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May 26, 1944     Kenosha News
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May 26, 1944

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g:. .+ &apos;/ -+., + ! .! Friday, May 26, 1944 Memorial Day Parade, Ritual Plans Revealed (Cant/need from Page One) Upham. Memorial Day address--Attor- ney L. E. Vaudreuil. I Firing of the Memorial Volley The American Legion and Veterans[ of Foreign Wars Firing Squad. I "Taps"-- American Legion andd Veterans of Foreign Wars buglers, i "'Star Spangled Banner"-- The! massed musical units of the parade! Zerk Wedding Flooded Mails directed by George Manupella. ANZIO CONTACT -- Lt. FranciS a.t..J w.t Buckley (above), Philadelphia, Pa., rxra ..... aers ..... I was the first advancing officer to Announcing the line of marchlmake contact with Anzio beach- and the units that will be includedlhead.--(Ap Wirephoto) in the Memorial Day parade, Mar- t ..... shal William Schmitt said that',. . . final details will be worked outtlnforn=flnn=l when the section leaders meet at, llllUlllUllUllUll" - - " the Legion Memorial building at 7 p. m. tonight. The parade line-up | J r ' .s worked out by the parade mar IMrlnPv p:£1Nn shal and Deputy Parade .larshalilIVlllt [ dvJJIVll George Petersen was gven as 00Called by FDR First Section: Leader, Frank HarveI];i form on Forty-fifth street, west of Sev-[ .nth avenue, facing Seventh avenue-- Cit] Police Escort; Commanders o all Publicity which attended the wedding on April 26 of Miss Adele: Zirk. Caldwell, N. J., and Oscar U. Zerk, Dunmovin, after a light- ning romance, has brought spec- tacular manifestations of a wide variety of interests. Zerk, a successful inventor-! engineer, with more than 300 pat-i ents in the automotive field, has been literally besieged by inven- tors in every section of the country asking him for help in marketing or perfecting their own ideas. Some need money, others need influence Veterans Organizations; American Le- I ¢Continued from Page One) lion Band American Legion Firing, . a small place, a distant cousin of Squad; Order of Purple Heart; City andlbroad prlnciples of a proposed $8,- Mrs. Zerk, whom the latter had County Officials; Wisconsin State Guard. 000 00(} 0(g} old.hod fhiliTfin never seen, came to the home whoa Company A Racine and Company D.[f_ '-"-_° -''-,- .... "7 ...... ]Kenosha ld Star Mothers" Sons of unQ. wnlcn WOUlfl De usecI to re-passing through Kenosha with her the Unson Veterans of the Civil War;rStore international finance and pro- husband, a colonel in the army. She Women's Relief Corps of the Civil War;mote world trade had read of the marriage in her Ladies of the G.A.R.: Daughters of the! ..... , Th li husband's army camp newspaper G. A. R.; Auxiliary of the Sons of the at out ne was agreed to by ..... i "r " Union Veterans of the Civil War. treasury technicians of 34 nations[ .ne oI t,n.e, react on.s z am Second Section: Leader. Ross Phelps:  Under it the United Stateslnauonai puDllClIy wnlcn Drougrlt Seventhf°rm. Onavenue.FOry-sixthfacing SeventhStreet' avenuWeSt e--°f i woula pu.t up. arouna ............ z .... ouu vuu OUU [mOStword heappreciati°nreceived fromfr°mseveralZerK menWaS Vtlmot Hxgh School Band American Great Brltam about $1,250,000,000 ............ Legmn, Kenosha Post No. 21; Spanish I and Russia about $1 000 000 000 lw n° naa,servea wm n.mj  teu.ow +American War Veterans; Disabled Vet-   , ,_ ' , ' ' .,'lomcers in tne Imperial t.usrlan t s h zse balance WOUlCt come tram am tram; Forty and Eight; For y and E'g t " " arm i- Wrl w= T men no in Locomotive American Legion Auxiliary er participating nations .':," "" ".. ...... ' "- "" "" a ' W " I,IIIS country uxili ry of the Spanish American ar While the White House an ..... Veterans; Auxiliary of the Disabledlm nt ...... ..ce. The wedding itself was given %'eterans Mothers of World War b', e Q10 not say so speclncally, It nation -^min o^ i- +' '" ]IottaerS of World War II. ]was learned on hgh authority the and radio at the time it occurred. Third Section: Leader, A. W. Permns;',conference also would considerpr0- T  tio ' * ir l"tio .e na ns .up c cu n news o:m on Forty-seventh street, west all posals for a +1000^^^0u uu worlct .... oanx " ,eventh avenue, facing Seventh ave-If ' ' magazines carried it, there were hue--Veterans of Foreign Wars Drum i or reconstruction and develop- pictures and stories of the wedding and Bugle Corps" Veterans of Foreignlment :_ , , :_ . _ .. ' • " m me lore:gn £anguage press iz A'ars Majorettes; Veterans of Foresgn[ At "- - "'  " -- - " - the same time ne presentea e I rl Wars Firing Squad: Veterans of Foreignl . . . yen appeared n London and Af - Wars" Veterans of Fore gn Wars De-[ the stablhzatlon outline to eongress can newsnaners in Honolulu in ' " W IIt " " " ' fence Unit: Solders of arid War ;;Morgenthau said that any interna- Yank and in Stars and Strines the Veterans of Foreign wars .uxlliary: tional -ree .....  ' ag ment entereu into arm ne ]Pohsh American War Veterans; Thirty- i . " y wspapers overseas. eecond Division. i would be subject to congressional Fourth Section: Leader. Edson L. Og- approval or diSapproval. • ien; form on Forty-eighth street, west • of Seventh avem,-, facing Seventh ave-! nue--C. Y. O. B.nd; Sea Scouts: Navy I Club; Navy Club Auxiliary: Sail .... ,Arrest Nan, 28, W'orld War LI; High School Cadet i Civil Air Patrol. ++o,+o o.o+ ,.+ With a Girl 16 fen; form on Forty-ninth street, west of Seventh avenue, facing Seventh ave- f lue--Boy Scouts Elks Band; Kenosha County Combat Un!t; Nash Kelvinator Stopped by a police squad when Guards: American Red Cross: Nurses' the car went through an arterial Aides; Boy Scouts: Girl Scouts; Indus- trtal Units: Squads of Horses from sign. a man and girl were ar- unnydale Stables. rested at 3 a. m. today. The man Gives Parade Route admitted to police that he was married and has three children. He Schmitt said that the parade: is 28. The girl is 16. Both the man uuzts will be placed starting at 1:30 p. m. Sunday and that the line will start moving at 2 p. m. Any addi- tional Kenosha organizations wish- Lng to take part in the parade may contact the parade marshal at the[ Seventh Avenue fire station atl 1:30 Sunday afternoon. The line of march will move south on Seventh avenue, eering to Sixth avenue and proceeding through the city's downtown busi- ness section. Continuing south on Sixth avenue "A," the line of march will halt momentarily at the Lincoln Memorial statue and the Soldiers' Monument in Library park while wreaths are placed. The parade will then continue south on Seventh avenue to Sixty- first street, turning north on Fifth avenue and moving east to the Lake Front Stadium on Fifty- eighth street. The parade marshal indicated that the line-up of marching units and musical groups will enter the stadium by the north gate. 0 and girl were ordered to appear at police headquarters for further in- vestigation. still others want advice, and there i fare some who are certain that their [particular ideas could revolutionize i human life, or, something, if they could only get enough help to in- sure completion of their invention. In the mail still arriving at Dun- movin are also offers from some who have something to sell A southern dowager has a 200-year- old grandfather's clock she would like to sell Zerk. A western flower fancier would like to sell Zerk some freak plants that grow leaves of rubber--"better than the rubber plant can make," he assures. Cousins Meet To demonstrate that the world is NOTICE! We are pleased to announce the arrival of some of the items you have been asking and waiting for. The itenm listed below will be on sale tonight and Saturday. Shop earlyl MEN'S OVERALLS. 1.69 & 1.47 Summer Weight PAJ AMAS . ...... 1.49 Sanforized Shrunk CLOTH PANTS... 2.29 Sanforized Shrunk MEN'S ARMY German Railroads MUSLIN NITE SHIRTS... 1.79 In Bad Condition WOMEN'S RAYON PANTIES 4g' P R ys' Sh t Sleeve Bern, Switzerland --0P)---Seven S 0 T SHIRTS ...... l.g8 days were required to travel from Size 4 to 8 Berlin to Paris, so badly smashed I JUVENILE SAILOR SUITS. 3.98 are the railroads as a result all Allied air blows, a Paris letter re- :- ported to a neutral business man! Junior ys' here. i The Gazette De Lausanne said I CASUAL SUITS . . . . • CoS0 bombings in France now are tak- t " ing a weekly toll of more than 2 Styles Boys" ,000 killedl r MILITARY HELMETS.. 25 ¢ & 89 € F"' White, Pink, Blue _  BABY BONNETS . . .... 6g' . !  to + n,or,ed Shrunk 'r ! CHILDREN'S JIMMIES.... 1.49 ' sLACK su, Sizes00 to, /,,@r 1 TSby.te..... 1.$ . I/,i \\;, '! SOFT SOLEDaSHu0ES ..... 98' '  /  li:j HBGH CHAIRS by .... rd 6"90 & 8"90  il ink and lue atin , | I FI 1 QUILT and PILLOW SET... 3.98 !  ' ii[ PRINTED GABARDINE" "Yd" gS' RAYON SEERSUCKER... yd. 6g + , [I UNBLEACHED MUSLIN.yd. I§ €  Lsd::s Tail°red  I GLAZED CHINTZ...... yd. ,g + 1 PRINTED SWISS........¥d. 49' # • TOPCOATS  27' WHITE FLANNEL yd. IS', lg: • SLACKS i PRINTED MUSLIN..e...yd. §  • SPORT JACKETS $tl II ADJUSTABLE SLIP COVERS : In stock and also P'II o.,o=e '+[ SOFA.. ll.S0 CHAIRS..6.TS ! + FAULKNER EPSTEIN KEHOSHA EVENING NEWS  F'm, Ell • JI 1"1 [nosha Elks war activities commit- ing with the rle work being lUC Mnra ma n 1, at the regular meeting Of the ably exemplified bY the new o- """ =,%= o+ niunvu,e nCeTinniuv 13,,,,kl^ O^n.I (.n{ll to the xe.o,, lo<Ue during owing . ;.m, -. IllUlIIVIU ql IIhilllPIUnlNl L/UUUI UUIIU UUUlUl.m. • c mp.algn .total:l+edSgO,150,.more were refreshmenm -,m enteruun- _ ....... man aoume me 14u,uuu quota set RenT. 1,I1 - m am for this lodge. A delegation from t Sales of U. S. war bonds by the Kenosha lodge of Elks during its participation in the statewide cam- paign of the order to sell enough bonds to sponsor the construction of a submarine chaser were more than double the quota set for the local lodge according to the report presented Thursday evening by Ray L. Smith, chairman of the Ke- the Kenosha ledge will attend the launching of the ship at Sturgeon Bay on next Sunday in connection with the annual spring conference of the Wisconsin State Elks associ- ation. The goal for bond sales for the entire state in the Elks earn- paign was $1,004).000. A class of ten candidate were initiated into the order at the meet- ;Report Income Slump Chicago  Chicago. Mflwau. kee, St Paul and Pacific Railroad today reported a net income of $866,912 for the month of April, 1944, after fixed charges and con. tingent, interest. For the marne month last year the net income was 3,465,798. | i FOR SALE osh or Terns to eUable pctr presents discriminating Kenosha womer00 shop with a devoted exclusively to their r00eedS in//he footwear <++ : I  ... created by the nation's largest shoe manufacturer will be featur / . s,z, m, o