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June 5, 1944     Kenosha News
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June 5, 1944

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Monday, June 5, 1944 KENOSHA EVENING NEWS Navy Clubs End C0nvenfi0n 0n lake, was arraigned In the munici- pal court this morning on charges i that he used abusive language. Aid to Veterans a neighbor..The incident is al- lege to have occurred on June 1. Burdark was given a hearing next Thursday. I Authorized Filter Queen and (Continued frem Pltge Oriel Health-Mor parts and service. Dial gin. Ill. historian: Mrs. Bess Ga1-18519 Vacuum Cleaner Supply Serv- lagher. Lima, Ohio, pianist; Mrs./ice. Roosevelt Theater Bldg., Frank Dora Hickey, Quincy. Ill., master-] Marescalco, Service.--Adv. (5) at-arms. 1 Two motorists arreSted by police T. P. H01t0n, 56, 00.oob w Heart Victim Sampson&apos;s election to senior ex- i early Sunday morning when they ecutive officer was in recognition Twere caught racing each other on Many Kenoshans today learned with deep regret the sudden death of Thomas P. Holton, 58, formerly a prominently known Kenosha res- ident, who died Saturday night at his home in Kansas City, Mo. Ailing for the past two months, his condition was not considered critical, it was reported. He was stricken with a heart attack at his residence, 125 East 65th Terrance" and all medical efforts to rally him New Supt. Here F0r C0nferences Meeting the various .hool prin- cipals t a conference this morning, and meeting the members of the board of education t committee meeting th evening, Dr. Forest E Conner, Kennsha's new super- intendent of achoois, was in Keno- sha today. Dr. Conner I. winding up his duties as assistant superintendent of schools at Hibbing, Minn., and will e over his official contract term on July 1. of his service to the national or-'Sheridan road were fined in the were unav.aling. _ The board Of education has in-: ganization as ships'writer during lmuniciDal court this morning. The l ewsoz.n,ssuaaenp.m.gco.mes Tired him to come to Kenosha  as a SHOCK D his extenclec[ IrCle he past year. The office places;fines totaled $24.50 each. Theyl o "rie ....... earlier, if it is convenient for him, I oz nas ann reiazives nere ann h m n direct succession to the postiwere Richard J Redmond 19 54111 ......... " an next ar ' . ' ' in ansas zty ne was emp,oyea so that he can confer with O. F. of national command t ye -!Tenth avenue, and Louis H. Funk . ; ....... Loomis, retiring superintendent The site for the 1945 reunioni20 , Somers. Police said they were{ as a. salesman ,or e lsnsas t;IW AR.IY BOMBARDIER --James whos e term expires July 1. WEST POPER  Among 'as left to the national executive going 60 miles an hour Iterrltory oz the .mmons company, j. Hall, 21, son of Mr. ann Mrs. Supt. Loomia presented theirlcadets graduating from the United .....  ann was recogn*zea zor recorn oz Leo W Hall 2805 Fifth avenue, States Military Academy Tuesday LdL. Straws for men Waterproofedl ienc " ' 1 . ; ..... effic y and faithful service to and husband of Mrs Florence new "boss" to members of the Grateful to Kenosha straws, newes st'yies, nay ai.aa.,th  n=o,i,oti,, - ...... _ . School Administration building is Roald M Andresen, son of Mrs Jacob Stern 5531 6th Ave.-- .....  ............ Lundberg Hall, graduates zrom staff this morning. Because of the Helen Andreen, 6828 Fourteenth Organization of the national ex-[Adv - ' (7) Came Here Early Deming Army P, ir ziela, "xne pressure of his own duties at Hlb- avenue. An appointee of Senator ecutive officers of the Navy Clubs  " ............ :AAF's Border Bombardier schooL" bing, Dr. ConnerIwas able to spend Robert M. LaFollette, Jr., of Win- ] -- xiiiarv on Sunda"' g. merrln .arlson park police- He was oorn march 12, 1888 a r .... , o.n ,,,oo o,-rdod his sU - t to a close the 'man arrestea e.ennem naw .Ison of the late George and Bridget ___ ,._.._.==__ ...: ..... " a corn only today in the community. He consin, Andresen is a graduate of mOFnlng Dr0ugn I. ' ' ' I vt:z. uu/.Jzuluu.z/, wtl/.,. * " mot successful convention in the 2t Fifty-ninth street, Saturday:Hoar Holton, in Cohoe$, .N.Y. At mission as a second lieutenant.'Lt, expects to bring his wife and Kenosha High school, and attended history of tbe organization, and aternoon on a un.*qe h cnarge, the age of 14, he left his b.rthplace Hall enlisted in the service in Oc- family to Kenosha shortly in the Sixth Corps Area West Point resolu'tions of commendation came uarlson sa*o ne caught  aw carv-!and came to Kensoha, living nere tober 194  an , tk his training, preparation for talcing over his Preparatory school, Fort Sheridan, to the Kenosha ship. its officers]lng,n a park bench m .Elchelmaniuntil 1924 when he established hiS!a t Miami Beacl Fa., Athens, W. new duties, II1., for five months prior to Corn- end members as well as the Keno -parK.. zne charge Is mancious ae-lhome in ansas City. " Va Nashville Term Santa Ann_ The school principals welcomed ing to West Point. During his first sha  auxiliary membership. They!S ructia, of. property. Shaw was. The deceased was in the auto-!cai'if and Kingman"Ariz. before the opportunity to meet Dr. Con- class year here he was a cadet proved ideal hosts, and the en-g ven a nearmg on June . mobile business during his long aradatin from Demin Field. N ner, and expressed their interest sergeant. Upon graduating he will thusiasm of the expressions of up- Genuine Hamilton Beach partslahode here before Joining the Sire-. uo,,,:. .,,,.t ,h,amv'-i',: as well as appreciation in his meet- receive his commission in the ................ ,, ........... ing with them this morning. Field Artillery reciation and gratitude were l and service Dial 8519 Vacuum!mons organization. During World wo-- h- -**o,,, wo,,,hs T..Tiah . cknowledged by the national Cleaner Supply. Roosevelt Theater War I, he was a volunteer and,sclo"  ...................... xecutive staffs as a foundation Bldg. Frank Marescalco, Service.-- ! served overseas for 18 months. He upon which future reunions can Adv. '1* wasamemberfKenhaPst21' "0m0rr0w us l [ be modeled. ! A bicycle owned by Buddy [American Legion. In Kansas City, Saturday night's banquet at the:Frederic k 6537 Seventh avenue,[he was affiliated with the KlwanL Eagles Club attracted a crowd of wa s stolen from the Gatewayt club, and was a leader in the affairs 351) persons, with only a minimum theater and then found a shor -t!f, the. Holy .Name society in St. of business interrupting the pro-time later abandoned at the Nrth Peters Cathhc church under Mn-r,,,"'n0 Deadline gram of entertainment provided Western railroad freight depot, !signor McKay. Ferdinand Kutzke tRandall Retires Dies at Hospital IAfter 38 Years Educator fOrjudgethe guestSEdward J. Ruetz was a police reported Sunday. i Married in Kenosha lost affable toastmaster. The offi- Remodeling and repairing I On Sept. 5, 1922, he united in eers elected at the afternoon ses- have some time available for re- sion were formally installed Capt.! mdeling and repairing. List'your marriage with Miss Marie Bode at Last warning that tomorrow  no, he hospital Saturday noon il-l<Coatiauea trm Pas O} Oscar B. Kaufman, Marine Corps wants now. Merle McFaddin, Bet-'St" George's church here. Besides Tuesday, June 6-- is the deadline lollengwamSho%rt n In Ar-lthat school as principal, servin| : rehabilitation officer for the Ninth ter Homes for Less, 6525 27th Ave.. his widow, he is survived by a son, for the filing of nomination papers crania, Naval District. who made such a phne 4346.Adv. 7) Thomas. Jr.. both of Kansas City, for all county offices was issued man,, ,,,,* 9 ,a +,..,,five years in that capacity. A th '.'. "--" ": 2-'*'-*.--'T,r*laddition was built to the Frank and by a sister and three brothers: today in a statement made by sate ar. ann ars tasz uze.scho o. n- he was transferred profound impression on the Friday I Richard Nelson, five. years old, Mrs. Clyde Hass, and Henry, Ray- County Clerk John C. Niederprim. He spent his early "life and /asI 1 a a. a f n o there as prmcip 1 or a other fur afternoon session with his discus- t Was cur and ruiseo aturu.aY!mond. and William Holton, all of Emphasis was laid on the fact educated in his native land. years. In the meantime the Lin- sion of the Marine Corps rehabili- afternoon .wnen ne was struck .OYKenosha that under the law the filing pc- On Nov. 3, 1890, he was unitedcoln school was erected, and that ration program before the service-la^ car driven by .Arsen Smlth:l Funeral rites are to be held in rind closes at 5:00 p. m. Tuesday in marriage to Miss Marie Lad- Joined with the Frank school in schar ed earned for himl zvu -'-eventy-fifth street in tronZKan C ........... man is d g ,  ' . r .as try. ann me oooy WllZ oe and that no nomination papers can wig. He came to America in 1891 junior high status. Randall was "" re eat initation to outline addi l of the lad s home Police said the .............. tionala P details" of the program be--I'hlld' 'as running" "across.. the. street iwil l'vrugntbe, Thursdaynere weonesoaY.morning xurlatwhen be accepted after that time. In an resided in Bristol townshi named first principal of the Lin- previous years only the day had for three years then moved to Ke- coln school. uet ,at the time of the acczaent e r bore the convention banq .  'services at the grave in St. G o g been set, making it possible to ex- nosha. He was employed at the "The old panaceas from basket I They're here, wash pants forlcemetery will be conducted by the Two years later, on July 1, 1918, tend the time by courtesy up until Bain Wagon company for a num- Randall became director of the ack to the land move n new h ht d .eaving to b .... r me . g and ark shades, iAmcrican Legion memorial squad midnighL but the recent state leg- bey of years and later at Nash-Kel- vocational school. Under his super- ments have been discarded byi$1.95 and $2.95. Jacob Stern, 55311wh o will give full military honors islature passed a law setting the vinator, retirin'g from active dU-'vision the vocational school earned lprogressively-mided men." Capt. i6th Ave.--Adv. 7) '-- * -- closing time at 5:00 p. m. and for- ties in February of 1942. He was a state-wide prominence with the aufman said "As we all agree . [ , . . I Mrs. Wzlham Lewzs. 6036 Thzrty-  ...... T ..... J bidding the acceptance of any pa- member of the Immanuel Method- progressive policies of trade train. tmhen2:du:t? i s ;cely pt:t:;[ifig: 2e;:nrtme, rtarttedd z :he SnhoiUllVC I /ippeu pets after that hour Sd d He is survived by his wodow classes were developed and they i e r This year the filing date is much] ist church, ing. Night school and adult school forgotten man era of tl last wasl ha 1 :: ' . _ . . t t the tires had been stolen from . A ., earlier than it has formerly been and three daughters: Mrs Anna expanded to the point where they 'will never be repeatea eor aurzng their car which had been stored' -- I'__ II .... this war careful ground work isl ..... i lt" I2[ rlma[- in keeping with the general pro-Fuhrman, Mrs, Elan Flrchow. and now require full-time supervision -:':-2b being laid for the solid readjust- m.ristol. ..... '/", VU.) llUlllJ gram of speeding up "election ma- Mrs. Esther Koehler, all of Keno- ew orcz nouse reaoy Ior, chinery in order to provide voters sha. He was preceded in death by Part of if. W. Campus ment rogram. " .. P - occupancy. Small down payments.! r [ 1" [ in service an opportunity to take one daughter, Erna. .Cooperating with the University Nation's Concern To qualified war workers only.[ rnv00.Inn .mfg part in the election. * of Wisconsin Extension Division .... o" ehabilita ,Merle McFaddin 6525 27th Ave ........ r ......  H S Cad( t Cor 'zne vital program z r -I '; Many Papers Taken Out the vocational school has a portable - n in which is offered a complete finn will be the immediate concern; phone 4346.--Adv. 5)] ' ' "" after this war is over. It therefore t Virginia Ziesemer, 17. of 63211(Co,,t,ued from P, ge One) Niederprim stated that many setsi" "" , , w/ ' freshman course by the University is our duty to assist where possihle I Twenty-fifth avenue was treated i ........ of nomination papers have been 1  s s,  of Wisconsin. h" ' t ..... tin ' 's i--I unda aetans oz the acciaent were not taken out hut that to date onlyl.igJ, rtststv, in restoring the veteran to us,a -z. tame e s no p .a  y,sYae t umrPte:: evXePlantio nwdo 2' place in civilian life. With solid l afternoon after she had been thrown I c lYin n a For fi period of two years the Sen candidates have filed thetrII lUlU2 I,laIIUVI: school operated on a schedule of cooperation between igdustry and[from a bicycle she was riding inl _ s papers. It is expected that many] ............ 24 hours daily in its effort to suP- ..... k me mane the constituted agenes, nothmg Petrifying Springs par . Her head, t -- " .......... will file during the last day of the .......... ply the demand for "refresher .'ill oe left unoone o neip I a u y a ^, **._ ,... ,...t.o '^*" "^" " ....  ...... imum of equipment over unsuited ./ ............ men and le-s an" arms were cut b'" -lass| zne explanation ,or tne coins,on ], rrttd I *mougn operating win a tom- b. : ,'omen coming back tO civilian life.which was lying on the road. i Tle'n2UdI;ci?2n ";s qot sim - A complete list of all candidates ............. courses. An outstanding contribu- :'" Soldiers and sailors do not ask forl Need Money  We have it to loan . " f,, roll rtnrtl#* 111 h ,,hlihl terrain, we .enosna.rlgn cnool tion to the home front war ef- ' , - ant a full and fruit l "- - "" . . mediately available. One report " .,'':," ...... r ..... ICadet Corps successfully carried fort is also being made in the Cg:. cnar y .ne'. " . . -I on lenosna real estate az reason ..... _, t-,,,o, --o,,,,,'J-t .... ..o,'o' --,-,--" .... , --'ho ,ani'sfor al' count- omces/n their spring maneuvers Sunday school's present program of re- ful life achieved on their merit and, able rates Newberry Abstract Co ,. - .. truck on the highway to pick up o . ,,h +, ..... +:, to, y -o.,t/alng the lake shore south of the hahilitation work for those with based on their efforts. 15700 7th Ave.--Adv 5l a marine walking along the road ...................  ............ "'i*- lii +o mkin ..... , .._..,i )hystcal handicaps. I on r ,  ,,, , o s ,= sw o,,,,-- -,s , dates for state senator e g ess =" The convention burst into up- Mike Szczypta. 31. of Chicago, The marine disappeared, however, file with an- man and for state offices " in each of the four parts of the :t ,.,,. plause when it was formally nounced that the Kenosha Navy l was arrested by Conservation War. and was not found. This report eden William Ozburn at Paschen could not be confirmed. Club was now the largest mth , organization, with more than 800! lake Sunday morning for fishing Traffic on the northbound lane members, In second place is the i without a license. Ozburn said he of Highway 41 was paralyzed for Navy Club of Rockford. Ill. One was fishing from a pier. and had some time, and deputies had to member of the Kenosha ship. Hen-,not yet caught anything. He left route cars and trucks over the rv Kruger now in active service ate, $30 bonds for his appearance in sotflhbound lane after it was safe . . I court this afternoon, i to get. by the flaming gasoline Great Lakes. was credited withi bringing in more than 500 new i I Extra special, guitar, base and truck It was the most spectacular members himself, accordion. Join the fun tonight at accident of the year on a county Wilpolt's Sparkling entertainment l highway. A program of professional en- - . .... [pleasant surroundings the best of l -- * tertainment directed by w|znam[drink s Adv ' (5) ..... Exton added a highlight of the .-- - i[][ llrPI rt%lll banquet leaving with the conven-! The city council will meet thisi,JlU/ IUUIU JIUUp finn ,uests memories of a great evening in the council chamber at ,r ,  , t, '* - " romot- and [the city hall for the first regular It% I-Itltl M:nf111tlrf reunion resozvea to p e , . -- ....... ro ects mlmeetzng of the month of June to |J ||J|U |'|U||;U;I sponsor worthwhile p j " every city where the Navy Clubs: transact city business. the secretary of state's office in Madison. 4* Issue Report on New Disease Cases The report of the city health department on communicable di- sease cases for the week ending June 3 showed a total of 158 new cases as against 241 new cases last week. The report showed 138 new cases of measles, ten new cases of chick- enpox, six new cases of whooping day's program. The maneuvers began Sunday morning at nine o'clock as the company, led by Captain Bernardi and Lieutenant Thiele, started the search for the enemy defense posi- tions prepared earlier by three ser- geants from the company. The at- tacking force was divided into two elements: a suicide squad led by Thiele as a diversionary force: and skirmish line, led by T/Sgt. Herb .Feller, which infiltrated the enemy :positions and captured the hill which they had made their head- quarters. The second phase of the day's operations was a series of patrol operations in which half of the Wage-Hour Expert Here on Tuesday The War Labor Board is aign- ning wages and hours expert to Kenosha for a one-day conference on Tuesday with manufacturers and retailers who have problems involving wage and hour sched- ules. He will be at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters from 10 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Find Body of Man %, are organized. LaFayette Club I0 Confer Degree Collection of old clothing for ,Russian War Relief has been ex- tended to June 15. Deliver to 4304 17th Ave. or phone 2-3551.- Adv. (5) - The regular June meeting of the county board of supervisors will be held Wednesday evening in the county board room on the third floor of the courthouse. The La Fayette club. composedVenetian blinds. Prompt delivery. of employes affiliated with the Anderson Furniture & Applianc Masonic order working at thiCo.. 6621 27th Ave.Adv. (5) Nash-Kelvinator plant, will close i "The Battle for England." the their spring degree activities bY:thir d in a series of films provided conferring the Master Mason de-!by the OWl under the general Stevens Point, Wis.  (A  A three-day encampment of the third battalion, third regiment of the Wisconsin State Guard, will be held in the 128th infantry area at Camp Williams, near Sparta, July 21.23. Lt. Col. Charles C. Evans battalion commander, announced today. The third regimental band of Eau Claire will be attached to the battalion for the maneuvers. The battalion includes Co.@ I. Black River Falls: Co K, Tomah; Com- pany L. Eau Claire; Company M, La Crosse and a headquarters unit at Stevens Point. cough, two new cases of rotheln, one new case of mumps, and one new case of scarlet fever. The vital statistics report showed 29 births, 17 males and 12 females, seven deaths, and ten marriages. Ration Review Ration Roundup By Associated Press Meats, fats, etc.  Book four red stamps A8 through W8 now valid indefinitely. company opposed the other half. The purpose waa to determine how well the cadets could follow com- mands to see if more complicated operations could be undertaken.  Following this, Sergeant John Runge from the Wisconsin State Guard, who accompanied the Corps as referee and instructor, offered suggestions and criticism on the earlier assault upon the hit1, and it was decided to repeat the attack with more defenders added to off- seset the lack of surprise which had formerly aided the defense. Both sides showed considerable skill and ingenuity, but the at- In Automobile Mauston, WIS.  ( -- The body of Ray Walch, 60, of Antigo, was found yesterday in his automobile which had left the highway and struck a tree three miles east of Mauston. Juneau County Coroner Clarence Sorenson expressed the belief that Walch had suffered a heart attack while driving. He said there would be no inquest. Walch, whooperated an insulation and roofing firm, had been working here for about three weeks. } gree tonight at the Masonic Tem-'heading of "Why We Fight." will , ple i be presented Tuesday noon as the Tn ro ram zs scheduled to ro ram t t ," p g " . ip g a he regular meeting of Candidacy Announced m and the club will he Kenosha beam at 8 p. . . " t Rotary Club at thel be well represented in that thistElks clubhouse. By James E, Finnegan dtgree i to be conferred on one v_.. "e "-" ' " l tUU can maK your montnly of their co,workers at the request a meat u }i Ow er' ; ;p v s n ome "n .. Loan. Milwaukee ,) -- James E. of the Kenha Lodge 4, F and " Corporation mortgages fur trans! Finnegan former attorney general, A 3I. Howard Coates. entertam mittal through this office. Newberry[ has announced his candidacy for me t chairman, announced ma Abstract Co., 5700 7th Avenue-- I the Republican nomination for lieu- plans have been co/npleted for the: Adv. 5) i tenaot governor. annual pring jamboree to be held, _ .... .  . _ :rces o organization were[ Elected Attorney General as a on June 16 at the smmon CIUD-,., -- : ._ nle thruugh the law firm of Baker t Democrat Finnegan broke with houce This will culminate tne ' ' Juhant and Baker for the Bra the party in 1940 when Vice Presi- club actwtie s W Ball company it was announcedldent Wallace endorsed Senator Preent officer- include Eric ,-oa - .- "-4, ..... s - .  .';t 1 y oy narla J. cnena. registerlRobert M La Follette Jr. Finne- Graffenius president Louis mim f d---'s ..... / ' ' ' ...... ':v eu o -.enosaa county, gun's opponent in the senatorial vce resident William (9 tzize I __  . P ; "t Tl]e nre department was calledlrace r-mne-n was the Democratic secretary-treasurer" snd Lyman  .  : - . . ' 'twice to the vacant store at 57311 nominee. Worden entsne[ - " ,Sixth avenue, over the week-end]a ., a.. , lwhere two fires were reported. The MaOIson AITornev IS ill fir.t call was at 938 p m Sunday . _ . where it was believed a carelessly t.'rolessor wriTes , Member of Labor Panel Idi.posed cigaret started a minor Processed foods -- Book-four blue stamps A8 through V8 now valid indefinitely. Sugar  Book four stamps 30 and 31 good for five pounds in- definitely. Stamp 40 good for five pounds for home canning through Feb. 28. 1945. Shoes -- Book three airplane stamps 1 and 2 good indefinitely. tacking force was unable to cap- ture the defenders' flag and head- quarters. Other portions of the maneuvers consisted of drill and practice in other tactics. Captain Bernardi commended the members of the corps for the fine attitude they had shown in stag- ing the maneuvers. t Retired Jane00ille Attorney Dies at 84 Janesville, Wis.---(5')--Emmet D. McGowan, 84, who had practiced law here for the past 61 years, died yesterday. He was clerk of Rock county circuit court from Book Taxes i fire There was no damage inflicted. on [The second call was at 12:43 a. :m. today where a carelessly tossed Madison. Wis -- (. -- Prof. cigaret ignited the awning inflict- Harold M. Groves of the UniTer - ing $25 damage. sity of Wisconsin has written ai,/ . , .. .. book. "'Production. Jobs andiefl0san S 10|er Taxes," a survey of the federal[_ . _ . - .- . 00succumbs at Racine tax structure which has been published by the researcn commit- tee uf the committee for economicl Mrs. Louise Krucas. mother of levelopmerrt the university an- Mis Anna Krucas, Kenosha. died nounced today. The book. which contains recom- mendations for a postwar tax pro. gram, is the first of some 20 re. search studies now under way or pr,ected by CED. Retired Admiral Dead NorfnD< Va. ---ZA- Rear Adm. ,Thn irin Bryan. 72. USCG ,re- ire who was the econd officer ,n the Coast Guard to be elevlrted Io flsg rank, died Saturday. Sunday at her home, 1118 Eighth i street in Raczne. She succumbed to a heart attack. The deceased was a member uf St. Casimir's church in Racine. Detroit -- (A --William Spohn, Madison Wis., attorney, is a mem- ber of the newly-created labor panel representing the WLB which on June 12 will hear disputes in- volving members of the Foreman's association of America and a num- bei" of Detroit, Cleveland, Balti- more and Adrian, Mich., concerns. Accident and lademeity Company INSURANCE FRENCH & GAlL First Notionol Phone Bank Building 2-2514 rage Seven Hillel Ken000han00 Services m the Service pL  W. Johnson, son o Final --vieu of the season for Mr. and Mrs. George F. Johnson. the Beth Hlllel Congregation were 7926 Twenty-el[hth avenue, Is now conducted at the temple Sunday. stationed somewhere in New The religious school closing exer- Guinea. cises were held in the morning, and i the evening Rabbi Israel J. AC Gordon Koth, son of Mr. Sarmmhn conducted the  service and Mrs. Harry Koth, and husband before the summer .  of Mrs. Marion Koth, has com. It was liso Rabbl Sarmmhn's pleted his primary training at final sm'vice foe the Kenosha con- Cuero, Tex. and Is now receiving greptlon. He is leaving Tuesday his basle training at Waco, Tex. evening to accept another pulpit. Pvt. Norbert F. Gumbinger, son During the year since he has oc- of Mrs Alfred Gumbinger, 7316 cupled the Beth HUlel pulpit u Thirty.first venue, has spent a 12 substitute rabb! he has made a host day furlough at home with his of friends, and h been able to mother and famUy while enroute maintain the congregation's spirit- from Camp Barkeley, Tex. to ual level, In the community he'has Camp Beale, Calif. HIS brother Sgt taken an important part in a wide Eugene has arrived safely some- riet o cvic acUvtties and has where in China. He wu recently made dgnlficent eontributionl to stationed in India for IS montl. community welfare. T/g Steve C. Taleronik, son of On Sunday morning members of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. TLIeronik, 5020 the 1944 confirmation class pre-Twenty-fourth venue, graduated sented him with gift as a token from a communications course at of their appreciation of his spiritual the Cavalry school at Fort Riley, guidance, and symbol of the es- teem and reverence with which the Kan. recently. boys and girls of the class held  Dale G. Marich. son of Mr. their rabbi, and Mrs. George Marich, 4813 Rabhi Sarasohn filled the Beth Twenty-eighth avenue, has re. Hillel pulpit in the absence of Rub- cently completed his course at hi Martin M. Weitz, now on leave Nashville, Tenn. of absence as ehapla[h with the Ralph Edwin Mack, 6549 French rating of captain in the South Pa- drive, graduated from an intensive ciflc, course of Signalman training at * recent service school exercises at Warns Merchants Sgt. Frank A. tanktm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Stankus, Of Check Forgers o,o Twelfth avenue, is now some- where In England with the aircraft section of a large Air Service The Wisconsin Bankers Auocia- Command depot. t/on today nt out warning William C Mielke, CIVL2/c, son which was relayed to Kenosha of Mrs. Agnl Mielke, has arrived merchant by Police Chief John T. home on a ten day leave. Sullivan telling of viclotm cheek- forging racket. Jerry Huien SI/c, 2111 Six. The aoclatton reports that men tieth street, is now an integral wearing uniforms of the army and member of the Aphlbious Forces navy are working on the sympethy of the U. S. Navy. He is stationed f merchants whom they ask to at Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va. cash checks. Sgt. Earl G. Neu, non of Mr. and Merchants were asked to demand Mrs. Nicholas Neu. 4310 Seventh complete identification, if they are avenue, is now stationed at Fort willing to cash these checks. Each Knox, Ky service man has his identification Robert Lloyd Phillips, 4109 Sev- tag The check should also be en- enth avenue, has enlisted in the dorsed with the name of the ship or station to which the man is U. S. Navy. attached. Sgt Carl A. Fishback, husband of Mxs. Irene Fishback, 6530 Sheri. Illness Fatal for dan road, is |ervizzg with the Ninth Atr Force Troop Carrier Com- mand unit somewhere in England. Mrs SarahHanson co,. of Mrs. Joseph Wall, 5426 Six- teenth avenue, has been tran Mrs. Sarah Hanson, 204.60th St. ferred to Ephrata Army Air Base, Kenosha, died at her home early Wash., for duty with the Air WaCL Saturday evening. She was born in She is now assigned to Director of Union Grove, Win. October 28th Supply and Maintenance at the air 1877 and was a resident of Keno- base, as a record and file clerk. sha for the past four yean she She wears the Wac Service Ribbon. previously made her home in IRa- AC Francis R. Young, son of cine for 40-years. She was a me_m- Frank D. 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