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June 10, 1944     Kenosha News
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June 10, 1944

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,The Weatl/erZ partly Cloudy Tonight and Sunday; Warmer in Southeast Sunday, 9to-to istorcal Society Maa i son, KENOSHI00 EVENING NEWS Home Edition VOL. L--NO. 196 10 PAGES %VOINDED YANKS TREATED ON FRENCH BEACH--American soldiers, wounded in the assault on the north coast of France, lie in litters and sit propped against a sea wall awaiting transportation back o Britain This picture is by Peter J. Carroll, AP photographer operating with the.still picture pool.-- (AP Wirephoto via Signal Corps radio). KENOSHA, WISCONSIN, SATURDAY; JUNE 10, 1944 10 PAGES PRICE FOUR CENTS" ericans Push Strong Advance On Cherbourg; Thousands Seized German Units in Nazis Admit Allied Column Is Only 15 Miles From City; Withdraw Lines YANKS DRIVE FOR CHERBOURC----Arrows show reported Allied drives on the French invasion coast. Americans took Ste. Mere Eglise on the Cherbourg peninsula and announced seizure of Formigny be- tween Isigny and Bayeux. British and Canadian forces were reported thrusting south and west from Bayeux. Black line indicates main beachhead front on basis of enemy reports, partly confirmed by Allied Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force---(/tg--U. S. troops snatching up thousands of prisoners battered powerfully today toward Cherbourg--by Nazi account only 15 miles away--and rammed another column southward in a squeeze attack on Carentan, stronghold guard- ing the narrowest neck of the Normandy peninsula. Both these attacks fanned out Detailed Plans from fallen Ste. Mere Eglise, while Berlin, reporting a large-scale offensive against Cherbourg, de- clared there was violent fighting east of Cherbourg, only 15 miles F0r B0nd 00fllly southeast of the prize port. Other American forces to the southeast seized Isigny, and drove westward on Carentan seven miles 'Are Announced away. Two column, thus were con- verging on Carentan itself, nearly a third of the way inland on the shortest line across Cherbourg peninsula. More detailed plans for the U.S. The U. S. Ninth air force, whose war bond rally to be held next task is to provide close tactical Thursday evening at 7:30 at the lsupport for ground forces, has es- Washington Park bowl as the for-itablished advanced headquarters in Fight Allied Supreme Headquarters, London -- (U.P.) -- Allied destroyers I sank one German destroyer off the coast of France last night, forced another to beach, and drove off a force of heavily-armed enemy craft, it was announced today to. German Retreat Italy gether with the disclosure that the ., first American destroyer sunk in the invasion operation Tuesday was hit by a Nazi mystery weapon. Although the U. S. ship went down near shore, its crew was in the water for two hours under lheavy enemy shell fire and many 'Catastrophe' for Enem)'-o The young skipper. [whose name was withheld, said the f [destroyer sank shortly after "some- /thing hit us -- I have a pretty good idea what  but better not say just what." mal opening of Kenosha's Fifth France, it was disclosed. This is The German destroyers were hit announcements--(AP Wirenhoto) War Loan campaign were an- preliminary to putting advanced in a running fight with eight Allied E ........................... ....... nounced this morning by the Kenoo air bases into operation, which a ., == , . destroyers near Ouessant, 26 miles[ sha County War Finance commit- would give fighters considerable Anti I-asasts ,,, and blew up on the spot Powerful Fleets of Heavy Bombers .v.n,.e over their present "corn- northwest of Brest. One was for- tee.s previously announced Rear muting" over the channel - pedoed by the British destroyer . . Adrmral Arthur S Carpender As The other enemy craft, of the 2,000'" Commandant of the Ninth NavaliCapture Many Nazis | | |] / ] | [ton Narvik class, was chased furi-I District, is to be the guest of honor I Lt. Gen Omar Bradley's Ameri- rl01a L0mplele t00:magh at Tarn00t R00hinrl/in0000: lously by the Canadian destroyers and the chief speaker at the rally, lean parachutists and infantrymen e will be accompameu oy a gal  l ne ha e c Haida and Huron and hit the beach . . "ia o v aptured more than at a speed of at least 30 knots.l,#l I l,&uPl I Ul |llh,0 IJl,#l III ld a-ll lt,#l axy of musicians ann entertainers 3,000 prisoners, half of them Nazi ........ Iparachute veterans of Rnssm and || l' rt Later she was b ombe d and from the Great Lakes Naval Tram- wrecked mg Smtmn o present one oI zne[cassino The Allies since D-day ITnlln vnwr I Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force---(9---Powerful most notable programs ever pre-ihave taken more than 5,000 cap- l llkI 111/II I l lIJ If II.#I Other Ships Fled fleets of Arnerican heavy, medium and light bombers today blasted sented in Kenosha. tines. Two other German destroyers in targets behind the Normandy battlelines and German airfields in The rally is open to the public. British and Canadian forces ............... [,k .......... a , o+,  +o northern France in a thunderous follow up to similar RAF attacks There will be no charge of any meanwhile battled German at- United Press Staff orres dent Ibeing hit by fire from the British . . .. . kind and there will be no direct toured divisions in the greatest .... y vOn . Idestroyers Javelin and Eskimo. The American .intn. air .zorce an- solicitation for war bonds at the tank engagement since the land* ome----u.rJ--e new aemocradc[The Tartar the third British ship nouncea ic nas esmozzsnea au-] IS I I t I I meeting. It is being held with the rags, near Caen, stronghold on the government, considered 100 per in the fiah was damaged and the vaneed headquarters in France,[ r I-IIII tnhhl sole purpose of arousing interest cent anti-Fascist, was set up in lib-lcre w suffered a few casualties preliminary to getting advanced air].[, [[[UH .,H,,[ and enthusiasm at the outset of eastern flank. erated Italy today, pledged to rid when the vessel stabbed through bases in operation. From Nor-[  Kenosha campaign. Allied shells tore into the big the nation completely of Fascism the enemy line turned and oponI mandy came dispatches datelined I  . . . city. and further Italy's war effort fire on the leacling German vessel "RAF Beach Squadron Headquar- | " .....I. =.. U... Campaign Starts Monday The  communique de- against Germany, its former Axis The other Allied ships were the ters," indicating the Allies were[|1[rl[lllt1|P_K n_rl[ The Fifth War Loan campaign clared Allied counter-attacka starts on a nationwide basis on against Touffreville, six miles east partner. [Polish destroyers Blyskawica and pushing ahead wi.th the ".mportantlvsd,d, s SVdS Monday and Kenosha is ready for of Caen, had failed. There was no White-goateed, 71-year-old Iva-IPiorun. step of gettin alnleAeus m opera- I noe Bonomi, retaining the posts of It was believed that all a t tlon in captured territory. [kl_JL_ J t'___l__ _ the informal opening of the cam- Allied confirmation of flghtiz on feign affairs and interior minis-o f the loss, the Gerraans had only The day and night blows whic.hJNnTir] nji'r paign here at that time. Already that side of the city, where Caen ter, formed the.new cabinet withinla few destroyers left, with possibly broke a IS-hour |ull in Al.lied an'[ l 1/l /I /IlI/I the house-to-house canvass has been would be flanked from the east. 24 hours azler ne was namea pre-|only four available for action, activity caused by me weamer yes- started and is well underway. The Berlin asserted " mJJital'y mier to replace Marshal Pietro[ The other enemy force was dis- terday were aimed at railroads, campaign will start here on strength assembled in the Caen- Badoglio. ] ersed b a rou of American hihwa s heavy gun positions and Quoting the old proverb, "A man schedule but the formal opening Bayeux area has been thrown in P Y g P - Y ..... s and tanks s as he thinks the Rev Peter The new government was con- destroyers between the east coast a concentration of troop , , . will take place at the rally Thurs- the direction of Cherbourg." sidered more democratic and leftist of Cherbourg peninsula and Isle behind the invasion front and a Brooks, S. J., addressing the 268 day evening at Washington Park. Report New Withdrawal than either of the cabinets formed'so n Marcouf. Although details key rail junction near Paris as members of the graduating class The time for starting the pro- by the former premier. Not one of were not given, the German ships well as at the airfields, of the Mary D. Bradford senior gram has been advanced to 7:30 Another broadcast said Ameri- its members bore a Fascist taint, presumably were attempting to get One purpose of the attacks was high school and a capacity crowd in order to allow the visiting enter- cans in the Carentan area attacked Among the members are liberal into the flank of the Allied supply to prevent the German air force Friday with four infantry divisions lines The American destroyer sunk by the Nazi mystery weapon was in a I Routed Germans \\; "fTE00"- Flee North in " Wild Disorder ,. e g n tent town of Ts y-lynd ruined Civitavecchia capture ."; captured the a c -1 .... ' ar:la. 13 miles n r -I  " ' o theast of Tar vieroo on main zome-Florence i " l line press forward in Sabine Hills (]U nia. . ". . :''J" D it th reat Seed of Lt district, and capture Sublaco --' esp e e g p "l .' Gem Mark W. Clark's pursuing (NEA Telephoto). : troops, which have averaged rough-I ' ly 15 miles daffy since the fall of  'r: Rome, an official spokesman de-'l-rmn v:nTr :-' (:lared they are "unable to catch up J/I I lull /Ul IL/ .". ,'ith any important elements of " Col. Gem Eberhard yon Macken. I-mli'or-a- 0n Hit en's 14th army which is withdraw- ing in this area in a completely disorganized fashion." By Marauders leaders Count Carlo Sforza and Benedetto Croee, who served in the preceding government w i t h o u t The Eighth army also picked up apeed in its northward advance ear the Adriatic. By COLLIE SMALL United Press War Correspondent Aboard a Marauder Over Cher- bourg Peninsula {,)--- A moment ago this plane dove low on a Ger- ;azi Tenth Imperiled Mackensen's flight was consid- ered a peril to the Nazi 10th army, whose withdrawal northward on the east side of the Tiber has been slower and more orderly, due large- ly to demolitions, mine fields and portfolios and will hold similar three in the" . group of _____ spearhead___ __ m- posts m the present government f vasion o one section of the French Idoglio Quits Rome Ibeach. When the U. S. vessel tried .. .__ ..... Ito approach a designated spot, en- wzm me iormalon OI me new ............. [emy coastal guns opened and the caome wmcn ]s expecen m nora .  : ..... Idestroyers started firing 20 min- xes nrs meeung over me weeK- . . . lutes before schedule. end, Badogho shpped quietly from l ........ Rome and from all public affairsl ,oasml un uencea the mountainous terrain which man Panzer formation hiding in a made close pursuit by the Britishlforest southeast of Caen, and I to return to civilian life One coastal gun was silenced and Eighth army difficult. [watched tons of high explosives Xrhen the former remier wear the destroyers were shooting it East of the Tiber river the Ger- blow the German tanks sky-high , '" ..... . . '., - m, ,ifh n en rv htfvv I "lng nls ma.-sn-'sa, ,oa-i ,,,,nliorm .......................  ...... , man 10th army is robbed of thel We apparently caught the Ger-  ............ ' firin maior caliber shells .i r ernaps zor me las ume leIz me  * support of ts mater army and now roans by surpmse. Not a single tank P ........... ' "Then something hit us" the - . ,rana noiel las nlgnt mere were ' has to provide, out of ts own means, ! turned ts turret upward as the l .......... binder said "I have a nret a,d s threat " - iears in nls eyes as ne lez Oy auzo- "" vv "  " - flank protection again t the [flight swept m with bomb.bays ................ idea what, but better not say what. advance moolle zo ms nome m me OUSKIr[.s represented by the Allied open. We weaved through a lightl . _ "I ,,ave the order fnr full rdder to the Viterbo area " the spokesman'flak barrage thrown up by mobile oz lome. ntl ,dl d h,,t-th "in' =aid. ' acks-acks as easily as if the shells Although he just had learned;'la- t ]" uscauseI-us"to--lose"l 'Here too there is considerable were popcorn bulbs that the Italian political partiesl ........ , . -  . . ezecrzcat power anu we smrea dzsorganlzation noted and pmson- I "ust had time to not th lhad no use for hxm Badogho toldl,.in,, n ,-iei,- 3 e at the ' v ............ er recently taken include cooks t nk ere camouflaed to avert me he was happy that unity finally  , .t; ..... :, ho a,* +.^..+ butchers bakers some no more u t euch an attack as this ,the n had been achieved in Ataly aaalng" . .......... .; s . . ........... '_ ..."imey were going o nit ene neacn than 14 years old the bombs shrIlle downw z hope A nau somemzng o ao wsm ' d ard, and ,but finally got headed toward sea ]Enemy Losses Heavy "Losses in the 10th army con- tinue heavy and the Hermann Coating division in particular has been reduced to a strength com- parable with that with which it straggled back from Sicily." With the taking of Tuscania, Tar- clumia and Vetralla, the Fifth army frontnw haSmorefannedthan out50 milesn a broadto the other Kenoshan Wins northwest from Rome, and at the same time has stabbed at least 40 n'esnrthfthecapitalciiyinalDFC tol " Flying Heroism drive beyond Veterb0. a provincial[ the entire wood area burst into this." when the ship stopped. After the flames. We were so low by then that this plane leaped violently with every explosion of its own bombs. Looking back, ! saw blotches of fire melting into each other. One (Continued on Pale Nine) capital and communications center (Continued on Pae Nine) from buliding up air suppor for Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's forces in Normandy. 500-Plane Attack The blow against the airfields was delivered by up to 500 U. S. Flyin Fortresses and Liberators which took quick advantage of the clearing weather. The British night and American day heavy bombers also hammered the Etampes rail junction 30 miles from Paris, a key troop dispatching point for the Germans. Bombing enemy targets as close as a mile to the Normandy battle lines, American Marauders and Havocs swept over a 15-mile stretch, rocking German positions. These planes ducked under an overcast to strike from the unusu- ally low altitude of 3;500 feet, and the tail gunners silenced one anti- aircraft battery as they swooped past. Targets near the French coast were bombed through clouds with Questioned whether he still re-icre w got off, the skipper left when secret devices. mained head , the main e k a three feet under * of the Itahan army d c w s he said: ,water. See Threat of "I am no longer the head of the l The Americans had difficnlty get- Italian army or anything else. I'ting away from the ship, and the am going to return to my house skipper said he swam for'an hour ' Con{'''l'" n "''" N'')r bUtplainedmVedthatnlYit wasl00 fortunateYards" He thateX'[ r'-"LIn.U, Revolt the ship's magazine was not hit, for the concussion probably would have killed everybody. The men floated in the water, under continuous enemy fire, for two hours, until other ships in the vicinity carried out their assign- ments and couldpick them up. Max is Haupl Found Guilty ond convicted of treason by a federal district court Jury. The jury which convicted the German born paper hanger yester- day, after deliberating 28 hours recommended mercy but the rec. ommendation is not binding on Federal Judge John P. Barnes, who did not immediately impose sentence. First convicted in November, 1942, on a charge of harboring his [son, Herbert, one of eight Nazi First Lt. Leonard L. Karl I saboteurs who came to the United ' a I States on a aiion of sabotage ....... ' ....... I Haupt was sentenced to death but Hgh School. Racine nd the Uni- versly oI wLsconsm -[. orx # . " " 1 -::9 "''[wth hLS wife and two other Ger- eneerea" " me" service on June z. z.r .... .- --'-- a .......... t nlan-.txnerlcan coupie, K" ne  a ve%eran oz zu oomcr ms-( --.. .... f nw 12"laL mons over enemy :urope ana oe- / c'.nin, nf fh$ trp=un /nullt sides the DFC wears the Air Medal/ ':. ..................... with ,,o Oak Leo Cl,,ers icarrzes a sentence of death or pris. ...... Ion terms ranging from five years His brother. Stanley, a captain l to life or a fine of $I0.000. Judge in the Dental Corps, also ia sta-iBarnes will rule on a motion for a Uoned in England. lnew trial next Wednesday. London ---(/P)--- Turbulent condi- tions prevail in central France, especially in the Vichy region where a general uprising is threat- ened as a result of the Allied in- vaslon of Normandy, border dis- patches relayed from Barcelona, Spain, reported today. The dispatches, which said the Nazis are fearing a new invasion thrust by the Allies on the French of parents and friends in the audi- tainers from Great Lakes a better torture last evening, declared that opportunity t.o get back to their the same principle applies to a na- quarters on tzme. . . tion, whose actions must needs flow In. the event tha raln prevents from its collective thinking, stag!ng .of the ,program at the "America's strength lies in the, wasningtn iarK oowl arrange- courage resourcefulness and in I ments have been made so that the genmty of its youth," conitnued_prgrarn L Inn be presented at the Father Brooks, who has recentlyl Mary " ..ra.azora enlor tign ee z School audltormm b n appo'nted president of Mar- quette university. "Its young peo- Galaxy of Entertainers and a tank division, and "new para- troops were landed behind Ger- man lines," forcing the Germans to withdraw northward and north- i westward. An official Allid front dispatch, without identifying the exact sec- tor, declared German resistance iwhich had been strong "began to !break yesterday afternoon" and the pie must fight now and in peace . . "indications now are that the Ger- for the ideals this country hlft-l he entertainers which the mans are having considerable dif- dear." - .......... Great Lakes have sent to Kenoshaificultv. throwing in reinforcements "We want a peace built upon the! accmpanef:mraloC:rpen:er] indiscriminately-'' It said U. iiS brotherhood of man and the father-I PP. g . .. p .. . g P,forces pressed forwara agams m l _ thaz ormgs many nauonauy Known nee ca turin one ton and hood of God, and the strength to[ resista , p ' g " do this will come from the stabil- artzsts to K enosha: .... ]"a handful of villages." . . I Lt  A OO ,ison now c es ondents ity of our homes and our loyalty, ", - ", "-"- - '^ I Gen. Bradley told orr p __.  ..... , ,_ ,. ,_ Ireat LaKes .nermmmen umcer,h e was "satisfied" with American d, Auve uA 'Ju, was rue spea-i '" " h bes" and formerty one ot t e  c a German er's advice to the class ........ /progress, but expe ted Known sporcasers on me raalo Declaring that these days have ............... 'I counter.attack shortly m three- Wlll U( tile master oz ceremomes ........ a certain beauty because of the i Musical units will include the 35 lluSl?rnemSreegaquarter s gave no opportunity given us to serve oUrlpiece Great Lakes Rhythm orches-[. _. p ....... : ..... e- ained fellowrnen, Father Brooks cn'Itra under the direction of Ralph ' ino.lcaHon o  ..  cluded his talk. He wished everYlMatire, Musician 3c, a hot tr-l_to. "ard Cherbourg from St_e__Mer; graduate success in whatever he:pe t ace with name bands in civilian gise, I hums rom m pr, . chose to undertake, days, and the Music Makers, a four in the push to the south towarn Students Take Part piece group which has also won Carentan. The welcoming address was pre- sented by Ronald Clifford Meteiver, vice president of his class, who ex- pressed the thoughts of his fellow graduates with sincerity. Two selec- tions by the A Cappella choir, "Madame Jeanette," by Alan Mur- ray, and "O Sing Your Songs," by Noble Cain, opened the program. nationwide acclaim. A recent addition to the program which was planned is that Bill Thompson, who in other days was the Old Timer, Mr. Wimple and Horatio K. (check for a short beer) Boomer on the Fibber McGee radio program but who is now in the U. S. Navy will appear. Other solo- ists include Jack Kilty, tenor lead The 3,000 prisoners seized by Americans represented every na- tionality. U. S. airborne trool cut up a German parachute divi- sion which had fought in Russia, taking 800 to 1,000 prisoners. Short- ly afterward a German paratroop battalion which had fought at (Continued on Page Nlne) @ Daniel Lencioni. president of the in the stage hit "Oklahoma`" a""'era'0rs!LiD! Hit board of education, acted as pro-'Larry Storch, young Bluejacket gram chairman for the evening, impersonator, who in civilian days Other musical numbers on the played at the leading night clubs program i n c I u d e d "Seguldilla`" I and theaters of the nation. I .m , , from the opera "Carmen," which[ * ][,I II/ |"^[; was sung by Mass Anne Isermann, Ex Con ressman D,es and Dittersdofi's "Andante," by - g " /lUll, k,a/uIIIl3 the string quartet. Members of this I Augusta, Ga. ---(P)-- William H. I group are Miss Lorraine Thiet, Miss/Fleming, 88 former U. S. congress- Pearl Harbor -- (U ) -- American Annaliese Horn, Joseph Leliveltiman from the 10th Georgia dis-Liberator bombers from the cen- Mediterranean coast, gave this (Centlnaed on Page Five}trict, died here Friday night, tral and south Pacific delivered a picture of conditions: ....  .... double attack on Truk in the Caro- Barricades have been flung lines on Wednesday in the eighth across roads by Vichy and German r}_22 __ .T__- _ _ " f  " forces. All civilian motor traffic ...... fleIIE1nc[ t"1ncIDal Iven raid this month on the big enemy island base, it was disclosed today. has been Danned in tour oepar$- --" .. ments in the Vichy area. Vichy  .- e #'W . The long-range bombers from police warned they would shoot on t =[1C T t ,r}r'w.__r Admi-alty island bases battled ,!. ......  .,................... through 25 enemy fighters in day- hight any non-ocial ear in motion. -- ....... light to unload 30 tons of explo- Report Open Fighting A surprise number on the High,Mrs. Helen Barden Wilton, Mrs. lsives on the atoll. Three Japanese iMarjome Miller Morrow, Mrs. planes were shot down, and one !Helena Hammond Seegar, Edmund: Liberatr was lost in the attack. Haubrieh, .4Awin T. Ha/sen, H. I Central Pacif Liberators re- Lawrence Hastings, and Cester S. 'turned over Truk the same night Hubbard. !and singled out the airfields for Contributors to the fund were their targets, meeting only meager former students of the school rep -and inaccurate anti-aircraft fire. resenting classes from 1911 to 1943, Reveal New Raids and other friends of Kenosha's vet- teran educator, who has engineered A Pacific fleet headquarters COmo the academic education of thou-munique also disclosed new raids sands of local youngsters. ;by central bombers on the Caro- Open fighting has occurred be- tween Vichy forces and French patriots at Gannat, within I0 miles of Vichy, and a score of persons have been slain. Two battalions of German police entered Vichy yesterday, presum- ably to help defend it against pos- sible direct attack from guerrilla forces. Hundreds of towns in cen- tral France were declared to have cast off the last vestiges of Vichy rule. Telegraph and telephone com- munications have been'cut off or suffer repeated breakdown due to sabotage. (The OWI said the Nazi-con- trolled Vich7 home radio inter- rupted its broadcast schedule today to 'Legently request" all militia- men in the Lyon region to report to their headquarters in Lyon, which has been Im active center of reMtane by French patriot) School commencement program Last night, and eme enthusiastically applauded by the large audience, was the presentation of a purse of money to George Nelson Tremper, who is retiring from the principal. ship of the high school after 33 years as its head. The money was presented to Mr. Tremper at the conclusion of the exercises, just after he had assisted G. F. Loomis, superintendent of schools, in presenting diplomas to Appreciative remarks were made, iines bases of Ponape and Pakin, the 268 new graduates. I following the presentation, by Atty. the outlying island of Nauru and A. Walker Perkins, chairman of Daniel C. Lencioni, chairman of the the isolated enemy positions in .the the Gift Fund committee, said, in evening, who recalled some of the;Marshalls. Ponape was hit on both extending the gift, "A Gift Fund[accomplishments of Mr. Tremper, iTuesday and Tlursday nights, committee, on behalf of friendsla humanitarian as well as a teach-lPakin and Nauru pn Tuesday and and former students of Kenoshaler and organizer. Mrs. Tremper,!theMarshallsTuesdayandWednes- High school wish to present to yout',oo , who not only helped activelylday. this token, as an expression of thetat the high school for a number ofi A corsair fighter was shot down admiration and respect we all have,years, but has furnished supportlnear Mill atoll in the Marshalls, for you." of education through P.T.A. work,but the pilot was rescued by a Others of the committee were; was given her share of praise. U.S. destroyer, " Two Killed in Y0rd Accident dows in the area. A blaze started but was quickly extinguished by he yard's fire department. Check for Other Victims The roster of the graveyard shift V, as being checked to determine hether there were additional vic- *,ms, the navy reported. Names of the dead and injured, believed to be civilian workers, were not im- mediately available. Another Kenosha flier, First Lt. Leonard L. Korf, navigator of a B.17 Flying Fortress. has been dec- orated with the Distinguished Fly. ins Cross to add to his three other hero awards: The latest recogni- tion came as a result of "extraor. dinary achievement" during an aerial attack on enemy instella- tions at Arnlmswalde, Germany, recently. The high award is in recognition of Lt. Korf's outstanding perform- ance of duty that day when, as chine shop 31 in Mare Island navy navigator on a Fortress that was 2, ard like crumpled tin-foil killed i leading a heavy bombardment t,o men early today and injured combat wing. he overcame heavy sx others, two of them critically, weather obstacles and led the ]2th naval district headquarters an. wing to its objective. _ . z ounced On that occasion Lt. Kor also The blast of undetermined ori-]haS li;eote: flothw haIae gin. tossed heavy lathes into the: ..... "=" . azr f W1 oomoaraler wno was seriously and shattered hundreds o 'n- wounded by anti-aircraft fire. Lt. Korf administered first aid and was so skilful that he stopped the flow of blood that threatened to tae thc man's life. The citation accompanying the award read, in part: "The cool- ness of decision, the excellent per- formance of duty and the courage and ability in admifilstering toa wounded comrade the first aid measures that saved his life, re- The accident was the worst in!Hects the highest credit upon Lt. lhe recent history of the huge Mare;Korf, his organization, and the Island navy yard navy public r[armed forces of the United States." ll, ma$ officials cL i An alumnus of Washington Park ? :-:;, , ,) ? ,' i'.-