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June 5, 1944     Kenosha News
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June 5, 1944

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Monday, June 5", 1944 KENOSHA EVENING HEWS Page Five k 5 ;. i?:.. S .! mc w-W mcmm S 2e/ ................ ................. ...................... .......................... t? tF in &apos;ully e'00y 'et's nt lse " Gives Eyewitness Account of U.S. , ....... Plan Submit am0us Poet wor. ........ so much harder than we worked : .. i ! :::: i last year, be so much more un- I i selfish than we ever thought it ' ' " IFarle00 s Name Statement La nd mgs at Base In R ussja on mentPssibleof tOour be'eountrylend to forthe thegVern'suc- .... At Convention Fifth War Loan eessful conclusion of this war, so ' " " " "   ; we could possibly scrape togeer 00n00etSv0000:t'r00lm00kin0000rst, .... much more tha. we h. though, .... ::::: t--than when this war is won, and shuttle bombing flight to Russia was anxious and willing to go. theirl rby us each one of us ean,ay with commander, a colonel from Chicago. proudly related today, pride, 'I helped. I gave alI could. Washington  (U.R)  A plan to Editor's note: A distinguished pool iAnd who knows what little thing sets forth in the following dispatch I turned the tide in the direction of "We got word the night before the flight we were going to Russia," I submit James A. Farley's name to I compellin reasons why every Ameri- the Democratic national canyon- he said in an exclusive interview, with the Associated Press "You 1,., City can bet I was pretty excited." V00Tlran "I made the announcement at a 1/ UII%UII l"neeting of all officers and men.' many of them veterans of more I'S Ud d ' 'n'amage" than 50 missions. They said 'swell' end "hot dog' Then I told them that not a man had to go if he didn't want to I mean they had dne their mis'iAS Wi Pass, ,ions. Well sir. not a single man, qr q READY FOR JAPS ON BIAK -- An American medium tank rolls onto spoke up--they all wanted to go. 11/ 1 the beach at Biak island in the Schouten group ready to engage the so it amounts "to almost the same" Jap tanks. Shortly after arrival, the Yank tanks met the enemy's in thin as. a volunteer basis. . I was By ELEANOR" PACKARD th , first2 battle of ths kind in the southwest Pacific. (AP Wirephoto proud of them" .. ......... from bzgnal Corps Radmphoto). bnlieo lress tarl correocneni r The commander said the Flving ,... . .... ) ., ..... ' and their fighter escort has not been dama ed in n : s v. ent s.ra,ght for tare,s in Hu w by the extensive bombing that the/00nanp0000a 12'1.,,,1.,,,,, ,,.1: T ;,(^' , - g a y way gary. His plane went t:i the big Allie have delivered to railroad %AI%411J'$%' JL JI(LJ.t UI I,lll railway city of Deoreczcr. No fiak yards in Rome 'k and no-enemv- . , planes_ were en-'_znat zact" ,,'as confirmed today u00%'0pus Takes ..... .... - .......... .... " eounterea ne remtea b H "d  .,  g A d Pr " y arm zlttmann U  envoy Lend Lease leaded for Russiz :to the Vatican, who gave me an "'We hit the target all right, interview after I had made my way into Vatic City territory. /i s York. Pa. -- A pair of spec- then turned and headed toward the Tittman said ne understood that'00lr00,, Punishment turned up at Russian Re- Soviet Union and you can bet I the German and Japanese ambassa-' lief headquarters with this note got a real thrill out of that." the dor s to the Holy See planned to attaciled: colonel said. remain in Vatican City. i "I wore these when I first met "'We didn't know what we were. The attitude of the Pope toward! By Associated Press my wife and decided they might help some Russian to find a good going to find. you know. We didn't'Allied occupation forces will be the I .The Japanese war ctopus is run- wife." know exactly how many Ameri- same as it was toward German nmg against ever-heavier Allied air cans we'd find or how many Rus- forces. T ttmann said -- strict neu- blows on five of iLs far-flung ten- glans we'd find. ,trality. ltacles, but Tokyo radio said today Pouter Pigeons? The colonel said that before he i "The Pope is always willing to[inn offensive which will cut China left he tol his men about when]work for peace," Tittmann said, m two and foil Amclican strategy" Nashville Tenff.  Peculiar they would hit the RussianGerman "but I doubt that the fall of Rome is reaay, noises in th'e attic of a Sixteenth front, and "we didn't miss it far." will necessarily cause hizn to make Allied aerial succe.;=es were re-! avenue home sent Engine Corn- "How did we know it was the any special demarche at the pres-.ported in new assaults in Newi pany No. 7 on an investigating front? Well brother, they began ent time. The attitude of the Pope!Gu inca operations in the south-' run. shooting at us--I mean the Ger- s one of strict neutrality. During w eat Pa:ific. against the Kurile is- Firemen climbed a ladder and rnans." the German occupation of Rome :lands in the North PPcific and on' found 22 pigeons trapped by car- T ............ ,,.,,!uniformed Germans were not per Truk in the central Pacific pent]rs who inadvertently had ne na. hOWever, was "g" mtted to go beyond" the gates'l In the vital China theater where' boarded up the birds' exits. end the planes appeared to be com- . . ' -' ..............  gummed Dy the Swiss guards Nor 'Chinese troops are trying to stopl lng mrougn all rlgn De zalu . " " " --'"'-- ' ' are unnormed Americans going to the Japanese advance on Changhsal ' Joined by Russians ,be permitted to do so." ,in Hunan province American air-[Tradition Ends men harassed the invaders. "Our fighters were with us and. Kept from Section [ And in the India-Burma theater: New York -- A 143-year-old o were the Russmns by thz tzme , Alt n AIh:i er anal " "" "  hough I was permitted to on- a u o0 ati . summary tradition has ended at Brooklyn TheY were over us. And from then te r St. Peter's cathedral and roam said "overwhelming air superiority"! Navy yard with the annour, ce- On It wa a real pleasure ar , ' " ' ound other part of Vatican City .vas a major factor in placing those, ment by the navy that women One of his engines began gwng territory, I was not allowed into campa!gn in favorable positionsl are now working as welders and trouble and "I kept wondering!the part of the city where the Pope before the monsoons .curtailed[ elecricians with men on the con- who would fix it when we landed.!and the diplomats reside That was progrc=ss. Adm. Lord Louls Mount- I struction of warships. Russians or Americans. Now I am because I had on a war correspond-batten announced grins of 200! Of the. 65,000 nvy yard em- very proud to say it was fixed by ent's uniform. I sent a note inlay ard in bitter fightin for Japm'sl ploye. 4.000 are women and have both Russians and Americans." Tittman and he came out of the Myitk. vma base in North Burma proved their worth, Rear Admir- As soon as he stepped out ofiresidential section of the city to and Japanese w:thdrawal froml al Monroe Kelly, commandant, the plane someone handed the grant me the interview. Mamsun at the wes}ern end of the declares. colonel a microphone. "During the two year and 25 North Burma front. ! t a us a das " "Wlule he 2okra radm talked "'I saw i w s a R sin and I " of my stay in here" Tittmann . !" " " .". ! q.^.A,. lupposed he wanted me to saylsaid. "time went fast because there at Japans reaazness "'_ launch nelJuu ), mot formidable offensive eer something or he wouldn't have was so much work to be done in "i . " ... " I Conccrdia Mo The Concor I aga nst the Alho lpponese, lhandedn g " theZt colont me.el SOsaidI started talk., connectiOnlous act]'vitie.With., the Vatican's vari -i troops rom" me'" north=" sruc" ' tn""" .'i din band. o enlv. Z 1944 .eason'.. " I .... y ....... lie '5 m los of Ch*n,sha This as usua,, with an impressive roll lltrmann ms wile anti tnelr two " - " .    ' Commander Chicagoan ' . .... tmarked a 17 mile advance from on the .nare drum by August F. "'I told them--and by them '!R:ien:: thr:YZ:)eeats :/t::0iSls2,ih'can e "-I Brocmn. HIteSst:rlde<istUffumfmrOn mean the Russians--that we were time since Mussolini declared war - -' . from the I ..... , ........ g .i, very glad to participate in this on the United States. Once whilel suthwet.,and central Pacific hit I :;%;nev:ncaaaranaa :' rne history-making occasion which all/the Germans still occupied Rome (hUe n'r?er one.,wo o,ow ann . , . .- . " '1 at " , ,TI can planes .africa inelr I of us knew would not have been[ Tttmann a. permitted to leave,,, rile  ^ff ......... ep=;,bloeffiw::hOUmte th:n ;teh:;[e.g, en II Vwii;::eYen  v tf:et:t ahn d. ; raiagrnht ...... shd::' aSittInagtsuenSzve ,,,,o SvaUmju: I V e h line nzm 'tie Sin mp The colonel said "I can't let you I d " amily were .... t,, vn  ....... o, .....  I, , . allowed to go to a beach near Rome ............. v .................... use my name--that s regulatmns w '" " "i ........ "!Ne Gainea and Truk and lost 30 In 14n nn I,, Yesternay afternoon me witt-; Gen Douglas MacArthur moun'ed lJ $/ Jll ,,$Ul, lion for the presidential nomina- tion in opposition to President Roosevelt's fourth term cndidacy is under consideration today by conservative Democrats. Farley's permission still has to be obtained. None expect the pro- posed maneuver to prevent the president's renomination but it ' can should participate in the fifth four victory?--It may have been war loan drive, June 12 through July 8. that extra bond I bought." IBy EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAYI * l(Distributed by United Press} !Newspaperman Dies i Men and Women of America l ,, !My Fellow-Clhzens: I have tried .DaLLas ---P)--- Edward Francis lhard to think of something elo-cm[yre, 75, former city 'editor iquent and forecful to sav to you far the Cincinnati Po, died here about the fifth war loan'drive --I Sunday- isomething new and startling and would prevent unanimous action. It is the only method by which, persuasive. With the zero hour for our fi ht anti-Roosevelt Democrats can showIHOT HATCHING -- Looking a bit " g - !he voters the extent of fourthlbewildered by it all is "Rocket": lng men com!ng every moment: .... closer z zeel l not on my neck erm opposltlon within the party duckling born in a rectifier used an d cold in the sweatin - -" .... --be it large or small Ito charge storage batteries in the ...... ; pauxz z -" .......... i my nanas.  sit saring out througn l onvenuon spectators Will see[locK Island lailroao Grace at t.,th e sk" above' the col -'^ "'-.' real political drama if Farley is Worth Tex A switchboard repair-i , . Y ...... '"? "*,: , ' " ann i mlnK "'un. oa, let it be: placed in nomination. Among somelman found an egg on his roundsover soon 'and let the victor-, be of the big and little convention[and put it in t'e rectifier Heat ours and-let us have peace"knd delegations already selected there I from the machine did the rest. the p-hrase Fifth War Loan "Drive is a scattering of anti-fourth term I  seems as moldy" and old as a sub- sentiment which never will havel% . I li/, heading in a chapter of a history- an opportunity to express itselfl|rt%r= | |111 book long ago discarded by the unless there is at least one name  ele put up against Mr. Roosevelt. U/JU/Cll V lid mentary schools. "The Fifth War Loan Drive" "ruld Frce Pll Medal 0f H0n0r llet us call it by some of its othernames: For " instance, "Our One But with two men in the con- Hope of Victory;" "Our Only test a situation will be created in Chance of Survival;" "Our Free- which all or any of the state dole- gallons can be polled The usual ..... idom, Not Surrendered, But Sus- ateV?nein:otnTm"sel[ r aehber-]tained:" our future our destiny way of casting ballots is for the y p g m enemy ' ........... I secured" and peace, not only m our chairman of each delegation to ore m marn me srengtn ann pos-ltim e but -race for the " Gun- announce the disposition of its aOnlOB f iNzvie,nJtaly, Cpl.!America ou children the row K- Ivoters as the state roll is called. Con r ^:- ............... aea_me[ing the 'building, America, as weFl I Some of the big states and some g o,u,,,, q,,uaz u u.ur .u. ' d ,of the little ones bind their dole- an overseas ceremony. IHow Much Do You Care? |la * m gations with the so-called unit The war department's announce- , .......... o ............. I%1j  II- J ment ai  .v f  - ,- I J., tt uUZZlt u wn tu LZtI: noW rule. . s a nu z. no-year-aim zormermuch do ou care about this "h II  I In Florida for instance the unit railroader who hails from the l .... Y ......  }ng same Tenn -.. 'canea zreeoom--me scae oz mlna ' rule has been followed That state s essee not country as .......... : ! " / ........ " ..... " .. - anu me se oi clreumsmnces wnlcn [ ] worla war z s bgt ,%lVln YOrK ,  o I 8 delegates to the DemocratiClwo_ ,, ........ " .... 'iwe call liberty. Not much Just a ,, ulu awalu in zour nan er  rconvention are divided 14 for Mr.[ira u ......... g -ilittle. A great deal. Do you thing WAR MATERIALS gnt nours last eeoruary . toosevelt and four for Sen. Harry Ho ,,-,,*--, , oon  ; &o Iof it, perhaps, as being almost as F. Byrd. D., Va. Under the unit]natT-'.'':=,  ::i;'"':=,important to you as life itself? This [rule the chairman could and prob-Iara n "'_ -;"/. ........ " "'*iis the itme to show how much you The new Coolerlor wshed air r- . O ne mslon was eompu-  ' . . . . lably will announce that Florida I . - : ...... :care for t" this is the exact time Frigeratr uses ice in a new way t caecl oy clear weamer me ao-: " " keepFoods fleshand Msty. Washed [casts all 18 convention votes for'.senc e of cover and ood observa ' If we lose this war. we are done [Mr. Roosevelt's renomination [t on o .... ' ..... _" for not just for now but for as] ir prevents excessive drying out p SlUOns avaname to me ' . ' . o[ |nods. Covered dishes not But wzth Farley or any opposi-[German s long into the future as we can xm-I needed to prevent minglingareoFEood clan candidate in the race there " 'agine. If we do not buy this vie-! odors. could be a. request.for a poll of thelAttrcted Attent,on. :;rYsin2], nadviaPaYtf: a idelegatmn That is a sometlmes While approaching through a py g tgeo'oe PURE WASHED AIR spectacular process in which the mined area the patrol ran into fire'children, and to their children, and KEEPS FOODS FRESHER ECONO/.AL IN  t OF convention reading clerk calls the[from three machine guns and a 20!so on to a painful to a shameful. roll of delegates one b one The Imm wen on Huff ordered his:tO a sickening infinity This is our .. y - y P . . individually announce their pref- men to halt and went forward mess: Let us clean it up ourselves, ernce alone, crawling 75 yards to aand pay for the breakage. Nominated in 1940 point behind the fir.t Nazi gun. Yes. we could lose this war; that i 1 Rising to a kneeling position to would be fairly simple, and bliss- t is believed that in upwardslattract attention he opened firel of 20 states Farley's name would[with a submachine gun, killing the  cause a minority of the various[entire crew and putting the gun delegations to split away from the]out of action Roosevelt parade to cast what Four hours after it started out, ould be. at most, courtesy bal-tHuff's crew returned without a lots for the former pastmaster gen-[Casualty, bringing with it informa- feral and protest ballots against the:tion that led to the killing of 27 president, iGermans, the capture of 21 others I Farley was placed in nomination i and the routing of the entire unit four years ago in opposition to a of 125 men -- at a cost of two I third term. Sen Carter Glass D American dead and one wounded. Va., made the nominating s'oeech:l A parachute infantryman, Huffs I Glass, a party elder and one of the/hme is in Cleveland, Tenn. great statesmen of the south was * l greeted by the 1940 Democratic Using ultra-violet light, Dr. national convention with an out-Wirth, of Charlottenburg, Ger-[ burst of boos and catcalls. The in- many, photographed gases that can-] I cidents caused ill feeling which not be seen. FAMILY SIZE S See them teddy  ]But I'm from Chicago." manns took pictures from the wm z , Americans who are at the base " -a new offens've in an attempt to' I ..... ' , nas not suosioea althou h the have made this bit of Russia as! Ws of their apartment of the wrest the important airfields from ! Milwaukee -- (/P) -- The $5 fed- . .... g . .I definitely American as a Kansasie; mans retreating througi the,th e subborn Japanese defenders! oral motor vehicle use tax stamps room osenatr' toe nhrmtleso olnWicnnniefnis-noteae wheat field or a Georgia melon  et. of Rome :of Biak island in 'h-Schoutens [which must be purchased and . .   ". d g ,I s or Mr ooseehs renomma atch While in Vatican City territory " ,  " laffixed to motor vehicles by July 1 - " " " -:, I hadn't any more than landed I learned that the Pope is in ('nhnrt T. C. ]will go on sale next Saturday at tion this year [ when I saw a'familiar looking tall health although he was said to be ..... r .............. fall post offices and internal rev- * I blond trinoi.a nh .... i.o T) deeply distressed by the fightingl Washington --(UP) House con-lenue offices in Madison La Crosse Canadian General Dies ............ ._ tele,. ..... w. ...... that oes on in m n " I ferec t ............ '  " I was St Lrov Massv fnrmr g  a y places of the' s ooay agreea to accept a Kau t.lalre, wausau reen ay ............. w " ' " ' " " ' - " orld. He is understood to have'Senate rider to the debt hmlt bill land Oshkosh. Announcement of Montreal ----(A) --- Maj. Gen. A. E.; center for the Detroit Lions pro intensified his work to assist war!which would reduce the cabaret the tax stamp sale was made by Hash, 62, inspector general of thel football team. He had a damaged prisoners on both sides tax from 30 per cent at 20 per Frank J. Kuhl, collector of internal Canadian army in central Canada,' ear and said laughingly "I got it playing football down here---I fell l -- - * cent. revenue. died here Sunday night. I tn a slit trench." Norman lh0mas Is In a nearby field some GI's were playing softball during their lunch l watchinghur" SomethemRUSsiancuriusly.SO,diers S0cia list Candidate New Course to Be Reading, Pa.- (U.P)- Norman Thomas. writer and lecturer, was Offered by UW listed as the presidential candidate of the Socialist party for the fifth consecutive time today following his nomination at a closing session  k ... . of the organization's 24th national Madison, Wi. --(UPS--- An eight- convention : , .. , week ground school ;ourf in Darlington Hoopes Reading at- -" aeronautic science will e terea ..... torney and former member of the by the University of 21;: slnlPennsyivania legislature, was the this summer from June . " g" choice for vice president. ]8. the university announced today. The course, arranged by the ex- Thomas in accepting the nomina- tension division, will be for per- tion announced a four-point party ons who expect to teach aero_lprogram which includes an appeal nautics, those who want to fly, [to the people of America and the nd especially for those needing' Allied nations to demand an imme. preparation for the civil aeronau-I diate political peace offensive, tics examination for a private i based on the offer of an armistice pilot's license, the announcement i t the peoples of the Axis nations. aid. 0. Removal of private flying re-]Jesuit Educator Dies gtrictions has boosted flight instruc- r an increased I Dener (P- Th Re Wllham tion in Wisconsin d "  " -- e ". " the demand for ground school sub-IF. ,Robinscn, 72. former president jects, the university noted. The i of St. Louis University and widely summer program was described as! known Jesuit educator, succumbed a valuable refresher course forlSaturd'w. high school teachers of aeronautics, [ nd will include navigation, meter-! ology, aircraft fundamentals, flight I theory and civil air regulations. ESCAPE FROM 0PA Suit Against Firm ILL HEALTH[ Settled by .Stipulation A r e y o u  tttttEtF.Ttt[: Milwaukee -- (P) -- An OPA suit, pleasures lim- gainst William J. St. Onge. Marin- ited by the ette. operator of the Marinette!constant dread Cedar company, was settled bY!of recurring tipulation Saturday for $1.098. The illnesses? Do ettlement stated that the violation colds, h e a d ..... was not wilfull. The OPA had sued aches, consti- for treble damages f $2,197 f.r pation and the   alleged above ceiling sales of ce<lar  other petty DIs ,ence ll...or chdFs --'t :b9#$ kind i heir c(x.--" postS.zmo=. " The Use" sto Dv. !to which man- nesses habitual Cpep achieve You happinesa? destroy robust a p you eCan vigorous y" tthe'i__ Ohat nlt" Ul dr o inhealth healthy,DI" .... CG'vitality Ph. MOE normal'C and -=s' 0 I k /    aful  fricti in- people. ntantly; lift pt-ut MAN: What a break- getting th MAN: Will do! But ! ccairdy MAN: I km--Viemt vome! atly remoe '- Precision Health Service -- the ti&eu! Now ff m dl has some would like m g tt gnmd whu- OSTg/CH: Rigid! And rmber, Cmt but   Modern Chiropractic Way to Health Thrt Feather g's  ke T otener. Three Fe'' basic whiskies are ,tla. -- strikes at the SOURCE of yourl O-[TJCH:ThreeFeat[)rsasmas oYrglCH: Well don't forg-- drawn from er-dwindling inven- illness, and modern scientific meth- hit, too--,o if it's "mid out  today, we're nduang Mcohol for tories we stopped making whi ods eliminate the evil. m/again tomorrow, viral war uses by the government, key in October z(.z! A consultation will place you un- der no obligation. J IU Y WA/ |O N D $ I ... ]]mm aers  Inc., N. Y. lnded W, $6 proo{, .60  prodv mral Niti. I "WHERE THE BEST |OST| LESS" SHEKIDAN D.---CO]gNER 4SED ST. Take Green Line Bus to Washington Rd.. Then Walk One Block South on Sherddn Rd. For Evening Appointment Phone 2-2.20 or SII Open FridAy Evening till 9 P. M. e ) Oo GOOD TELEPHONE NEIGHBORS, too Copper and other materials are needed for the shooting side of the war, so we cannot build more telephone line More and more persons these days are on party fines. To get the best service from your party tele- phone Line, be a GOOD TELEPHONE NEIGHBOR % Keeping all telephone conversations brief. Allowing enough time behveen calls for others to use the line. Answering calls promptly. Replacing the receiver carefully whe the line is in use. WISCONSIN Telephone 5101 ELEPHONE J. H. KEATING Manager COMPANY 5908 Tenth Avenue .