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June 5, 1944     Kenosha News
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June 5, 1944

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/ *,k 'L ,/ Page Twelve KENOSHA EVENING NEWS. Hit the Rivez, Sister I FunnyS, Business The real-life adventures of a gociety  ' , fl' to eaen r n me gtrae s at a  - , CHAPTER VII new building  i Did these have to be made red-    Kerry Kraft has been having is    " . . hot I wondered. '  fact hfted ts hair marcelled and  .......... f ..... ,.  - ney oon . Alumlnuro rivets (or, '_ " i its oooy sreamnnea. I ..... .._c _, ....  ._ _,,__.. - . Tool has ,,one  I never knew more coecuy, uumJnum auoy 2' I _ . _ , 2 ..... Par--  are driven cold. The metal may - | wnat oo. ale J, small Ls nan t ...... ut i'is gone and alas Detail Inspection.:.appear[ I)e n ara as n aus o ._[ " ' L (i-nor]hv 'c'-eI-t: oodbv all those in reanty, sow enough so T.na at  r,_ 'n'v-h hn'r'ithm whpn I can be flattened by an ordinary  ':--':'- ',a- -',',- ---In"h'e" hammer. You drill a hole; you put a -: ' I" ".'' 'i'"(.':.", L-irivet in it; while your partner holds ] '','f" ";----vln---tra"c'Ic- a bucking-bar (a hand-size piece of "" ein it u" ana lavin it aain steel) against the protruding shank  F/ f'i* le*.  T-;ctor.and ")f the rivet, you take your rivet-  .............  ...... r - - ' , ,, av. ncin#r oahHin: nvpr enormous gun (at Slmpson s, your pneumatic . -ue--rin-t ............. vibrator," please). Into the muzzle ' f Ker TKraft has got a new con- of your gun you fit a "set," the end of which is shaped to cover the rivet-head; you hold the set firm on the rivet, pull the trigger. Presto! The shank has squashed itself down into a flat "heacT' on your partner's side. This, they explained to us at Simpson's, was the procedure. Now we would try it; and the classroom echoed with an explosion of violent rat-tat-tats accompanied by an ex- plosion of girlish shrieks and a third explosion of dropped bucking- bars. A rivet-gun is an alarming little machine until you become ac- customed to it. At Simpson's we were taught an elaborate code of taps which, we were assured, was used by all rivet- ing teams as thelr only way of communicating with each other You'll find it in all the textbooks and perhaps riveters somewhere do use it. At Kerry Kraft, when we buckers want to say "More" we don't tap, we say "More," and when we want to let our gunners know that they have made the thing too flat we express ourselves much more forcefully than by using taps. And when we are ready when the rivet -s in its hole, our bar against it set for the gunner to gun, we yell, "Hit it! .... Hit it!" There's a certain unvarying inflection to it, a certain pitch to the voice, be it that of a man or girl. It has some- thlng of the same quality as the "Go!" which sets off runners. "Hit it! .... Hit it!" All up and down the lines that's what you hear: "Hit it!" and the instant, sharp, incredibly fast and incredibly noisy hammering of the gun. That is riveting, when you've got a good rivet-team, who've worked together and know each other'g "style." That is riveting when you're "He can't play a good game on a calm sea!" This Curious W d By William Fermo tract. Kerry Kraft is going to build, not just more parts of planes for somebody else, but its own com- plete, invincible, totally assem- bled fighter. They've done them before, but only in a small way. Now it's "big-time" stuff, assem- bly line stuff, real Production. It doesn't mean just one line, to as- semble the plane itself; it means a line for each part: fuselage, wing, tail. fin, rudder, aileron, elevator Then the final assembly; all the parts, each completed on its own line, coming together -- half a dozen planes being assem- bled all at once. Not all of these lines are start- ing off from scratch They've al- ready been making the wings and stabilizers, the fins and control- surfaces, and all that is really new is the fuselage and the fitting of these various pieces together to make a finished plane. It's, as planes go, a little thing, but it takes up a lot of room and, in or- der to arrange the component lines in some semblance of a pat- tern, everything is topsy-turvy. In the shop, they, express it dif- ferently. My fellow-workers, I find, have quite a gift for vivid phrase. And my fellow-workers, now, are no longer girls but "fellers," for I am at last out of Bench and on the Lines. On the line which makes the stabilizers for the new plane, the "X-O." At last I am a riveter At Simpson's, on the day when we first met rivets, I was, incredible as it now seems, not only entirely ignorant of what riveting might be, btt hardly sure what a rivet itself was. I remember looking curiously at the round-headed, short and un- "knoekin' 'em out" and when every. pointed nail--five-thirty-seconds of thing is "on the beam," okay and an inch in diameter, not quite half movin'. That is riveting, the "glamor an inch long. The only rivets I had job" of aircraft. ever before been aware of were (To Be Continued) %._ Around t Dial BELIEVED THAT r DIA(IqCX June 5, 1944 w'r aE,I ....... IN  ........ IN WUBM ...... IN WCFL ....... WGN ..... YN WltlM ....... ll 4:00WGN--News bulletins NEXT: Has the American WBBM--Paul Gibaon prol'am WENB---Mytery Chief  Movie Star 4:30---WGN--Tho Music Mart W2EAQ-WTMJ---ust PlaJ Bill. ertal W'BBM--Frd Beck. orgardt WEN--Blue Points 4:4---WBBM-WISN--American Women Q---What was George Washing- W,IAQ-WTMJ--Front Page Far- ton's official army rank? A--Lieutenant . general. Con- gress established the rank of full general March 3, 1799, likely so Washington could be elevated to that rank, but there is no record that the promotion ever took place. Q---What pitcher holds the ma- jor league record for games won? A---Cy Young, 511 victories. Q--When was the Red Crosl or. ganized, and how many national Red Cross societies are there? A--1881; 63. Q--Have U. S. manufacturers utilized ersatz flavorings in our foods? A--Chemists have developed artificial cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, caraway, and chocolate flavorings to replace imports cut off by the war. Q---What is sericulture? AThe raising of silkworms. $ 50 Th Soy Failure to pass army intelligence tests, primarily because of educa- tional deficiency, has deprived our armed forces of more physically fit men than have the operations of the enemy.---elective Service bul- letin. We are not invading France; we are liberating Frknce. But when it comes to Germany and her stooge countries, the word is in- vasion.  OWl Director Elmer Davis. It is inevitable, considering the progressive centralization of pro- duction, that the economic and political struggle should become more and more closely interwoven, the political factor " continually growing in significance in the )recess. -- Prof. Albert Einstein. EffecWve immediately, the word 'catastrO',he" will be eliminated !ram all ,eports and orders and also from the vocabulary in gen- eral -- German order in Italy. We have not enough industry to serve America's needs or the world's needs. In this country we have done pretty well as far as we have gone, but there must be more and more industry. It is essential to political and economic freedom.  Henry Ford. How to Find the North Pole You need only a measuring rule to determine when you are stand- ing exactly at the North Pole; If your shadow measures the same over a 24-hour period, you are at the pole. Five Years of Forest Fires There were more than 200.000 forest fires per year in theUnited States over the five-year period of 1936-1940. Enough valuable tim- ber to'cover an area as large as New York state was burned, rell WCFI.---Rendezvous with Romance ?v'ENR----Dick Tracy. lerlal 5:00---;GN--News Bulletins WE2R--Terry and the pirates W'AQ--ALex Drcter. news. music WBBM--Alvin .I". Stelnkopf, news W CFI.,---N ew reports |:lS---WGN--Safety Legion Time VBBM--Lyn Murray's oh. W'MAQmNeWS; Sweet ,n' Spanigh WENR--Malcolm Claire. stories WDon Artiste, pianist li:30---WGN--Tom Mix Str. Shooter1 W'BBM---John Harrlngtono news WENR----J. Armstrong, serial WIt's Dance L.--WGN---Superman. serial WBBM-WLN--The World Today WEN]-Capt. MidnlghL rlal WM.AQ---Hub Jackson. news WBob Chester's orchestra a:00--WGN---Johnny Betty. songt, pat'r WM.AQ---Jim Blade. music W*BI[--New|: sports Reel WLS--$tflizn Bentley. newz WCFL-4News reports a: 15-WGN--Telephov- Quiz "WBBM-WISN--Ed Sulliva enter- talns WMAQ---Robt. St. John. news WLS---L. Burllnaharn; music WMuslcal Motorcade 4"0---WGN--John Holbrook. nevrg WLSThe Lone Ranger WMAQ--Supper Interlude WBBMBob Burns Show WCFI.,--Adventtu'e$ of Jane e:4----WGN--The Lion's Roar WMAQ--H. V. Kltenbort WCFL----Jack Kelly .wrchestr T.O--WGN---Cecfl Brown, news WBBM-W]S--Vox pop show WMAQ-WTMJ--Cavalcade of America WLS--Paul Neflson. news WNew repor T: 15---WGNThe Smoothies WLS---Lum and Abner, sketch WCFI--BLrlg Croby, songs T'0---WGN---Sherlock Holmes WMAQ-WTMJ--Richlrd Crooks, tenor B[---C;ay Os Regue WLS---Bltnd Dete WCZI.,--Dr. Schacher. commen- tator T:45----WWho Dumt? a:0---WGN---Gabriel Heatter. news WI[A Q-WTMJ --T etephone Hour WBBM-WISN--Radlo Theater WENR---Counter Spy. drama W CFL---.ews reports a:WGN--Return of Nick Carter WCFL---Melody Parade Iki0---WGN--Winchell and Mahoney W'MA Q-W'I'M-- In f orma tlon Please WENR--Spotlight: R. Morgan WCFL---Labor Flashes a:45---WCFL--Any Bonds Tonight? WGN--Bflly Repald. news :00.--WMAQ-WTMJ--C ontented, r aram WBBM-WIS--Screen Guild Players W-FNR---Raymond Gram Swing il:lb----WGN--I.,ew Diamond's orchestra "WENR---Top of the Evening WCFLr---Serenade |:O--WGN--Bulldog Drunlmond WMAQ-WTMJ--Doetor I. Q. WBBM-WISN--Blondie. comedy WNR--Heidt Time WCFL--The Lone lmer 10:00---WGN--Fulton Lewis, Jr.. news WMA---Fred Waxing Time WBBM-WISN--I Love a MYstery WCFL---Moulton Kelsey. news WF, NR--Symionetts. M. Ptatro .l--WGN--Chicago at Night WBBM--So the Story Goes AQ---K]eve Kirby. news WCFL---Don Axtste, Dian/$t l-0.--WGN--News bulletin YiBBM--Etene Read, news WMAQ--Plytlme. music WCFL---Music Lovers' vroram WENR--But Not ForgOtten l45---WGN--World's Front Page WMA(--Serenade program W'BBM--Serenade and Swing WENR--News; Rhythm at Ran- dom I lO ITlllla IE [I}TIEYIAI1MII IUIP IilAlYlilfl IHIEI GIA I I1E-'1N ,us  l00ative --IA I1 IIIYIFIOIIICIEI 2 Immerse 3 Air attack 26 Seas 43 Soft mineral 4 Senior (abbr.) 27 Biblical 44 Aluminum 5 Feline pronoun (symbol) 6 Smells 28 Near 45 Transgr, 7 King of beasts 30 Grab ions 8 Fate 32 Erbium 48 Raced 9 Hide (symbol) 47 Individual 32 Night bird 10 Appendage 34 Bone 48 Vegetable 23 South Dakota 11 Everything 37 Street (abbr.) 49 Title of (abbr.) 12 Things (Latin) 38 Daybreak respect 25 Playthings 17 Folding bed (comb. form) 51 Fish eggs 28 Measure of 22 Soothsayer 40 Shy area 23 Look fixedly 41 Rendezvous 9 Five and five 24 Fiend 42 Despise 31Cerium , i z 3 I I' I S 1 w , 6 (symbol) 32 Greek letter , ; 00'll 35 Steal   38 Measure of ' I='1 cloth z 4o Pvel ex-  " 14 . plcive (abbr.)  I : :i ,::i!i :: 42 Belongs to him ! 43 Transpose [- =  -- .n (abbr.) 1 C I I 4' Wander S" l'i I " 48 Compensates 50 Italian money ss I !  W 53 Against    -- M Girl's name I J 56 Move head -- -- - 52 Paid notices 55 Electrical en- gineer (abbr.) q I HORIZONTAL aflL, Tnatively I Pictured el- 57 Require tress, Martha 58 She is one of Hollywood's 2 She is a film young VERTICAL 13 Narrow inlet 14 Wireless 15 Story 16 Heroic 18 Blow horn 19 Lubricates 20 Accomplish 21 Registered nurse (abbr.) Detail for Today 6-by-6 Hold Everything the arrival of chow. One can't appreciate the soft, comfortable seats in the good old family car unless he has ridden all day on the hard board seats in the 'ear of The 8.BY-8 is the large, six. wheel G. I. truck that is familiar to every soldier, and the term comes from the fact that all six wheels are driving wheels. 'lhe G. I. spends an awful lot of time and travels countless miles in these faithful vehicles, which haul everything from his food and laundry to his ammunition. The S-BY-6 has a sound all its own and can be heard whining down the rol for quite a distance---many times a welcome sound to those men who have been sweating outa 6-BY-6. A Pasting Monday, June 5 1944 .--By Ham Fsher FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Haywire --By Blosser VF INVEtITOR HAS "lb OVERCOME RIC.uLE, POPL I.LI6ED AT FULTON WHEN HE BJfLT TI.IE F/RSTSTffAM::)AT-.. ;errJ9 TO e,E TE T., ASSUtS AM INVeNTO Oe SUCCESS !/! AND m "rV "r.e csE, COE- -rHtN IS WRONG WTI TH(S pICTURE ./ IIO,ODY I LAU6HIN: SOET/-IING MUSTA GONE  . ,:, - ,_,  WONG!/i,I :  q,, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . An Unhappy Landing --By Martin "'i" c' :l i ' "' r"l " -'| p S /[ o, q , RED RYDER --By Fred Harman ALLEY 00P OUT OUR WAY --By Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE --with Major Hoople