. or be barred and that 2 Picture all such claims and demands will be 8 Cartons and content lexa,nined and adjusted at a term of said 1 ]II. lug I Court to be held at the Court House in 1 Small grid I the city of Kenosha. in sid Count-,', on 1 Desk Tuesday. the 5th of December. 1944. at SO much thereof as may be necessary 10 ,,'clock in the forenoon of said day. setisy its lien for storage and other Dated .Nfay 20. 1944. charRes, including the costs of these vro- By Order of the Court. eeedirs. Dated this  day of May. A. D. 1944. OTTO NELSON & SONS. INC. ,May 24-3D STATE OF WISCONSIN -- COUNTY COURT--KENOSHA COUNTY. In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas Riley, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING APPLICATION FOB ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that at a term of sid Court to be held on Tuesday. the ROBERT V. BAKER, Judge. lay 24, 31: June 7 STATE OF WISCONSIN -- CIRCUIT COURT--KENOSHA COUNTY. In the matter of the petition of Robert Clair Querens for a change of name to Robert Clair Fulmer. NOTICE OF APPLICATION EaR CHANGE OF NAME TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Public notice is hereby given that the undersigned will anPlv to the Circuit 20th day of June 1944. at 10 o'clock in Court for Kenosha Count)', Stae of the forenoon of said day. at the Court Wisconsin, at the regular term thereof House in the city of Kenosha. in said! to be held at the Court House. in the County. there will be heard and on-icity of Kenosha. in said Count,... on the sidered: tl0tl day of July. 1944. at the openznE The apvltcaUon of Marne Spencer forlof court on that day. or as men there. the anvointment of an administrator oflafter as counsel can be beard for an the end.ate of Thomas Riley. deceased, larder changing the name of the under* late of the city of Kenosha, in said stgned from Robert Clair Querens to County I Kobert C alr Fulmer. Notice is further given that all claims i Dated l.hi., 23rd day of May. 1944 against the said Thomas Riley. deceased. I ROBERT CLAIR QUERF_2S. late of the city of Kenosha. in Kenosha[VAUDREUIL & VAUDREUIL. AttorneyS County. Wisconsin. must be vresented[ for petitioner. to said County Court at Kenosha. in said ,May 24. 31: June 7. 14. 21. 2, THE WILD WEST LIVES AGAIN! THRILL-SWEPT AS THE PLAINS HE RODE! RECKLESS AS HIS DARING! FABULOUS AS HIS DEEDS SEE! Cheyennes on warpath! THOMAS MITCHELl EDGAR BUCHANAN ANTHONY QUINN Drected by WILUAM A. WELIJtNN hoded Iff HASTY A SHHMN8 The Screen's Newest, Screwy Slueth A COLUMBIA also ] "TOM. T['RK AND DAFFI"' LATE WORLD NEWS Extral Tonite About 9:00 SURPRISE "SNEAK PREVUE" TAKE OUR TIP . . . "YOU'Ll[, ROAR AS IT IIAPPENS"! ) " 5, A . ; ig'