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June 10, 1944     Kenosha News
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June 10, 1944

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Page Ten KENOSHA EVENING NEWS &apos; D....., tny Business JOE PALO000 The real-life adventure of a societYl ......... I.__ _z /. -/"  i -"//'/(C'- t     ir who goes to work in a war plant' clone with. k% nf,..r  % .%,. | ,. , .. .......... "older omen have taken j =.-.:'" !! I  %- tAerl, ..U make el pty days pass more .-..-7.:' ,.'- ---    Autumn has caught up at last on ly, to l:eep their minds off     [,. L  the weather The Indian summer anxietie;. ':Whenever I am' " ' .:" ':   / _ that has gone on all through thlsll just fll rlgnz up.' one 0J ':'"::.-" '.. -_:.  ]Ii:  month has ended  suddenly the, "'Better to wod than sit hart =.., :.'  .... :.;  liP""  ll trees have become winter-bare cry all day" said another. .:.'.'.   ' " /" L  J ' ', ',- wit Eunce andl Extraordinarily ignorant, some' .'.[:- _l-  7 b - Janie and Doris but we havei:nJhe ? tr?mSCut ed ehv. I...==  ,   given up our outdoor picnics and ...... I I"-   !i i ea in the Plant cafeteria, some-i nne T.ne..less, a .rlena.nness amoag I I  .]':   ti ......... .... *,,;,.,...., t .#et our food, them. wntcn makes, mer camp I J'=LI--I-I- "" }"" ' " "' < '/"?''.4:vz, ,II "---... .. !lonshlp somethmg to which I often . - ...... ""' ::.'"':''",:;',''"  from the counter and sometimes . , ....... :..',,,,,,,'":.',.,,.',":::") I ' ", ......... rlw,ehe, :find myself looklng forward. ! ]I  1 " bn .................... . ' When the War and the Duration I I  ::':   7'z/// ' ., Zuice2 romance n Pr:are both over when that great and I "  " ':' | perea, lne former secrefiveness,,igloriou s day'on which, I under- I L " :''- " it now appears, was oue zo alstand everyone is coming in tol [  [i /AqM TIIRR htle uncertamty on her part as .... ,, t,,.oa h= finaliv arrived I"<-- '"  .ff to whether her affectionz werelan%aVs'se.'w'en'erry kraft hast  '-"-' - t returned Now all is well She is ' - .... - - .... " 1 I " o/at last broken down ,ts mhlbltzons,    I'l *V| omcmuy engaged, wearsa.rmg, anaan d fired me, I suppose I shall go I --'-aj "  II qlFl* carries her Norman's p,cturo ,t world in which there I    "r; her handbag. Almost all of Kerry!dr e no "five.minutes" and no whis  ' _ -- f/" Kraft's lady workers carry snap- H  tme ,le, eI to uunch and.     / '/ ' shots, or sometimes large "studios,"  t'le'nus'clcks I --  I ]" / of their boyfriends or t.heirhus- Gradually, I suppose. Moore City F - --- .___ 'Uj _ Dans, and mey wm wrap them __. Kerr*, Kraft will fall back [ __  _   --__ . out at the drop of a hat. Most of a"n. -tler -asts to be remem [ "i    . . znu ; u ta , - "' -4 " - I-- the pctures are of boys in unt r " bered as inaccurately as I now e-[ --:'i L  N[ t SlB 1C IlqCr./ 1U U. A . .INAWEEKFRIW r-W'Y---BUT I I Saturday June 10, 194 --By Ham Fislm "rU.'ER  t.MY k" 5AiD HE DOtT ' RSE 1< NAVE. Jl-_ fi :# The real-life adventure of a society l  " mr wao goes to worX in a war pUnt.'ldone with. A number of these older women have taken jobs to CHAPTER XLI Imake empty days pass more quick- i thAutumclhaSeweather 00:g00tn00:ttl::V ly to their minds the00l anxieties. "Whenever I ain't busy, that has gone on all through thlsll just fill right up," one told me. month has ended  suddenly the I, "'Better to wok than sit home and No Recognitien :itr .; /z, ;//,L z//z ; form--the girls wear service stars, American flags, little wooden placards with "'Line Busy. My man is in the Army," or "Keep Off. My man is Tough." Every day o two somebody comes along to ask you if you want to "put in on" a pres- ent for some boy who's leaving. Andy has gone, Gus has gone, and Renzie. When we come in now, in the gray light of sLy- thirty, half of us are girls. A yawning, half asleep crowd, for the most part. I get up early in order to have time to dawdle over breakfast but most of my ac-I quaintanc lie abed tiLl the ut- termost minute, gulp their coffee and arrive at work with "break- fast" in their pockets. Not all. Some of them (incredible thought!) have put up the children's school lunches, seen the Mister off to his Job and done half the housework before they come. When they get home they will finish the cleaning, toss together a large dinner for the family, run Junior's shirts through the washing machine, make a few curtains (Moore City standards seem to require new curtains every few weeks) and` I suppose, scrub or wax a couple of floors just to fill in the odd moments. Now with a good many older women among us, women whose sons are in the Army, there is more talk of "this here war." Not exactly a close following of its news. but a general acceptance of its existence and a good deal of wondering when it is going to get call the past that was Antibes and laziness, the past that was England and horses, the past that was child- hood. It seems incredible now, but, knowing one's capacity for forget- ting, I suppose the day will come when "hit it" will mean something: else than to press the trigger of I my rivet-gun, when "gun" itself / will mean a shooting implement instead of a  what did we call them in School? -- ah, yes, pneu- matic vibrator. And there will be. too, the day when, putting my' hand in my pocket, I find no in.: explicable collection of washers1 and rivets. I shall have other souvenirs,! though. Scars, of course, where I! so incautiously felt the edge Janie! had presumably filed to smooth.[ I ness; a collection of expenszve and erfectly valueless tools; and, I aml sure, an ineradicable habit of whipping out a cigaret whenever I hear a whistle blow. , My badge? No, I suppose theyl will take that away. Routine must go on. They'll ,ake your badge, they'll look for the last time in your lunchbox. They'll check your tools, and if you have anything -- an old broken adaptor, a worthless chipped gun-set -- that's "Com. pany," they'll make you leave it behind you. Yes, even my precious bucking.bar, my Marvel Magic They won't know it, them there guards, but I'll be leavin' more'n a buckin.bar behind me. The End. Around the Dial ]ue 10, 1944 Ire. KBe. w'ru ....... gl WLa ........ Sll WMAQ sa WEN1 ....... lie . ...... ms WCFL ....... leee WGN YS WIaN 11 4:00---WGN--Navy Iulletin Board ..... WTMJ'- WMAQ---Your America V'BBMMeet CorLtss Archer WKNR---News; Musical Interlude WC'FL---Don Artiste, pianist 4:IS--WF_,NR---These are the Marin "Who hired an oil well driller to dig the post hole?" This C ur/ous W orl/ By William Fern o 81RDS J'(Av[ THE HI-IEI" BODY TT OF ALL CREATURE,,, I0@ TO IlO PEOREE$ PAH RENHEIT. ANWSER: Polynesia. NEXT: What tempers the climate of Florida? Naval Air Unit &me to JPrlm_Pm WCFL--Teaehers' Union Program   4:30---WGN--The Music Mart WCFL---Story Behind Headlines WISN-W'BBM--Mother and Dad W'MAQ---News of June 10th WKNRWactlviUe Q--What is the army's newest HORIZONTAL 55Hopskil . I&lAl IPIL 4:45---WENR--HeUo. Sweetheart method n{ fihtin errns in bar-i 1 8 Depicted is 56 Compass point  GLORIA WMAQ-MediaUons ---7"- .... o--  o------ ---- i ' -- " WCZL---Jewish Labor Committee racks. . insigne of Ob-57 Legal point ][DI:J4AVm $:O---WGN--News Bulletins A--HOOFS are mopped in an oil{ servation- TICA]L WBBM--Robert Hurleigh. news containing oleic acid, and blankets ----',U. S. IAICI! IDmTlHJt.,qSmmTil='JJTI -AQ---Bob Be cker's Pet ParadeJand bed linen are rinsed in a ke 1 WCTL---News i-cepors " "  ... $0rYowul WENa--Dancetirne I solutmn. The oil traps the germs,, naval aviation l Make 15lTl AiWIL.IEITI IIIL-I I YP'--II S'IS---WGN--Gar " reduces spread of respiratory dis- Ix ear 2 Quart (abbr) den Go]p 12 Black:birds " 14 Boat paddle 35 Italian river W'BIM--People's Platform [eases, sore throats, etc. WMAQ--News; Sweet and Spanish _ . . . .  13 Scatter 3 Symbol for 16 Symbol for 36 Atic$ VrE.NR--Yanks in the Orient -wnat zs a flying ]eep. : WCFL----Job Front News 1 A -- A small plane sometimes' 14 Alleged force actinium selenium 37 Fruit (pl.) 15 Division of 4 Sleeping 17 Diminutive of 39 Symbol for $:---WGN--Evenin.g Serenade called the grasshopper; used for, geological time vision WMAQ--rrmg Curt Msey er eva u tin t rands, c a" g wounded, e c. Edgar sodium 16 Mug 5 Fixed 18 Bustle 6 Possess 20 Obese .7 Nova Scotia 21 Sewing tool (abbr.) 22 Interpret 8 Mammal 24 Nothing less 9 Required than I0 Roman 26 Bamboolike magistrates 40 Has faith in 2 Concealed 43 College cheer 44 Incl/ar home 47 SHght bow 49 Like 52 Employ " 55 Either t i I';' oi II I'001 ! _ 1 N II II00N '1 I- "t, It lands and takes off in 65 yards, has 34-foot wingspread, 24-foot length, 185 h. p. Q--What is the official religion in Ethiopia? A--Coptic Christian; the church dates back 1600 years to Egypt. For this reason the archbishop of 19 Poem 21 Tidings 23 Dine 25 International language 28 Decay 30 Louse egg 33 Equal 2 t R ' I i ! . Hold Everything Ethiopia has always been an Egyp- grass says the next will be an Ethiop. Q--What has the portal-to-portall time, crux of a UMW-mine ape-! rator dispute, been found to be? i A--A presidential committee av-i eraged it at 57.29 minutes daily travel time from entry into the mine to site of work and backl W CFL- VFNR--Wlsmer, sports 5;4----V,'GN--Johnny Betts WCFL--Leon Henderson, news WBBMThe World Today WMAQ---Hub Jackson, new WE.NR--National Safety Council WLS---Jullan Bentley, news 6:00---WGN--Arthur Sears Heuning WT,WL}'-W'MA Q---Am erlcan Story WISN-WBBM--M&yor of the Tow WC_.FI.-New Reports WLS--Julian Bentley, news 6:/5---WGN--The Telephone Quiz WCFI.--Don Artiste, pt WI.,S--Neigh br Williams l;30---WGN--John /iolbrook, nev WTMJ -WMAQ----EIIery Queen WISN-WBBMThanks to the Yanks WS--Multc America Loves WCFL--The Honor RoU S;45---WGN---Say It With Music WCFL----Leon Henderson 7:00--.-W GN----Confldential/y Yours WTMJ-W'MAQ---Abie's Irish Rose again WBBM----Groucho Marx Show Q--What new method is used to[ WLS---Early American Music ] te+ .+1 , .-.-1 ....  I WCFL--News Reports ......... ; ........ I "''[W t-' F''4 W-, ,:our [ A--A cycograph, an electronic, .... W='1,.--Bey--'ond'Vtctory, What? instrument, measures known hard- 7:---WTMJ-WMAQ--Truth or Carom- ness of one piece of metal by[ quences - [cathode rays, and a comparison is WL-WBBM--Inner ncttma imade with a similar, untested piece. WCFL--Boston Pops Orchestra Th. ---- 1  " WI..Sarn Dance Party IS memoa rep aces a mucn SlOW- 8:00---WGN---Chicago Theater of the Air er chemical method. t They Say WISN-W'BBM--Your Hit Parade WMAQ--Hol.vood Theater t w'n,-w'....s-tion s,arn mm, / t#' 8:36--potliglt: Clyde Lucu )I J WMAQ----Can You Top This? [V WCFI.,--Labor News Flashes J 8:4-rBqq--at Night Serenade I You axe state-minded and collec- wcFL--outh for Christ l tive-minded. We are most private- 9:00--WGN--ddie Stone's orchestra Imlndea a-a m .m,.;a,,= WMAQ--B. Wood, P. KeLly Party I . " .................... " WLS---Barnym' Jamboree rended and, gentlemen, make no :I---WCTt,--N Reports !mistake. we are determined to re- l WmN-WS--Corcection. Plebe main so and even become more t 9:30--WGN--The Myiter House SO.--ric A. Johnston, president WTM.T-WMAQ---Grand Ole Opry U  C o f in M0='nt Sn*ch I WCTL--Army Services Forces ................. v - WL--D-X Melody Review International law has for all: All Aboard --By Leslie Turner tian, but Emperor HaLle Selassie 27Clo$e 29 Not up 31 Doctor of Sci- ence (abbr.) i 32 Spinning try 34 Taste |m 36 Symbol for |2 calcium I 38 Canvas shelter - ;? i 41 Implement 43 Absorbed 45 Auricle . 46 It is-- ira- | portant unit of iw "i the II. S. Navy | 48 Seem I ' I 50 Toward i , 51 Aids I s J 52 We. 53 Editor (abbr.) " |s 54 Scottish 4 sheepfold l Detail/or Today Cadre practical purposes disappeared i from the face of the earth and in i its place stands the animal dictate of expediency.  FEA Adminls. trator Leo T. Crowley. 9 45--WBBM--Ftghting Men, U.S.A. W'LS--Jul/an Bentley, news 10:00---WGN--Sewlng Machine Show WBBM--MaJ. Eliot WMAQ---Hub Jackon, news WLS---NaUonal Barn Dance to 12 WMoultoa Ke1y, nv 0:15--WGN--Chicao at Night W'MAQ---Amm'lcm s** Quart --]f's Jestr, Janette WCFL---Don Artiste, pianist 10:30--WGN--News Btflletins WMAQ---I S the Win WaBM--Salute to Victory WMus/c Lover's Program 10:45.--WGN--Don Pid's Ot'hetll WBBM---Sen. Murdock, talk II:00---ALL ErWOMtmle and Sporsdle News until 13 p. m. Onions Retard Infection Russian doctors are using onion paste to ward off infection and aid  in healing wounds. They have found that the essential oils of onions, garlic and other strong- cented vegetables contain bacteria- killing substances called phyton-i etdes. When three or four men from an organization are sent out to form! the nucleus of a new outfit, this is i called a CADRE. Men who leave -. 7_1 .... in a CADRE usually can expect a ""' raise in grade, even ff they do dis- like leaving the bunch, and can expect further promotion if they stay on the ball when they start training the recruit members of the new outfit. CADRES usuall arrive at some brand-new camp, and find notMn but desolation in General Alarm --By Blosser -- "w.v O,T vo  ,! seve TI, OUHT /,Nc) NUTTY COOK Ove TO A CHEMIST JLIT TAK[ OVERIA O THAT. C_3S,[ lAND VVATEVER J KNOw( l SMALL )TTLE.  , .M A DOPe/ / [YOU 0KD. DC)NT SCARe I THOUHr n ,'--:==-  I l  INtO / "reLL  W.TI D,D W0N. "..'/ "-V  5OT1-L.f-- 0,. If there existed among the n jority of citizens the firm inten. tion of establishing international security, the technique of giving shape to such an instrument would not present an all.too-difficult prob lem.--Prof. A}bert Einstein. Some folks in this hour would like to have a little inflation for themselves and lots of them are for stabilizing the other fellow. More dollars in your hand don't mean more wealth to you. -- nomic Stabilization Director Fred M. Viuson. We are getting tired. Every- body is tired. They want to get back to peacetime and their re&. ular Jobs. But the hardest parl of our work lies ahead.  WPB Chairman Donald M. Nelson. RED RYDER --By Martin --lO ALLEY OOP Get Out the Tool Kit I!f__.c_. .... /oKAY. AzZC II/L-'" --_ ' rO uR I WE CAM /I J _ _ _ .,, _ r ( j M { ; , ' 1 # / OUT OUR WAY --By Fred Harman --By V. T. Hamlin (  --. , !.'?')[wORSE. COULDN'T ff A FLAT./( ITS OMLY PLAT "I've got it, We'll attack on Sat- ___ urday night when everybodfa in the bathtub!"  still unfinished areas. The --r.' three pictured above probably are WHY wishing they were back on F with the boys m the old ouffiL OUR BOARDING HOUSE --with Major Hoople