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May 24, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 24, 1944

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J Wednesday, May 24, 1944 By  D]P CHAPTER XXVII Courtright was doing a job oi frightening Aaraski that satisfied her. Baldwin was aiding her, un- wittingly. AzRraski was quite ter- rified, although pretending other- wise, and he would not push her for more of a show of results. Not tonight. . Azaraski said hoarsely. "You,re crazy'. Link and Norma will go back to prison and keep their mouths shut. They will never know Courtright found out the meanin| of the message. After the war they will find the hiding placq empty, but they will not know who got into it. Link and Norton will not talk. All we have to do is tell eN0mA 00Sma N00WS Page Eleven L JOE PALOOKA Good Advice --By Ham Fisher Take Away the Lady [Fun00ny Business He wanted to talk to NormL --::.=w-: But he didn't know what bedroom _ she was in. He had been too busy worrying about Courtright to no- ------- rice what bedroom Norma had - --.... -- = .. taken. He thought Norma and Courtright were together. He was barely inside his own room when Noro's voice whis- pered his name. "Link?" she asked. "Is it you?" "'Holy cats, baby, you startled "KPJI"V me," Link breathed, ro-oe Norma whispered, "I've been waiting here a long time. I was getting ao worried. Are you all right?" They located each other in the the Japanese intelligence there is darkness, and Link took her hands nothing to the message. Then weand kept hold of them. She ex- can go and get the loot ourselves, plained, "I couldn't sleep, and I We will be safe. thought if you weren't asleep, you Now was a good time to leave, might talk to me. But you weren't Courtright decided. She got out )f here." the car. "We want to be careful .... Norma. have you seen Court. she said. "Good night, Captain. right?" he whispered. Good night, Baldwin." "No. She is asleep, I imagine. I She walked' away, finding that hope she is, anyway, because she shc had to fight a weak feeling in would be scandalized if she knew her legs. She walked toward the I was in your room. She asked for inn. By force and determination a different room, because she said she held herself erect, a tall she snored." straight figure of a woman in the Link put an arm around Norma "They spelled my name wrong, so I crossed, it offl" darkness, and kissed her. He held her close Captain Azaraski and Baidwin and touched her hair. When he WOII "d ; sat in the car. They were silent for felt how she was trembling, he This Curious some time. realized how really frightened she That damned old woman," Aza- had been. He was sorry for her, raski said finally. "Do you suppose and afraid for her. He kept his By WI en Ferglo ahe would cross us up?" arms around her for a long time, Baldwin was silent, because it reluctant to release her, and step was an unhappy possibility, and back and face reality. in his private opinion, a good one. "Nora." he asked, "would Til- n WASH TUBBS Do the Japs Know? A Major Calamity FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Azaraski Swore in Japanese. "'As da Courtright hold a grudge?" noon as I learn the meaning of that "Grudge against who?" gibberish about storms and cyclone "I am going to ask a question, cellars." he said, "I am going to baby, and I don't want you to get WRON,SU?. WAT HIVSTTRAC4C'TNING T.A'r  SNAfflED OlS IN shoot Courtright, along with Link mad about it. Didn't your father |N|II,  u c_.(e R.  j 'ARL ) | MY I.Alr PAIIR OF and Norma." borrow Courtright's savings once O1" 51RmSH "'You might," said Baldwin, upon a time, and lose them in a COLUASl NYLON STOCKINGS. / *'have to explain that to your su- business deal?" HAVE NO perior officers." "Oh. Link! That!" Norma ex- g7"2' Azaraski grunted disagreeably, claimed. "Dad didn't borrow her #/'. "Poison. then," he said. "They got savings. He just plain swindled THL" Ad(E some spoiled food. Lots of people her out of them. That was the way ITFROATHE In Japan are getting poisoned on he got his capital, the capital with OIL OF: A the food. The food is terrible.'" which he started business in the I-I, On that note. without exchang- Orient." Ing goodbys, the two men sepa- "Wouldn't Courtright still resent OO//C/v',4A/. rated Azaraski went toward %he that?" inn. Baldwin took another direc. "No, not at all," said Norma. tion. to a nearby village, traveling "Oh Link, you don't know the rest slowly and favoring his infected of the story. It turned out to be --"----" L([ foot the most profitable thing that ever v. it m tt a par. . After they had gone. Link happened to Tilda Courtright. Lat- had been sure. all evening, that shirt. They used to have a great ETN.ftMU, IWCd$  Courtright was behaving strangely, time laughing about it, the two of e had heard Courtright leave the them." ooamvL t, BUDDIES So Good inn, and he had followed her. The "Oh, she got her money back?" #' grass was very tall near the car, "Twenty times over. Link, why r- __ and he had ept close to the ma- are you asking such a thing?"  chine without ,being observed. He "Hold your hat," Link said. "To .... - rk.. C...- ": vk  .. .x,/....\\;% had been able to hear most of what night, about thirty minutes ago, I    / i :A' "%, ,( .h ;O- .%' f: had been said. heard Courtright leave the inn. I ,--" -'" _.-.   W\\;'' "I, % Nt  "' Link had a hair-raising time followed her. She met Captain Aza- ;'.; Igetting back, in silence, to his bed- raski and Roger Baldwin for a talk, v/k' CUG AULE OF room in the darkened inn. The a little get-together of kindred EtWT worst part came after he was in souls." tqTAIN. APP1ROMATEL the inn. The thick floor mats made There was no belief in Norma's b$'OO, 000 TONS O tt difficult to locate squeaky boards, voice as she said. "Oh, Link, Tilda .d'J',f.d. I The planks had a way of remain- Courtrlght would not do such a Ing silent until all his weight was thing." On them. then grunting like igs. (To Be ConMmmmd) NEXT: PL.wmr solar pl. RED RYDER Young Star Around the Dial May 24, 1944 am.. m..  . Pictured  :  ...... s'm w(w ....... me 12 Age  wm ......  WCFL ....... leee .  wo ...... 'me ms. . 13 Knock  14 Like 4 0- WGN--News Bulletins rrl " 16 Following VBBM--Paul Gibson Progr VJENR--Mystery Chef " ]8 Commotion  4:lS---WGN--Prtton Sellers. organist 0 Let It stand WTMJ-WbIAQ---Ye Love and 2l Charged atom Learn 2,3 Calcium WENR--New Reports (symbol) 4:30WGN--The Music Mart WBBM--Fred Be_k. organist WENH--Malcolrn Claire, stortee @:45---WISN -WBBM--American Women WTMJ-W2AQ--Front Page FarreA1 V,'CFL---Lean BCR and Listen WENR--Dick Tracy a:0-WGN--News BuHetin WEN'R--Terry and Pirates WMAQ---Alex Dreier; Mtmieal WBBM--AIvin J, Stelnkopf, new WNews Report 6:IS--WGN--Chlck Carter. ria] %VBB]--Lyn Murray's orchestra WMAQ--News; Sweet and Spanlgh VNR--Advs. of Jimmy Allen WCFL--Don -tiste, pianist 5:30--WGN--Safet Legion Time WENR--Jack Armstrong, serial WCFL---Let's Dance 6: 45---W GN---Superrnan. serial WISN-WBM--The World Today WENR--Capt. Midnight. serial VqMAQ---Hub Jackson. news WCFL----Davld Rose's orchestra S:00--WGN---Johnny Betta, |on-p&tteZ WBBM--News; Sports Reel VTMAQ----J Blade and Music WCFL---News Reporte ulian Bentley. news 6:15--WGNTelephone Quiz W2V[AQ---Robert St. John WISN-WBBM---John Nesbitt's Parade WCFL---Mtmical Motorcade WLS---L. Burlingham; Music 6 30---WGN---.John Holbrook. newe WBBM--Ey Aces %VL..W--The Lone Ranger W MLAQ-upper Interlude WCTLAdvs. of Jane Arden 6:4---WGN--The Lion's Roar WMAQ---H. V. Kaltenborn Wack Kelly'a orchestra 7:00---WGN---Cecil Bcown. ne W'IdJ oWIA--Mr, and North WISN-WBM--AIIan Jones WCFI.e--News Report T I---WGN--The Srnoothies WLS---Lum and Abner wCFlBing Crosby, songs :30---WGN--Xavter Cugat Show WTMJ-.'MAQ---Beat the Buld WlSN-WBBM--Dr. Christian WLS---My Best Girls WCFI.r--Dr. Schcher, news ?:4.---WCFL,--ProudlF We Salute 8:0@--WGN---Gabril Hetter, newl WTMJ-WMAQ---Eddte Cantor WISN-WRBM--Frank Slnatra V.'R---DunnUer Program WCI..--News; Chrlt Counselor a:l--WGN---Return of Nick Carter 8:30--WGN--FLrst Nghter Drama WTMJ -WMAQ--Mr. Dttrict Attorney WISN-WB---Jack Carson Show rEINP--Spotllht; E. Howard WCFL.--I.bor New Fluh I:45---WT'I.,---Any Bond Tonight? 9:00--WGNA/'eh Ward on Sports WISN-WBBM---Great Mom--t in Music i'MJ -WMAQ---Kv K.vser WFNR--Leland Stowe, news 9 I---WF-.NRTop of the Evening WVictory i Our Buineu 9:30--WGN--The Norhtrener' Concert VqSN-W'B--Report to the Nation WCFL--oldiers With Wings WKNR---toria; Dance Time 10:00--WG--The Answer Man WMAQ---Fred Wartn Time WISN-WBM--I Love Mystery Woulto Kely. nev WENR--Symphonette, M. tro I0 l--WGN--.Chiego at Night Kleve , ne WBBM.8o the Story Go WC37-Varlety $ow WTMJ-WMAQ---Just Plain Bill Q---What is the literal meanin at the expression ad lib? AAt one's pleasure; from th Latin ad libtturn. Q--What is the name and ton- nage of the world's largest ship AThe Queen Elizabeth, 85,00( tons, Q--What scientific theory laid th groundwork for the invention oJ radio? A--William Gilbert's theory, ad- vanced in 1600, that the earth wa.,, WBBM---John Harrinon, news a magnet surrounded by fields o: force. ---When was the most destatln earthquake on record, and whal was the loss of life? A--1703 in Japan; 200,000 killed Q--What will be the goal of th{ Fifth War Loan? A---$16,000,000,000. So They'Say Cut out the demagoguery before a committee. That is Congress own specialty and encroachment ir this sphere is resented.--Nattona: Association of Manufacturers' bro. chure to business men on how to b a good witness. It is an elementary principle thai any national policy is no stronge] than the force available to maintaiz it.AdmL H, E. Yernell, retired. It is to be expected that th enemy defense there (in Italy) an( the reinforcements which may com, from reServes will render the nex' step in the Allied campaign ex. ceedingly difficult.  Secretary o'. War Henry L. Stiruson. We didn't pay our debt to th, dead of the last war when througl sel-interest we let conditions grov up throughout the world tha !caused war for us. This is our sac. land chance.--Eleanor Roosevelt. H we follow the path of a put, four-power military alliance am embark upon the course of int. perialism which will accompan it, how can we expect to see ac complished those fundamental re fonzts without which there will b, no hope for a more stable world?-- Sumner Welles, former tmdex-sec retary of state. RORIZONT&I. , 'Vlt'l'ICAL :  I WrRin tool 2 Exist 3 Cab 4 Iridium (symbol) G Vehicle 6 Historic 7 Tangle 8 We 9 Location 10 Before 11 Permit --.By Leslie rarne, "--I TI l 11 IE I hJ EIII ,r, nrqHNRA_ mrt A M..L i.n DAVID PlEIAJ e'NTIE'ILI 1 e. .. ,J S IAIM/IIAINIeNIA I111 raHKlltiU I  30 Near 51 Sttld 32 Greek letter 52 Also 34 Courtesy title 53 Air Raid 37 Street (abbr) Precaution" 38 Long for (abbr.) --/ Blosser --By Martin --By Fred Harman 5Bo00e ,0000.ton.0,oun. do, 5,,ndn.-- 27 Negative , I@ On account 41 She has sung only (abbr.) 28 Haft an em (abbr I many an  57 American M 29 Musical note 20 Male children 42 Therefore humorist 31 Joy 22 Neither  47 On the shel. ',58 Article of 33 Resource 24 Beverage tered side furniture 35 That one 25 Ocean (abbr } 48 Nickel 60 Father -- 36 Within 28 Glow (symbol) 62 Ruthenium 37 Breaks 29 SI0w (music) 49 Afresh (symbol) 40Separatea m, ,, ' " [" I 43Tellurium |" I" l'l (rs'mn n, i i nm You Here Again? ..... --By V. T. Hamlin 44Indian army I I I n. [ n (abbr.) I" I I I' [ I ,45Chaldean city,, I n l 2"14--r #E.t,, "/jJVIN', &BUTTErATION)ITAOD.AE.'" 48 Hawaiian bird |  I Cl'rl IEI D. IT I ,.UNII:_J. -" DI'E;;N'r NOW--/TOO--EYIt.DI------- s-,,mon P I--I  I-- ,.,._.- j r r, "1 I "--'cc= X s' Omle L-k.,.4--1,, 'Ca- ',/4 ! I (d " e-,,,e 0000story - I I ,nike . # I " P" I Lyric poem ! I I I 4Shehas lS'l l II I I appeared In I I I  PI I I IJ "'--"" --By Williams Detail for Today Shelter Half W OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE .-.with Major Hoople I: I \\; ? k 10:30---WGN--Ne Buletin W'MA (.--Pla,YUe Program n wnm-,.,. lud, nm WR---But Not FollOtte I WCFI--Mtudc Lovers' Progzlm 10:45--WGN--Worid'e Front Pag [ W]AQ--LL Gen. Khod IAm | WB]/---8rerusde and Swing W];l--New; lvthm at Random [ U:00--ALL NrrWOMtmie $1m,--ad Nt, uatll 12 p. m. A SHELTER HALF is what civil- tans know as a pup tent. A sol- dier cannot have the dubious pleasure of sleeping in one alone, for he has only one-half of it, and must find a comrade with the other haft or sleep with the sky as a roof. Putting up a SHEL- T] HALF is maddening--taking it down ridiculously imple....-It'a not so bad ff the soldier it al- lowed to pick his own camlite. but more th often a "formal bivouac" is in order and the G. L's find thentlves putting up and taking down WRh aggravattn IHold Everything 'You're making big dough new, Jocko, but after the war you'll wizh rou'd tck with me!" repetition, until the straight line desired is achieved. SHELR HALVES have an odor all their own, a result of many zdlM Um gund. \